Elinext Group Included in Two Key 2016 Belarus Service Providers Lists

2016-07-05 by Marina Astapchik

Information technology is a big deal these days and it seems like new vendors and agencies are emerging daily. It’s a competitive space, but Elinext Group is well positioned to address the competition. We’ve been in business since 1997—a lifetime in this fast-paced Internet environment. Our years of experience in…


Unique development bridge helps Elinext Group Create Healthcare Analytics Platform for a US Company

2015-11-03 by Marina Astapchik

The healthcare industry, like many other businesses, is facing rapidly increasing volumes of data. At Elinext Group, we believe leading edge software development technologies can drive the next generation of healthcare excellence and personalized care. November 2, 2015. Our team of developers located in Vietnam and guided by the European…


Elinext iPad App for Life Insurance Automates Examination Process

2015-03-04 by Marina Astapchik

The life insurance process (along with applying for a policy, getting a quote and coverage) requires underwriting, which means getting an approval for all correct data and a precise rate. During the underwriting process, the applicant will be requested to take a paramedic examination, as well as more extensive medical…


Software development company and digital agency alliance

2014-08-15 by Marina Astapchik

Elinext takes pride in its successful cooperation with Bitsens and is eager to conquer new heights and expand new horizons Being one of the most effective and professional software development companies on the world stage, Elinext Group has a powerful guard of professional software developers capable not only of creating…


Elinext Group representatives attended Frontend DEV Conf’14 in Minsk

2014-05-07 by Marina Astapchik

The good tendency for frontend developers and UI specialists to meet at Front-end developers conference in Minsk goes on. On April 19, 2014 Gennady Sergeenko and Alexey Shliakhouski from Elinext Group were among attendees and took an active part in the experience exchange during the whole event. April 19, 2014…