CRM for Logistics

CRM for Logistics
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CRM solutions developed by Elinext for the logistics industry allow our clients to keep their customers contented and provide them with an exceptional experience. Empower your business with a robust solution with CRM development services offered by our teams.

CRM in Logistics and Transportation by Elinext

Take advantage of our CRM development services that result in the delivery of solutions that feature everything you would expect from a modern CRM system. The most notable features of Logistics and Transportation CRM software from Elinext include:
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Comfortable UI
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Powerful Reporting and Analytics
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Remote Access
Whether it is a map or geographic information, or integrations with third-party platforms, we will provide you with everything you need.
Comfortable UI
Our solutions are convenient and easy in use, so you can be sure that your employees and units will operate at full capacity.
Powerful Reporting and Analytics
At Elinext, we value of data and the insights it could bring, so we always make sure that our clients receive solutions that allow them taking advantage of each source of data.
Remote Access
CRM for the logistics industry developed by Elinext is always at hand and is always accessible, whenever it is needed.
Benefits of CRM in Logistics
At Elinext, we fully understand the value of advanced IT technologies and know how they can contribute to a business as a whole, and to its constituent elements. Thanks to custom CRM software from Elinext, you can:
Take advantage of the complete view of interactions and communications with customers
Design customer service strategies
Determine factors that affect customer behavior
Understand the actual and potential value of customers
Define your most valuable customers
Analyze customer feedback
Discover customer preferences
Find CRM levers that are most effective in ensuring customer loyalty
Deliver better all-round customer service
Win back customers gone over to competitors
Optimize business workflows
Case studies
Case studies
The following case studies represent the latest projects for our clients that operate across the logistics industry.
Web Application Builder

A Germany-based integrator of Microsoft software partnered with Elinext to develop a web application builder.

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Sales Order and Offer System

The multinational, Switzerland-based manufacturer of copy and printing devices charged Elinext with developing a sales order and offer system.

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Sales Analytics Platform for a Chainsaw Manufacturer Brand

A US digital agency partnered with Elinext to build a custom product for a large multinational manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld equipment.

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The application provides the ability to automatically fill in a pdf document with a large number of fields, to sign it, as well as to send the completed document by e-mail, and save information to the data store.

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