Product and service offerings across a broad range of economic segments are racing ahead. To succeed in this competitive landscape, many organizations leverage advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions. They help create strong relationships with former, current and prospective customers while maximizing operational efficiency.

A full-featured CRM system may cover various customer touch-points and provide rich functionality to support the specific business needs for companies of every size. Thus, CRM software allows to gain a profound insight into the performance of your business, manage and analyze your clientele, customize marketing and sales campaigns, use automated reporting and forecast revenues. Accordingly, you can successfully attune your strategy, marketing and overall operations to the demands of your customers and the marketplace you operate in. Customer satisfaction, in its turn, leads to repeat purchases, brand loyalty and positive words of mouth.


We develop custom, scalable and easy-to-use CRM solutions for industries:

Our eliCRM core solution enables us create customer relationship management systems tailored for the needs of a particular business with significant time and expenditures saving.

Therefore, effective implementation of IT-driven improvements in customer service and relationship management is becoming a strategic imperative. Elinext Group can help you identify the best way to use CRM software and increase the value of each customer to your business. Whether you run a small business or a large global company, you can rely on our long-year experience and know how in this field. Elinext Group offers custom CRM software solutions that can meet the needs, budgets and requirements of entrepreneurs and organizations in any industry.

Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions contribute to long-term business sustainability, while for small companies they are today as essential as for large enterprises. CRM systems ensure the highest quality service for the customer and increase business intelligence.

Elinext Group is an international alliance of custom software development companies with extensive experience in creating CRM systems and applications. In our work, we use individual approach. Elinext Group’s specialists put their finest efforts in designing and developing CRM software taking into consideration the specific business logic, requirements and goals of our clients. CRM and e-commerce solutions from Elinext Group help organizations automate and manage a whole set of business processes and build relationships that drive revenue. Our deep expertise in this area is accumulated through years of progressive work experience with global clients.

We offer:

  • CRM Software Development
  • CRM Application Development
  • CRM Design
  • CRM Implementation
  • CRM Maintenance
  • CRM Consulting

Advantageous features of CRM software solutions, developed by Elinext Group include:

  • High performance
  • Rich functionality
  • Simple scalability
  • Strong security
  • Enhanced usability
  • Easy accessibility
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications

Why CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is intended to:
- Raise customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty;
- Integrate customer data;
- Improve targeted marketing efforts;
- Anticipate customer needs and preferences;
- Increase productivity and operating efficiencies.

I am running a small business and I don’t have that many customers. Why do I need CRM software?

A CRM solution can help you by consolidating customer data into a single system. Moreover, CRM tools will allow you to manage your customer interactions more efficiently, and you will have more time to focus on your service or products.

How will CRM software help my business grow?

Customer satisfaction is the basis of customer loyalty. Advanced CRM solutions can help you win long-term advocates of your products or services. In the digital age customer feedback propagates very quickly, e.g. over online reviews and blogs. Therefore, your business can significantly profit from advanced customer relationship management software solutions.

Are CRM solutions expensive?

The answer to this question depends on the type of CRM software you will choose for your business. You have to take into account the needs of your business, anticipated volume of transactions, performance and other factors. As a rule, hosted or SaaS solutions are relatively inexpensive as compared to on-premise CRM software installed on corporate servers.

Why choose a SaaS CRM?

SaaS CRM systems available over the web (also known as “hosted”) increase performance, productivity and efficiency within an organization. They combine ease of use with the ability for all sales, marketing and management team members to access and get important information at any time. As a rule, implementation of a hosted CRM system is fast and flexible. Additionally, such solutions are more affordable than on-premise systems to a larger number of organizations and entrepreneurs. However, it is critical to bear in mind the bigger picture in terms of the growth prospects of your company. Consider, whether you are likely to require more functionality in a few years, since a hosted CRM can become too expensive due to the costs involved with customization, license fees and support. In order to have the necessary capacity for customization, you’ll most probably opt for an on-premise CRM system. Moreover, with such a system you’ll gain full control over your data and the highest level of security.

Is it difficult to set up, operate and maintain a CRM system?

Many CRM solutions available on the market today are generally easy to roll out, run and maintain. Furthermore, suppliers of CRM software provide training and support.

What technologies do you use for custom CRM software development?

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of software development tools and technologies. For CRM software development, we mostly use the following programming languages: ASP.NET, PHP, Java. What concerns databases, we work with MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle. Our expertise in web technologies expands over JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Flash, CSS, HTML5. Here is a more detailed list of technologies we work with.

Do you implement quality assurance procedures (including security testing, performance testing, etc.) for CRM software development projects?

Yes. QA is a mandatory part of the software development process at Elinext Group.

Can I have a look at the list of your customers?

To get a better idea of who our customers are and what they think about us, please click here. You are also welcome to check out our case studies.

How can I start working with you?

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website, by e-mail, telephone or Skype. You are welcome to send us your project requirements, details, design sketches, etc. If you just have an idea, we will advise you on how our company can help you best realize it.