Addressing to the major concerns of application development, Elinext specialists offer their expertise in DevOps consulting services, pre-planning, automation, optimization, orchestration, etc. — all aimed at ensuring the best path to the pot of gold for our clients. By uniting development and operations, we cut the development time and ensure stability for operating environments, both contributing to faster delivery of a perfectly crafted solution.

Elinext DevOps Services

Whether on planned or unplanned demand, Elinext teams offer their expertise in providing DevOps services aimed at increasing productivity, quality, and speed of our client’s software infrastructure function. In addition to DevOps consulting services, we are focused on:

    • Continuous Integration, Testing, and Delivery

Elinext DevOps teams utilize their rich experience in designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining CI/CT/CD for projects of different size and complexity. Taking advantage of a range of powerful tools for continuous integration, we improve the quality of a product and speed up the delivery.

    • Containerization and Orchestration

Elinext teams have a lot of experience in performing containerization and orchestration that open up space for further smooth and efficient development, testing, and scaling, and further cloud infrastructure management. We use Docker to deliver software in containers, and then complement it with orchestration systems like Kubernetes or OpenShift.

    • Automatization, Scaling, and Optimization

To promote the continued operation of cloud-based solutions for our clients, we take advantage of our experience in automation, scaling, and optimization. By automating such processes like application performance management, error monitoring, and log management, we ensure our clients’ ability to focus on mission-critical tasks and open up space for further improvements to their cloud solutions.

    • Monitoring and Alerting

At Elinext, we put a great emphasis on monitoring cloud-based systems for threats and providing our clients with comprehensive and insightful alerts that allow them to react and respond accordingly. With Grafana for metrics visualization, CollectD or Prometheus as a database, and CollectD or Node Exporter as a pusher of metrics into this database, we configure 24×7 monitoring of our clients’ systems and ensure they will receive alerts in case problems arise in their infrastructure.

    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

To ensure operational resiliency in the event of any service interruptions, we automate backups, separate databases the into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts, and take various disaster recovery (DR) measures. These include audit of logs and metrics, determination of what has caused the problem, and implementation of the required fixes.

Services that allow businesses enjoying the following benefits:

  • By engaging both Development and TechOps teams into the work under a single project, it becomes possible to speed up the development, take complete control of its cost, and improve ROI.
  • DevOps services are considered to be one of the fastest and the most cost-effective ways of making legacy systems digital, as well as ensuring the way for such innovations like IoT, AI, etc.
  • Cooperation implied in DevOps services allow avoiding duplicate and unnecessary work, as well as ensure the delivery of a stable and reliable solution.

Tools & Technologies

Containerization: Docker.

Orchestration: Kubernetes.

Continuous Integration: Gitlab CI; Jenkins CI; Azure Pipelines; Travis CI.

Continuous Delivery: Ansible; Chef; Octopus; Bash; Python 3.

Continuous Testing: Sonarqube; PVS-Studio.

Monitoring: InfluxDB +Grafana; CollectD + Prometheus; Grafana + Prometheus for Kubernetes

Cloud Platforms: GCP; AWS; Azure.

Databases: MongoDB; MySQL; PostgreSQL; InfluxDB.