Are Headless and Decoupled CMS the future of the Content?

2020-03-24 by Terenty Marinich

Income generation, sales leads, new customers, brand promotion require agility and flexibility of one’s CMS.  The choice of CMS isn’t always obvious for those businesses that feel that they need to deliver their content to the audience that is as wide as possible. At the same time, the types of...

The Current State of Machine Learning in Design

2020-03-18 by Darina Borushko

How machine learning contributes to design and how pervasive it is? Elinext developer, Dmitry Plavinsky, shares his vision on the impact of ML to design in a brief yet comprehensive interview.   — Dmitry, could you tell me in a couple of sentences, what contributed to the adoption of machine...

The Trend of ‘Retrofitting’ in Smart Manufacturing and Buildings Efficiency

2020-03-13 by Terenty Marinich

Retrofitting is developing at a full speed in the manufacturing industry. As the competition in the sector is razor-thin, every way to save operational spendings is pretty valuable, so turning to implement it in a clever fashion. The representatives of manufacturing companies should put a tremendous effort into improving their...

Your Sort Guide to Sentiment Analysis

2020-03-03 by Darina Borushko

Sentiment analysis — the process of examining texts for opinions and feelings with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) — gains in popularity with more and more applications appearing to unleash its potential. From providing businesses with insights on how people feel about certain products, topics or advertisements...

Kotlin vs. Java: Which is the Better Option for Android App Development?

2020-03-09 by Marina Astapchik

In the near future, Kotlin could become the new standard for Android development, paving the way for growing popularity among Android app developers and the global community of software providers. With the support of JetBrains and Google, Kotlin was declared the official Android development language for Android studio in May...