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Elinext is a full-cycle software development company with multi-year experience in building robust, scalable big data systems of any complexity. We offer a full gamut of big data consulting and development services — from business analysis and data collection to data warehouse testing and BI reporting.

Engage our adept experts into your next project to revamp business operations, deliver more tailored offering, and notably increase business security.

Full-Fledged Big Data Development: Our Core Competence

Rely on our multi-year expertise to effectively manage ever-increasing data amounts.
Data discovery and warehousing
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Our data scientists make the most of ETL, EAI, and EII to integrate data from an array of sources — such as enterprise systems, IoT devices, emails, social networks, etc. — in one persistent, manageable data warehouse.
Data governance
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We use best data governance practices to make sure all your data is consistent, correct, polished, usable, and secure. You can also engage us in developing a set of regulations on how your databases should be stored and backed up.
Data visualization
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We perform OLAP and ML analysis to provide you with decision-ready insights into customer behaviour, manufacturing process quality, marketing campaigns effectiveness, and more — while presenting the information in customized charts.
Elinext’s Service Offering
Raw data extracted from disparate sources doesn’t deliver exceptional value in itself. But we have the right knowledge and skills to thoroughly mine and analyze it, providing you with advanced enterprise-grade analytics.
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Customer analytics

Capitalize on our big data development expertise to create comprehensive and manageable data warehouses with information about customers’ recurring payments, spending limit amounts, preferable payment methods, and favourite items. Such a 360° view of your clients will help you predict demand, effectively manage inventory and supply chain, dynamically optimize prizes, and design tailored loyalty programs. As a result, you’ll be able to increase client acquisition and revenue per customer, as well as reduce the churn rate.

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Operational analytics

Our data consultants are here to help you achieve your strategic priority — gain transparency into your business workflows and improve existing operations. Experts in data aggregation and mining, we identify areas within your enterprise that need streamlining. It can be customer service, marketing, HR management, and more. The real-time insights you get are vital for improving enterprise resource planning, enhancing communication, boosting employee performance, and slashing costs.

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Risk analysis

Get the most of big data to minimize financial risks. We’ll create a coherent data-driven security strategy to help you sift through vast amounts of data and spot suspicious activities like credit card fraud. You can bank on our ML knowledge to reduce legal, investment, credit, and other financial risk types. We use a data-fueled approach to accurately analyze employee behaviour — transactions, conversations, website visits, and other work-related activities — to detect internal fraud.

/ 04.
Product launch analytics

Get advantage of big data and predictive analytics to revamp your product launch campaigns. Scrutinize a slew of internal and external sources to analyze current and historical purchases, consumer reviews and feedback, online surveys, social media posts, and more — to do more accurate client segmentation and predict purchasing behaviour. Perform extensive analysis of customer needs, industry and market trends, and competitive products to increase customer value and CLV.

Build a Tailored Big Data Solution for Your Niche

Underpinned by decade-long big data development expertise, we use the best of techs and approaches to get into the ins and outs of a particular industry and engineer a domain-specific solution.
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Retail and eCommerce
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/ 03.
Banking and finance
/ 04.
Media and entertainment
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Retail and eCommerce
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Crafted client acquisition and retention strategies
  • Granular audience segmentation for marketing campaign enhancement
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Targeted advertising
  • Data-driven supply chain management
  • In-depth PHI, PGHD, and SDOH analysis
  • Epidemic forecasting
  • At-risk patient identification
  • Admission and readmission rates prediction
  • Patient satisfaction and engagement analysis
  • Medical equipment and medication supply chain management
  • Drug discovery and medication prescription forecasts
  • Opioids addiction prediction
Banking and finance
  • Risk assessment
  • Fraud management and prevention
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Client segmentation and profiling
  • Client feedback analysis
  • Algorithmic trading
Media and entertainment
  • Audience interest analysis
  • Media streams scheduling optimization
  • Effective ad targeting
  • Data-driven promotional strategies
  • Advanced recommendation engines
  • Content monetization and new product development
  • Comprehensive customer analysis, including behaviour and sentiments
  • Call detail record analysis
  • Customer churn minimization
  • Revenue management and prize adjustment
  • Network congestion prevention
  • Network performance optimization
  • Demand forestating
  • Anomaly detection
Case studies
Case studies
Always being at the forefront of innovation, we easily mine huge data sets and tailor advanced big data solutions to both SMEs and large enterprises.
Refactoring Of Web App For US Medical Lab Services

Our latest project involved refactoring a web platform for medical labs in the US. Redesigned modules for precision in toxicological and molecular tests.

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Optimizing and Speeding Up Software Development for Pharmaceutical Companies

Elinext team integrated DevOps principles into the software development company that specializes in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing about a transformation in software development, deployment, and security.

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Revenue Analysis App for YouTube Content Creators

The client required enhancements and the introduction of the new features for the web application, focusing on presenting monthly statistics encompassing crucial metrics for YouTube creators.

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Mobile Application for Brain Data Monitoring with BLE device

Elinext has created a multifaceted mobile app for EEG data that includes calendar and mood tracking features.

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Product Research Platform for a Swedish Startup

Elinext has designed a platform specifically tailored for conducting marketing product research among consumers, with a focus on large companies spanning diverse business sectors such as food and beverage, entertainment, and more.

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Remote Network and Router Management Platform for Internet Providers

Elinext helped a Danish-US telecommunication software provider build a web application for managing routers remotely.

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Software for Managing Industrial Equipment Sales Across Canada

Elinext helped a Canadian software company build a web application for managing sales across the country.

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Network Planning Software for a German Energy and Telecom Supplier

Elinext helped a large German telecommunication company build a tool for planning networks on a map.

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Financial Risk Management Software

Elinext helped a Silicon Valley company build a complex system for calculating business risks across multiple parameters.

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AI-Tool For Monitoring Telecom Networks Worldwide

Elinext developers and QAs have been involved in serious rework and refactoring of UI approaches, implementing integration with about 15 third-party products, adopting serious quality control processes and standards, developing and improving a great number of complicated algorithms and applications.

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