ASO is the new SEO – App Store Optimization

2015-12-18 by Marina Astapchik

As Gartner analysts put it, we should expect approximately 25% of businesses to launch their own app stores for operating corporate apps on mobile devices and PCs during the next four years. The first big step a company can take towards its clients loyalty is to go mobile with its…


Tips and Tricks on Getting More in App Purchases

2015-12-02 by Marina Astapchik

Now that mobile apps development process has come to a completion, a great deal of effort and thought must be put into the reinforcement of your mobile marketing strategy. In-app purchases can really make up for your investments and pull in some revenue. According to statistical data, only 33% of…


10 Popular Free Messaging Apps

2015-11-26 by Marina Astapchik

Instant and free interaction remains a very important aspect in everyday life. iOS mobile app development as well as Android mobile app development have a huge potential for mobile app development companies. Going into details, mobile messaging apps have 5.6x the user retention after a year after download in comparison to…


Discover secret strategies of the most profitable websites that can sell

2015-11-13 by Marina Astapchik

Web development companies have made a huge difference with where and how people shop online in the last years. Those who manage to take advantage best software practices and technologies of web developers, .NET developers, PHP developers, other software developers carry their business a long way. There has been research according…


Why the cost of getting new client for mobile app exceeds revenue that it generates

2015-11-12 by Marina Astapchik

Having hooked a client, it’s too soon for app developers to sit back in satisfaction. The majority of mobile app development companies game away their welfare while winning over new app users. When going to excessive expenses, the fact that app users don’t spend enough is dropped out of their view….