The retail industry has always been characterized as one of the largest industries with a great number of businesses and employees being involved. In this extremely competitive environment, only high-tech innovations can give retailers an edge over their competitors by further enabling them to increase revenue and turnover.

Internet business owners continue to solicit clients from stores with an intensifying pace, providing them with instant access to services and products. Online selling is the end-to-end solution for the retail industry that has a significant competitive advantage in today’s tech-savvy world.

Mobile shoppers prefer online shopping thanks to the opportunity to buy items on-the-go using their mobile devices, purchase goods at deep discounts thanks to coupon systems and receive exhaustive data on products via QR codes. For retailers, being available on mobile platforms means finding a strategic distinguishing feature that will keep their businesses moving forward.


Elinext offers professional custom software development services that assist retail businesses in adapting to the digital era and enhancing the modern consumer experience. We provide retail solutions that can improve the purchasing process, efficiently respond to your costumers’ demands and sustain cost effectiveness of your business.

Elinext’s software can help retail businesses improve their operations, profitability and overall performance. In addition to pure e-commerce, seamless integration of online and physical shopping experiences can draw in many more new customers. Therefore, the combination of innovative IT solutions and customer-centered approach is the key to success in the retail marketplace.

Elinext offers retailers professional software development and IT consulting services based on long-year experience and industry-specific know-how:

  • Custom Software Development
    • – Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
    • – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
    • – Software for Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
    • – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

mCommerce trends and their benefits for retailers

2015-09-24 by Marina Astapchik

mCommerce continues to grow. The biggest users are the people of Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany. Due to holiday effect, mCommerce growth rate is slower in Q2. Nevertheless, mCommerce transactions total to more than 30% of all eCommerce transactions globally. This figure was announced in a recent mCommerce report by Criteo, online marketing company, and is based on the data from 1.4 billion of transactions. This trust-worthy base singles out certain mCommerce experiences and modes of shopping behavior in retail.Figure 1: Mobile Share of Retail eCommerce TransactionsSource:...

Subtitles for Reality: Augmented Technologies in Focus

2011-07-05 by Marina Astapchik

Imagine yourself in a never-have-been-here-before big city at night. The lights are on and you are hungry. You pass along numerous doors of local restaurants and cafes. Would you care to know which one is actually good from the first sight? Augmented technologies allow you to see that in form what is now sometimes referred to as ‘subtitles for reality.’A year ago, augmented reality by name of DFusionHomeWebPlugIn by JWT International generated a big WOW effect among Russian speaking young people and geeks. Augmented reality took form of advertising posters...

e-Commerce: World Goes Ahead

2011-07-26 by Marina Astapchik

Internet has been developing rapidly lately. It is hardly possible to imagine a European household without internet connection. According to a survey carried out in 2010 by Initiative D21 public association, 70% of Germany residents have access to the global network. On the one hand, such wide dissemination of internet access enables businesses to base all activities in the internet. On the other hand, more and more people open for themselves the benefits of e-Commerce and start using it on an everyday basis.Consumer habits change in short time. Today the...

Website Design for Mobile Devices

2011-07-26 by Marina Astapchik

In this paper I am going to touch upon the peculiarities of the development of websites for mobile phones (smartphones, iPhone / iPod Touch, PPC), which occupy a significant percent of the mobile web use. Mobile web use is constantly rising – more and more people use their mobile devices to get to the web. It is unlikely that this trend will cease in the future for mobile devices are constantly getting better. Additionally, new kinds of portable devices appear – tablet PCs, eBooks, etc. – and internet becomes more...

Effective Copywriting: How to Write a Copy that Sells

2011-07-27 by Marina Astapchik

How to create a valuable copy that sells? The basic objective of any selling copy is to make a reader take action, typically, buy your product or service or rouse reader's curiosity to learn more about it and contact you.There are plenty of articles on the web that make sense, but not value. Focused on the benefits of the seller they forget about the benefits of the buyer. It means they do not contain that valuable information that urges the reader to take action.A quality selling copy makes a difference....

Advantages of Enterprise 2.0 ERP Systems

2011-07-27 by Marina Astapchik

It is only recently that IT industry leaders started to develop software applications that are doing exactly what people expect from them. Anthropologically, Google and Facebook are already functions of human nature. Previously, software products facilitated only business processes, like solving a problem and enable certain transactions and management processes. Today, people want to socialize via Facebook and look for stuff via Google’s organic search.When smaller companies allow their staff to run wild in Twitter and Facebook, bigger companies take control of the situation in their hands. This is the...

NFC M-Commerce to Take Toll

2011-07-27 by Marina Astapchik

There are places in the US, Europe, and Asia where you can pay your purchases at supermarkets, cafes and restaurants without having to pull your wallet and credit cards out of your pocket. You can do it using only your mobile phone.A couple of retailer networks in Britain, US, Sweden, Japan and Russia have introduced at their supermarkets the new NFC (near-field communications) based payment systems. To make payments, their customers only need to put a mobile phone or smartphone to the "smart poster" field with the NFC tag on...

Mobile Commerce: 5 Important Tips For a Successful Online Business

2011-11-25 by Marina Astapchik

According to a recent study published by Bitkom, about 10 million Germans regularly use mobile Internet on their mobile devices and this tendency is on the rise. This can be easily explained by the fact that more and more people get to own mobile devices with Internet access - smart phones, tablet PCs, etc. Young people of today who were children yesterday, can’t live without mobile internet surfing and want to be always online. On the other hand, there are more and more traders who sell on the internet, including...

Push Sales With Apps for iPad

2011-12-15 by Marina Astapchik

Every businessman wants to increase sales. After you reach good level of sales with a website, advertising and some other marketing stuff you need to pay attention to mobile apps for iPad and Android tablets. There are plenty of aspects which can be mentioned but let us point at the most important:1. Convenience. It is not a secret that iPad and Android tablets are more comfortable than laptops or netbooks if you want to use them on the go. The weight of a tablet is around 600g while the weight of...

Why NFC is Critical for Mobile Commerce

2012-01-13 by Marina Astapchik

This year we hear more and more about NFC and its usefulness for mobile commerce and mobile development industry. In fact it's becoming a popular way to make payments in commerce. Now all the biggest mobile phone manufacturers want to integrate NFC into their products. NFC is likely to become a must-have feature for a mobile phone.So what's NFC? And what benefits does it bring for us? Near field communication, or NFC, allows to make simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections between two devices in proximity to each other, usually...

7 Reasons Why You Need Green IT

2012-01-19 by Marina Astapchik

Green IT refers to the study and practice of using computers and IT resources efficiently and effectively with minimal, no impact or even positive on the environment. The main purposes of Green IT are to reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy-efficiency during the product's lifetime and encourage proper recycling habits. I think Green IT is becoming a sustainable trend for various companies and organizations in the software development industry. Why? Here are seven reasons:1. It saves a lot of money: We in the software development industry work with...

7 Benefits of QR Code for Consumers

2012-01-24 by Marina Astapchik

Bar code yesterdayVarious types of bar codes have become label standards for many industries for their reading speed and accuracy. Bar codes spread wide a market need arose to expand the volume of data stored within and to decrease the printed size of the code. Do you remember products with multiple bar codes, because producers though that one is not enough? Or those official forms with stacked bar codes on the side? All these were desperate measures to pack as much information into as little of paper space. This was...

How to Make Money Using Advertising inside Your Mobile Applications

2012-04-16 by Marina Astapchik

It's not new that apps are everywhere these days (look at the chart). As a developer, you might be good at creating the app, but are you good at generating revenue from it? How do you make money in this huge market and which way is the best? Mobile app monetization isn't an easy process. This article focuses on three in-app advertising options to help you find the best solution for your project.In-app advertising is a good way to monetize mobile consumer apps with big audiences. Some publishers are able...

Monetizing with Mobile Advertising

2012-04-19 by Marina Astapchik

One of the most common requests from developers of mobile applications is for reports on monetization. Everyone is interested in success stories about how someone made millions of dollars. We hear heated arguments about what is the best way to earn money. Everyone wants to repeat success, and experience it first-hand. Deciding how to generate your revenue stream is complicated: paid application; free, but with advertising; free, but with the internal charges; or charges only for additional functionality; or with trial fees.In this article I want to present a comparative...

Portals Are Key for Retailers to Go Online and Go Mobile

2012-04-19 by Marina Astapchik

In today`s economy traditional marketing methods are getting obsolete. Those retailers whose competitive advantages are based solely on price or selection are at risk to lag behind the times, since the Internet and mobile technologies to a great extent neutralize them. To stand out from the crowd and delight consumers, retailers must utilize effective IT solutions.Competitive imperativeConsumers no longer limit their shopping to a single channel. They can make purchases both in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in virtual marketplaces. By 2020, online sales are forecast to reach $500 billion....

How Mobile Apps Could Help Businesses

2012-04-20 by Marina Astapchik

The desire to be in the know and ability to utilize all the necessary information 24/7 are among the dominant success drivers for a contemporary person. Numerous IT breakthroughs have provoked an ever increasing digitalization of our lifestyles. Mobile devices and applications have become a significant factor in this trend.Mobile applications (or apps for short) are software applications, designed to run on smartphones, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile phones, as well as tablets, like iPad. Apps for mobile platforms are enjoying great popularity, and the scope of their...

E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and Now TV-Commerce?

2012-04-22 by Marina Astapchik

Today’s customers are empowered by technology and they can practically go anywhere to find what they want. As connectivity and Internet speeds increase across the globe, there emerge huge opportunities for merchants of all sizes to do business over the web.The rapid development of mobile technologies has enriched the notion of e-commerce and expanded the ‘place’ of purchase and revenue streams for merchants. Consumers can now shop and pay not only in a shop, but also at home, work, on the bus, and on the hoof. The smartphone and m-commerce...

When Your Business Needs a CMS and When a Portal?

2012-04-26 by Marina Astapchik

Nowadays there are several thousand products that can be categorized as content management systems. At the same time, there exist a huge number of tools that are claimed to be portal solutions. Therefore, making the right choice is not a trivial task.In fact, every business that takes care of its web presence has to decide what solution will best fit its needs – a CMS or a portal. The choice here depends on the business drivers and user needs. Experts say that standard CMS products cannot integrate legacy applications well....

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Optimized Website

2012-07-09 by Marina Astapchik

Being in a public place look around and you will notice that there are people who use their smartphones surfing the Internet. And this is not the future, but today’s mainstream reality. It is considered that within a few years, mobile devices will advance PCs becoming the most usable Web access devices. The importance of mobile traffic cannot be underestimated as current reports by Gartner information technology research company indicate that mobile devices will overtake desktop Internet usage as the most used Internet access device worldwide by 2013.No wonder that...

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

2012-07-10 by Marina Astapchik

In this dynamically developing world there is no need to prove how important it is today to be one step ahead of others in order to keep in touch with your business friends all over the place. According to the recent TNS Mobile Research, for about 6 billion mobile users unattached devices are the No. 1 medium today to organize their interpersonal private and business communication.Thus, the importance of mobile Internet will inevitably increase as with intensive penetration of Internet-ready 3G phones, mobile search and m-commerce will be used more...

How to Develop Effective M-Commerce Mobile Applications

2012-07-12 by Marina Astapchik

Is it your dream to break a record outpacing Angry Birds and to become a millionaire by having developed the best seller of the App Store? If so, be ready to create a real smash hit that will force a mobile user to choose exactly your intellectual creation among approximately 350,000 applications in the Apple App Store only. However, the game is worth the candle. According to Gartner, mobile apps reached $4.2 billion in sales last year. And they are projected to gain $29.5 billion sales by 2013.In order to...

The Ideas to Build a Mobile App for Your Fashion Business

2012-07-23 by Marina Astapchik

According to the founder of Parisian haute couture Coco Chanel, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happeningâ€. With the development of high technologies fashion has appeared in the global network as well as it's settled down in the portable devices of every modern fashionista. And the question is how we can make use of these technological advantages in order to spread our fashion ideas and make impact...

How to Build Your Retail Portal within Your Budget

2012-07-31 by Marina Astapchik

In the electronic world and “iEra†it’s wise to say: those who don't go with the times, disappear sooner or later. Thus, innovations play a strategic role in the development of every successful business. As for the retail industry, it’s vitally important to display the online presence and turn business website into a sales machine as soon as possible. According to Forrester Research, 192 million U.S. consumers only will shop online in 2016.How much should a business owner spend in order to strengthen his competitive position, establish reciprocal communication with...

Critical Metrics to Analyze the Effectiveness of M-Commerce Initiatives

2012-08-02 by Marina Astapchik

The stunning expansion of mobile communication has significantly changed the methods of trading on the global scale. The incremental amount of devices suitable for m-commerce encourages the tremendous growth of this market segment. The diffusion of wireless handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, provides a strong baseline for mobile commerce.Today, m-commerce is a profitable and rapidly developing market that can be defined as the ability to handle business transactions using portable devices. The notion includes bill payments, ticket purchasing, online banking, brokerage services, mobile marketing, advertising, information acquisition...

Android App Developers Help Retailers Get Wider Range of Average and Low-Income Clients

2012-09-13 by Marina Astapchik

Not so long ago, the Internet was only a privilege of developed countries, and Apple with Blackberry were just fruits. However, thanks to the tech revolution all the benefits of online services have become available to the whole world. The truth is that wireless technologies and mobile devices significantly influence the way we live, communicate and purchase goods or services. Today it's practically impossible to enumerate all the product items sold and bought over the Internet with the help of palm-friendly devices. Due to the increased use of the Internet and...

E-commerce with a Lot of Consumers Needs Specific Custom CRM

2013-03-27 by Marina Astapchik

Building customer relations is paramount for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. There is a direct linkage between the way you manage all the interactions with your clients and your overall success. The stronger the engagement, the better results you get. Therefore, if you want to run your e-business efficiently, you need a holistic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Customized in accordance with your specific requirements, CRM software will enable you to leverage the Internet as both a profitable sales channel and a powerful tool to solidify relations with numerous consumers.It...

Why Opt for Custom ERP Software

2013-04-15 by Marina Astapchik

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a single integrated suite and a core system for medium-sized and large organizations allowing them to streamline all major business processes and operations. When implementing an ERP system, the issue that most frequently shows up is how to make the software work the way you want and need it to, but not the other way round.Naturally, there is a choice between an out-of-the-box ERP solution and tailor-made software. Which one to chose? The matter is that if you are investing in ERP software, it...

Top Questions and Answers about CRM

2017-05-26 by Marina Astapchik

Growing businesses are looking for a better way to manage customer relations. Understanding that the idea to store their information in note cards or Google documents is a bit old-fashioned, they are wondering, what is CRM, how it works and how it can help their businesses. These questions are hardly unique, and there are some solid reasons for that:The CRM market offers a plenty of solutions which cover a significant part of process automation needs; CRM is no longer an app for sales and may compete with ERP systems (and are...

Mobile ERP helps manufacturers improve productivity

2013-08-27 by Marina Astapchik

Any market today must adjust to customers with higher expectations. Not only customers require faster responses, but also employees and business owners demand more sophisticated procedures and more advanced implementation. It is far more important when business world has to face a challenging economic situation. Fortunately, mobile enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) can enable companies to optimize their business and satisfy customers’ growing demand in the majority of cases.Mobile strategies are now starting to penetrate both small and large-scale businesses. Nowadays mobile devices like laptops, PDAs, and tablets allow...

50 Questions & Answers about Mobile ERP

2013-08-29 by Marina Astapchik

Mobile ERP systems today are taking on and win over more and more followers. The success of this phenomenon is attributable to its numerous benefits such as usability and accessibility, as well as its ability to enhance productivity and provide high-quality service. Nowadays mobile ERP solution is an indispensable tool for company’s prosperity and competitiveness and an integral part of its success. And below we provide questions and their answers that will help you to broaden your knowledge on mobile ERP and shed light on the phenomenon.1.Q: What is ERP?A:...

7 reasons why Retailers need mobile ERP

2013-10-09 by Marina Astapchik

Rapidly growing technologies and omnipresent mobile devices are calling on retailers to revise the whole process of sale and pay proper attention to the adoption of online selling instead of a conventional one. Retailers need a handy versatile environment to make the most of these innovations. Retailers are required to satisfy customers by providing adequate conditions for them to be aware of store information or share shopping experience. They had to come up with an idea that would integrate both virtual commerce and personal approach when dealing with regular walk-in...

What Cloud ERP Solutions Manufacturers Need?

2013-10-09 by Marina Astapchik

Before going into greater details, it is well worth figuring out what cloud ERP is about. A cloud ERP system is a subscription-based online service provided via the Internet. Instead of placing an on-premise ERP solution, cloud ERP users’ database is maintained by ERP providers. This procedure entails a significant cost reduction and allows companies to facilitate business process management.Manufacturing companies need a specifically designed cloud ERP system to meet their particular demands. Such cloud ERP systems are developed as a software as a service (SaaS) model. A modern cloud...

Mobile Augmented Reality Latest Trend

2013-10-09 by Marina Astapchik

Modern astonishing and top-notch innovations have been penetrating all spheres of our life. One of the miracles of human mind and the latest outstanding achievement is mobile augmented reality. To perceive the essence of any phenomenon, it’s quite reasonable to begin with its definition. Augmented reality is a vision of the real world through a device's camera, where some parts of the reality are augmented (or supplemented) by video, graphics, sound or GPS system. Mobile augmented reality allows to combine real and virtual worlds, making the environment around the user...

7 steps to a stress-free website renovation

2014-07-22 by Marina Astapchik

In the era of worldwide spread of the Internet came the realization of the fact that wars are no longer waged on the real world battlefields, but on the battlefields of virtual reality. That`s true while speaking not only about video games but it can also be applied to competitive wars among companies. There is no deny that practically every company now realizes that to win a battle on the virtual field means gaining your target audience`s attention and devotion and thus getting more and more profit.Now the main issue...

Gamification Strategies in CRM Software Development

2014-08-08 by Marina Astapchik

The mission of CRM software is to increase sales and profit. It seems to be a paradox but one can implement CRM into a server or a computer, still not into employees’ thinking and working mentality. In other words, many companies are facing a user adoption problem. According to Salesforce 50% of CRM implementation fail despite the fact that companies spend unimaginable amounts of money on CRMs. Meanwhile, labor is one of the biggest expenses of a company, that’s why CRM should be profitable.What can make an employee use CRM?...

How to turn your website into the best salesman?

2014-07-31 by Marina Astapchik

At present it’s hard to imagine any credible company without its own website. Neglecting such a great opportunity to move your goods or services online would be a huge omission. That’s why a great demand for really well-built and well-designed websites arises. And whether you already have a website or you are working on it yet, you expect it to work as a sales tool and a converter of visitors into buyers. Here are some useful tips to sell your business, products, or services, using which you’ll be able to...

Top 10 Business ideas reincarnated into profitable Apps

2014-08-19 by Marina Astapchik

The fact that all businesses should have mobile presence has become undeniable as more and more people involved in the virtual world provided by gadgets like smartphones and tablets.With more and more smartphones bought by people around the globe, no one would even impugn the necessity of creating of a mobile application for every business starting from the smallest one to a big corporation.In the world where the competition among companies has become the predetermining factor whether of a success or a failure, came the realization of the fact that...