AWS Lambda as the API End-Point

2019-01-08 by Dmitri Koteshov

This article is written by Elinext's software developer Ivan Polyakov who wants to share his expertise with those who aren't familiar with the Lambda service or haven't used it in conjunction with the API Gateway service. According to the official documentation, Lambda allows you to execute the code without a server and without...

The Biggest Tech Flops of 2018

2018-12-07 by Dmitri Koteshov

The year 2018 is drawing to a close, and it would be fair to admit: it hasn’t been a good year for several technology-related companies and its customers. The year has been defined by numerous scandals in the tech world, and it’s time to recap some of them. Facebook and...

Elinext Confirms Its ISO 27001 and 9001 Certifications

2018-11-08 by Dmitri Koteshov

We’re glad to announce that Elinext has confirmed both ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications led by PECB. By meeting the substantial criteria for these standards once again, Elinext has demonstrated its commitment to information security of clients’ sensitive data and the ability to deliver high-quality services by bringing out improvements...

Thou Shalt Not: The Impact of The GDPR on AI

2018-06-06 by Dmitri Koteshov

No matter how futuristic (and helpful) some technologies may be, there’s always a chance that sooner or later they will fall prey to restrictions. According to some thought leaders in the industry, the EU’s new data privacy rules – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will have a negative...

Elinext Group Included in Two Key 2016 Belarus Service Providers Lists

2016-07-05 by Marina Astapchik

Information technology is a big deal these days and it seems like new vendors and agencies are emerging daily. It’s a competitive space, but Elinext Group is well positioned to address the competition. We’ve been in business since 1997—a lifetime in this fast-paced Internet environment. Our years of experience in…