C++ is an object oriented programming language based on the C language. C++ was created to power large systems with better organized and architected apps since their capacity and performance increased. Today, C++ has a rich collection of interfaces and libraries for anything you need to do on any device on any platform. That is why C++ is often called the most widely used language in the world.

At Elinext , we make the most of C++ important capabilities and benefits offered by object-oriented programming. Our 19-year-old software development expertise extracts the best features of  the C++ language to push our customers to success. High performance, excellent memory management, costs effectiveness – that is to be said when it comes to C++ development by Elinext.

Going into details, C++ brings big performance improvements. Actually, this programming language was originally built for large backend systems in telecommunications, finance, etc., and ensured increased performance for them. Speaking more technically, C++ is a compiled language and runs directly on the CPU, which is the earnest of C++ software high performance.

Another thing with C++, which Elinext Group leverages for our customers, is memory management. C++ delivers just as well for this tier since it doesn’t require a garbage collector. C++ excludes that the latter can run at inappropriate time and lead to lose of control of allocated memory.

What else can be useful about C++, is that some common libraries can be reused for writing certain functions. Promoting code reuse means savings in the amount of code written and, consequently, cost reduction for all the parties in interest.

Whether you need C++ client side development, or server side applications. Elinext Group will make the most of C++ programming for your business to drive the best software performance possible for its customers.

With more than 20 years old at the software development market, Elinext gives its customers flexibility: C++ based software by Elinext can be as simple or as powerful as you need on any platform.

Whether Elinext has to challenge projects across Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. At Elinext, we are also ready to apply C++ to develop you advanced cross-platform software.

Our C++ developers know a lot of C++ pitfalls and are exposed to deliver the full cycle C++ development services:

  • C++ desktop and mobile app development
  • C++ software porting
  • C++ software maintenance
  • C++ software performance optimization
  • Quality assurance of C++ apps
  • Embedded C++ development

What C++ tools and technologies do we use?

  • libraries: STL, MFG, Android NDK, Boost, Cocoa, POSIX
  • building tools: Make, QMake, CMake, NMake, MS VC++
  • Windows libraries: Win32 API, MFC, ATL, WTL, COM
  • databases: Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle
  • debuggers: MSVC Dbg, GDB, Valgrind, etc.

Elinext’s C++ track record covers advanced software for a variety of business domains worldwide: media and telecommunication, finance, healthcare, insurance, games, etc.

Why Elinext for C++ development?

Elinext’s domain expertise in C++ is backed up by 19-year-old software development at the market. We have an effective C++ development methodology to get any project off the ground. Our developers are exposed to deliver C++ services tailored to your business goals. No extra costs, transparency, constant communication with a client, agile C++ software help you feel the difference with Elinext.

Is C++ is really so widely used in software development?

Actually, most mobile users know that Java is used for Android apps, while iOS apps are written in Objective-C. At the same time, nobody suspects that there is more C and C++ code in software on their devices than anything else. C++ has a large community of developers since having learned C++, they can easily switch to another programming language.

How can businesses take advantage of C++ software?

Any company’s goal is to gain profit. Software developed in C++ solves a number of challenges businesses face at the market and drives better incomes for them. Namely, C++ is about high performance, multi-platform and cost-efficient software.

What industries can get more benefits from C++ software?

C++ development solves performance intensive tasks. Consequently, C++ f its industries where high performance is a must: telecommunication, games, finance and banking, healthcare, insurance, etc.

Does Elinext have experience in C++ development?

Elinext has more than 20-year-old experience in software development industry. Our C++ expertise goes beyond the knowledge of domain high technologies but also includes our own C++ development philosophy to deliver expert level solutions to our clients.

Do you provide Quality Assurance procedures for C++ development?

Yes, we do. Elinext’s specialists carry out Quality Assurance procedures for every solution. When it comes to C++ development, we provide QA as an integral part of a C++ project, or as individual service.