Modern manufacturing companies require a high level of collaboration across departments, the intensive exchange of information and process automation. That’s why industrial enterprises are increasingly being evaluated by their level of innovation.

Elinext renders industrial software development services for small business and big enterprise to meet customer expectations through technology.

For over 20 years, we develop state-of-the-art solutions for digital engineering, manufacturing, operations, infrastructure management and business process optimization based on the detailed, properly documented requirements on products and development process. We support a combined approach to manufacturing systems development that comprises software engineering and end-to-end design, with connected world solutions and big data analytics on top.

smart factory


We address the pressing challenges of the manufacturing world by bringing qualitative changes to digital enterprise development strategy and implementation. Empowered by Industry 4.0 disruption, our solutions enable the digital transformation of production processes which leads to positive results:

  • Better performance
  • Shorter downtime
  • Optimized processes
  • Better product quality
  • Higher business continuity
  • Improved agility
  • Personalization and customization


Digital Enterprise

–  Enterprise resource planning system
–  System integrity management
–  Industrial cybersecurity
–  Product lifecycle management
–  Line management

Industry 4.0

–  Smart Factory
–  Virtual & augmented reality
–  Artificial intelligence & machine learning
–  Big Data & business intelligence

Enterprise App Development

–  Mobile ERP
–  Workflow management
–  Secure messaging
–  System monitoring
–  Inventory management
–  E-learning
–  Field service

Business Process Management

–  Manufacturing CRM
–  Task planning and control management
–  Employee collaboration and R&D portals
–  Factory documentation management
–  Logistics management

Big Data & Analytics

–  Data collection, visualization, and consumer analytics
–  IT performance and operations analytics
–  Regulatory compliance analytics
–  Predictive maintenance analytics


Technology experience:

Our expertise in engineering software solutions for manufacturing enables us to design and develop complete systems for a factory, configure them for use and scale them to the industrial level.


Alongside reliable time-proven software products, we develop innovative solutions or redefine existing software to generate new value from new concepts of decentralization, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Industry 4.0.


Our team easily adapts to your timetable, being available regardless of location. We guarantee transparent communication via multiple channels.


In the face of ever-changing regulatory constraints and stepped-up cyber attacks, security has become an uppermost issue for manufacturing companies. Therefore it’s increasingly important for us to comply with industry standards and deliver solutions protected with organizational and technical measures.

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