Front-end development (sometimes it’s written as front end development, or frontend development) is the process of coding the front end of a website. Front-end developers convert website design files into raw HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code, incl. basic website layout, images, content, internal links. This code is used by a back end developer to connect databases and processes and add logic to them. In other words, front-end developers are in the middle of the disciplines and perform a hinge function between visual designers and back end developers.

Ultimately, the task of a front-end developer is to create, test and implement the visual and interactive elements of a website in order to present a relevant and engaging visual experience for users. Similarly, in software applications, front-end development is responsible for creating graphical user interface, which provides access to the software’s back-end features and capabilities.

The core of front-end development includes the following tools:

1) Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML, performs the role of a backbone of the semantic structure of a website. The value of the HTML is in creating the style and interaction that the reader will ultimately use.
2) Cascading style sheets, or CSS, lay out the page and give it a user-friendly view.
3) JavaScript is used to transform a static HTML page into a dynamic interface. JS developers widely use JS libraries and frameworks, mostly jQuery, Angular JS, followed by React, Backbone, Knockout and others, which enable a plethora of visual effects to turn web pages into an immersive experience for users.

Technically speaking, the mentioned technologies ensure a successful business strategy for a high-quality website:

  • Consistency and improved maintenance of UI
  • Better HTTP performance
  • Better front-end quality
  • Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility
  • Appealing website layout and graphics
  • Front-end development is where accessibility happens.


Why does high-quality front-end development drive value for businesses?

To begin with, a website is often the first interaction with a customer and conveys the company’s personality making the first important impression on a client.

Secondly, a good website serves business purposes, drives revenue and makes business branding more powerful. For that, your website should have a welcoming design and lay out so that users can easily make use of it.

Thirdly, a well-planned website layout builds confidence and trust to a company where customers can experience high-quality services.

With a rich expertise and deep knowledge in web development, Elinext’s team of front-end developers work out reliable solutions that successfully serve our customers’ business needs and goals.

Why to choose Front End Development Services from Elinext?

1. Elinext has a dedicated team of front-end developers with a solid experience in implementation of exclusive web products.
2. 24/7 services due to the international offices location.
3. Transparent costs and development process.
4. Consulting services, support, honest feedback and open communication with a customer.
5. Customized front-end development with regard to your business needs.

What front end tools do we use?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • UI development
  • JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Angular.js, Node.js, Express.js, Backbone.js).

Elinext Group develops top-notch front-end solutions with respect to your business goals, whether you need a mobile optimized website, or simply a responsively designed website that “just works” on any device.

What is the mission of front-end development by Elinext?

We consider that great user experience with a website does bring value to a business. That is why at the output of the projects by Elinext, our customers get fast highly interactive web pages, with a high level of user experience. The combination of HTML5, JavaScript and other front-end development tools results in a well-planned functional website with a clear layout and appealing graphics from Elinext.

What is front-end development?

For many people front-end development is simply “making things visually better”. Speaking more technically, front-end development is a combination of programming and a lay out which fuels the front end of a website.

What is the difference between front-end development and back-end development?

Generally speaking, the front end developer is in charge of everything what a user sees, incl. layout, design and some programming languages like HTML. The back end developer is responsible for connected to databases and servers, i.e. everything that a user can’t see.

What advantages can front-end developer from Elinext Group bring to my business?

Since websites are extremely important tools and revenue-drivers for businesses, they should ensure perfect user experience. Otherwise, websites may drive businesses away. Front-end development from Elinext secures smooth cross-browser and cross-device functionality of your websites, their accessibility, inspiring UI, well-planned layout and graphics.

What tools are used for front-end development at Elinext Group?

Front end tooling from Elinext includes a wide usage of HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Our skilled team of front-end developers (UI developer, html5 developer, JS developer, JavaScript developer, jQuery developer) turn them into appealing visual effects for your websites.

What challenges do front end developers overcome?

The first thing to be mentioned here is cross browser compatibility. Earlier there were not many options for browsers. Today, people use multiple browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome). Each browser has its own features, for example, a little bit different rendering of the same HTML. Secondly, front end developers deal with cross-device functionality. Multiple devices also create different experiences. In this respect, Elinext Group ensures progressive implementation of our solutions across browsers and platforms.

Why is front-end development so tricky?

Some people assume that “everybody and their dentist can do it”. It’s just a common misconception. Front-end developers have to deal with browser and device proliferation and should have good skills of HTML, JavaScript and other front end development tooling as well as translate it into much more.
Besides, another contributing aspect is about UX design. Front-end developers and user experience designers are different things that a good front-end developer should combine in order to add more value to web development. These challenges alone make front-end development sophisticated.