Java programming language remains the golden standard for Java engineers for more than two decades by now.

Whether it is the web content, embedded applications, games or enterprise software development, Java is the best programming language chosen by more than 9 million of Java developers ubiquitously.

Google has chosen Java as their programming language for apps development.

What predetermines the choice of millions of java programmers and why your business strategy requires Java?

1. Java goes toe to toe with the recent technology called the “Internet of Things” and offers rich Open Source Libraries for embedded apps development to give devices unparalleled value and functionality. A great number of highly functional and embedded apps for smart devices of all sizes and kinds can be developed in Java taking advantage of latest technology standards and innovations.

2. Apps developed in Java work anywhere. The high cost-effectiveness of apps development in Java is predetermined by its ability to work across multiple platforms. Being developed for only Windows Phone, for example, it will give equal functionality if run on any other platform. Therefore, the cost of enterprise and consumer apps development can be decreased dramatically if you choose Java.

3. Java enhances error-free Enterprise software development by having a mature and strict structure and executing run-time checks. The process of bulky and long-time custom software development is the best area for Java to show its power. The recent Java update for Java Enterprise Edition has allowed enhancing productivity and scalability to perfectly serve specific business requirements and needs.

4. Java Cloud Technology provides ground for development and deployment of apps for business. The increased productivity together with instant access to cloud environment makes Java the best choice out of a great number of enterprise –grade platforms.


To be more precise, Java technology enables:

a) Smart solutions adoption
b) Faster and more efficient Big Data processing
c) Cost Reduction
d) Easy-to-maintain projects
e) Richer functionality and scalability
f) Integrated protection and database access security

At Elinext, our Java programmers develop multifunctional Java-based applications using the following technologies: AJAX, XHTML, XML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, JSF, JSTL, Trinidad / ADF Faces, ICE Faces, Struts, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, EJB3, GWT\GXT, modern JavaScript\AJAX frameworks and many other java technologies.

Elinext java engineers apply the unconventional approach to task-solving, use 99% of latest technologies and never stop learning.

Having broad expertise and deep technology knowledge, Elinext Java developers are ready to create unparalleled web products with sharp-cut performance and enhanced functionality to brilliantly serve your business requirements and needs.

Why to choose Elinext`s Java Development Services?

1. Elinext j2 developers are experts in building exclusive web products
2. 24/7 services due to the international offices location
3. Transparency of the costs, prices and development process
4. Consulting Services, Support, and Ongoing Training
5. A rich Java development portfolio across various industry verticals and countries.

What we do?

– End-to-end Java product delivery
– Reengineering of existing products and apps in Java technology
– Performance and Security Testing & QA of Java applications
– Experts Outsourcing from development to product maintenance.

Java Ecosystem offers excellent libraries and frameworks, development environments and resources for the web product development to satisfy the requirements of the most robust clients. Applying them, Elinext Java engineers deliver the following solutions:

a) Custom Java Web Product Development
b) Design and Development of Enterprise apps for
• Social Networking Websites
• Dating Websites
• Video Streaming Websites
• Corporate Portals
• Intranet Portals
• Real Estate Portals
c) Java-Based CRM Solutions
d) Java-Based ERP Solutions
e) Java-Based CMS Solutions
f) Java –Based Cloud Enterprise-grade platforms
g) Java –Based Consulting

Basing on your requirements, Elinext java consultants will shortly deliver the best solution possible.

Why Java seems to be tremendously advantageous for web product development?

Definitely because of its remarkable features such as: simplicity, security, portability, focus on object, robustness, multithreading, architectural neutrality, dynamics, high performance and ability to work across multiple platforms.

What benefits can Java-based solution bring to my business?

Java –based technologies increase business productivity, drive smarter decisions by harnessing big data volumes enable new services and reduce enterprise costs.

If you develop the product in Java, will it run on other platforms with no additional optimization?

Yes, if you have your product developed in Linux, it will equally run on any other platform like Windows or Mac. The distinctive feature of Java is its ability to work in any environment for which there is a Java run-time system.

What is the difference between C++ and Java programming languages?

While C++ is semi object oriented programming language, Java is a pure object oriented language and thus delivers more functionality.

Is Java secure?

Yes, Java cannot harm other system making it secure. It also provides secure tools to create software and apps and to access them afterwards.

Which Java frameworks does Elinext team have experience in?

Elinext java engineers have experience in Java, JEE (J2EE), and other frameworks including Grails, Spring and Hibernate and have created a number of outstanding enterprise class apps to our clients.

How can I be reassured that your Java product development meets the highest quality standards?

We carry out Quality Assurance procedures (including security testing, performance testing, etc.) on every product development and deployment.

Can Elinext java programmers reengineer my current application and migrate it to Java frameworks?

Yes, we can also add new features to it and fix bugs if there are any.

What are the rates for Elinext Java-based solutions?

Our tariff system is transparent and reasonably moderate. The prices remain fixed during the whole process of product development. You can hire a single developer or a team of java engineers for your project implementation depending on your requirements and budget.