Why CRM software is a necessity for your logistics business

Customer satisfaction and loyalty drive growth and sustained profitability. However, if your clients aren’t happy, sales will drop and in the end you may lose your business. This is especially true for the highly competitive transportation industry, where customers are often very selective about Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). They look not just at affordable prices and on-time delivery, but at the overall quality of interactions. Therefore, to keep your customers contented and deliver them exceptional experience, you need to empower your business with a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.

Capture more value from relations with your customers

The use of CRM software is a best practice approach for a wide range of businesses, including logistics, transportation, shipping and freight forwarding. It helps optimize customer service, manage the sales pipeline, drive successful marketing campaigns, identify and retain valuable customers, encourage unstable ones to spend more, etc.


Elinext Group can help you strengthen relationships with your clients and thereby gain a competitive advantage over other LSPs. CRM software from Elinext Group is the right tool for you to:

  • Take advantage of the complete view of interactions and communications with customers
  • Design customer service strategies
  • Determine factors that affect customer behavior
  • Understand the actual and potential value of customers
  • Define your most valuable customers
  • Analyze customer feedback
  • Discover customer preferences
  • Find CRM levers that are most effective in ensuring customer loyalty
  • Deliver better all-round customer service
  • Win back customers gone over to competitors
  • Optimize business workflows.

Your 5 key benefits

At Elinext Group, we fully understand the value that advanced IT technologies can contribute to a business as a whole, and to its constituent elements. Thanks to custom CRM software from Elinext Group, you can attain greater success. Consider the following 5 benefits for your logistics and transportation business:

  • Maximized quality of customer service
  • Strengthened marketing and sales
  • Improved image of your business
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased profit.

Why choose custom CRM software

Maintaining strong collaborative relations with customers is a strategic imperative for your logistics business. In comparison to out-of-the-box software, customizable IT solutions are designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. With a custom CRM system, you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute a number of customer-oriented initiatives. Tailored to the specific needs and priorities of your company, a custom CRM system is the very instrument you need to succeed.


Deliver more customer-centric services

To compete effectively, you need more intelligence about your customers. A robust CRM system, designed according to your requirements, can significantly improve your performance. Thanks to it, promotion, sales, marketing, and service tasks throughout the customer engagement cycle can be carried out with higher yields. At Elinext Group, we are committed to delivering CRM solutions that help Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) enhance relations with customers and increase productivity.

Key features of CRM for Logistics and Transportation

The most notable features of Logistics and Transportation CRM software from Elinext Group include:

  • Email marketing campaign management
  • Task management and automation
  • Account and contact management
  • Document management
  • Integration of maps and geographic information
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Comfortable UI
  • Personalization options
  • Scalability
  • Remote access.

Why CRM software from Elinext Group

Take advantage of our quality CRM software development services. Our competitive strengths:

  • Maximum attention to your business needs
  • Excellent quality of software
  • Use of best practices in custom software development and testing
  • Professional project management
  • On-time delivery

Achieve higher sales and profits through stronger ties with your customers. To implement a Customer Relationship Management system, created for your specific business needs and priorities, take a simple step.

You have a project

Step 1
You send us all the requirements that you have, specifications or any other documents about the project
Step 2
We analyze the requirements, estimate the project and offer you a quote for development
Step 3
If it looks reasonable to you, we sign an NDA and a contract and start the project

We work on the project

Step 1
We assign a project manager and organize a dedicated team of software developers and designers
Step 2
The whole team is online the whole working day and available via email, Skype, phone
Step 3
Clients decide the level of involvement in the development
Step 4
Clients provide us with the preferences and recommendations regarding design and specific features of the application
Step 5
We carry out development. Several times per week we organize demonstrations for clients to provide them with the latest updates on the development
Step 6
Organize a QA team of testers, that will fix any code imperfections and bugs
Step 7
Deliver the finished solution and all sources, assist to deploy online

The project is ready

What can a custom CRM system do for me?

A CRM system is designed to track, organize, and consolidate interactions with customers. It can help you learn more about current and prospective customers, understand their preferences, anticipate their needs and respond to their requests quickly and effectively.

Why is it important to use CRM?

Building and maintaining strong customer relations is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Especially today, when the competition is high and customer expectations are rising. There is a direct linkage between the way you manage your interactions with clients and your overall results. Hence, a robust Customer Relationship Management system is a must-have tool.

How can I benefit from using CRM software?

CRM software, customized for your business needs, can help you:
Anticipate customer needs and preferences
Raise customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
Improve targeted marketing efforts
Boost sales effectiveness
Increase profits.

Who can use CRM for Logistics and Transportation?

In a nutshell, the CRM system can be customized for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), including Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs), Fourth-Party Logistics Providers (4PLs); rail, ocean, trucking, cargo carriers; shippers; freight forwarders.

How do I measure the success of the CRM system?

To gauge the success of CRM usage:
Leverage CRM’s Reporting and Analytics to gain insight into customer behavior
Make periodical surveys of customer satisfaction with sales and service
Slice and dice information to identify trends
Compare the impact of marketing campaigns.

Can the system be expanded as my business grows?

Sure. Scalability is one of the features of the solution. The system can be optimized in accordance with your business growth for years to come. At the same time, system performance and security remain equally powerful. We can also provide training and support for everyone using the system.

Why should I use a custom CRM system instead of a mass-market out-of-the-box solution?

In comparison to a custom solution, mass CRM products are often over-complicated and costly. The CRM system should automate, arrange, and synchronize processes within your particular organization. Therefore, choosing a custom CRM solution is often better than opting for an out-of-the-box solution. Moreover, with a custom CRM you pay for what you really need.

Do you implement quality assurance procedures for CRM projects?

Yes. QA is a mandatory part of the software development process at Elinext Group.

Can I have a look at the list of your customers?

To get a better idea of who our customers are and what they think about us, please click here. You are also welcome to check out our case studies.

How can I start working with you?

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website, by e-mail, telephone or Skype. You are welcome to send us your project requirements, details, design sketches, etc. If you just have an idea, we will advise you on how our company can help you best realize it.