Cross platform development is an unparalleled phenomenon at the app development market. Cross platform apps make a compelling proposition to traditional platform applications. First of all, they run across multiple mobile platforms and devices reaching more people. Secondly, with cross platform apps businesses have faster time-to-market, i.e. one app is being submitted to a store instead of waiting for others to be developed. Thirdly, cross platform development is about better ROI (return on investments): single code database means fewer costs for development and maintenance in the long run.

Elinext has become a skilled hand at cross platform development. Our developers artfully moderate cross platform tools and technologies and build agile cross platform architectures for our customers. We are not afraid to experiment with cross platform apps and deliver our customers excellence ever possible.

If you’ve ever thought about a realistic and cost effective strategy how to get increased ROI and hit the market at a time, then, cross platform development by Elinext will be the right tool on your way to success.

Elinext stands out through its 20-year-old expertise at the software development market coupled with our own unique development methodology. Cross platform development by Elinext will transform your business into a sample of excellence within your industry.

Our cross-platform development services include:

  • Cross platform mobile app development
  • Cross platform web app development
  • Cross platform custom app development
  • Cross platform development consulting and integration services
  • Cross platform open source development

What tools do we leverage for cross-platform development?

Elinext has in-depth experience in best cross platform tools and technologies to deliver a flexible and cost effective solution that runs across as many devices as possible. Depending on what exactly you need, e.g. games, or increased business data security, our developers choose the proper cross platform development tool:

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C#. We make the most of these traditional development tools to develop agile apps.
  • Using Xamarin, we build robust native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.
  • Cross platform apps developed with Sencha with pre-built components work on multiple devices and boost your business productivity.
  • We squeeze out maximum of Corona to come up with high performance cross platform apps.
  • Appcelerator Titanum. Since it is an open-source tool, we use Appcelerator to provide cross platform solutions for businesses for whom reasonable rates do matter just like quality of software.
  • We take advantage of PhoneGap to build truly cross platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows!
  • Other tools. Our cross platform developers make good use of other cross platform tools to bring you closer to your business than ever before.

What is the difference between native, hybrid and cross platform apps?

Generally speaking, native apps are specific for a particular platform and installed on a computing device while cross platform ones run across a number of platforms. Hybrid apps combine the features of native and web apps and run regardless of Internet access.

My business needs a mobile app. How to choose a platform it?

Actually, at Elinext, we do a lot of brainstorming and planning when we get an order for a mobile app. Our developers and designer thoroughly investigate all the requirements. For consumer apps, it would be better to build a native app with bright native UX. However, if your target audience is split between multiple OS, then, it would be reasonable to launch a cross platform app for your business.

When should I choose cross platform development for my business?

Cross platform development makes sense when you need faster time to market. Potentially, it is much faster to develop a cross platform app from scratch than native iOS and Android apps. Cross platform developers use an intermediate language that is not native to an OS on a device. Consequently, this code can be shared across platforms. Secondly, cross platform apps hit more users and can better generate leads. Thirdly, cross platform development reduces costs because up to 80 % of code can be shared.

Does UI require additional efforts in cross platform apps?

Yes, it does. Cross platforms apps is not just about translating code through a tool. UX and UI needs updating on each platform! That is why cross platform projects in Elinext are accompanied by our staff designers and graphic artists.