Every competent insurance company takes a holistic approach to managing risks in our modern life. It prevents businesses and people from the risk to deal with unforeseeable events. The more important fact is that insurance industry is a service sector that guarantees safety and secures trustworthiness to clients.

That’s why it’s of high importance for any insurance business to create an image of a reliable, transparent and solid company to deal with. Insurance solutions, technology and consulting gain a competitive edge by transforming and improving web performance of insurance business.

Insurance companies are in search of effective methods and tools to streamline operational processes related to underwriting, insurance policy, claims, B2B and B2C communication. The latest technological products of the IT sector help insurance businesses enhance customer and agent loyalty, facilitating cross-selling services and reducing expenses.

Elinext’s industry-specific software solutions are powered by expertise gained from long-term experience. We are open for partnership with insurance providers such as underwriters, insurance brokers, insurance agents, expanding new horizons of the insurance business.

Elinext provides businesses within the insurance industry with high-quality software solutions. The onrush of information technology is creating a new set of opportunities for insurance companies to optimize business processes and achieve sustainable commercial success.

Below is the list of Elinext’s key software development services for the insurance industry:

  • Custom Software Development
    • – Solutions for Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance
    • – Business Analytics Applications
    • – Insurance Data Exchange Solutions

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