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Elinext is an Android app development company with 40+ mobile developers on board, as well as a wealth of experience in creating industry-specific enterprise apps and software for connected devices. Our dedicated teams build a mobile solution from scratch or join an in-house development project of any complexity and size.
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Android App Development Services
Being one of the best Android app development companies, we offer full-cycle services, including technology consulting and prototyping, BA, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. Here is where our mobile experts can pitch in:
Custom Android Development
/ 01.

Elinext mobile development team creates solutions for phones, tablets, TVs, etc., as well as integrates them with wearables and devices. Custom Android application development services we offer include consultation, building a strategy, app design, testing, implementation with further maintenance & support.

Android Game Development
/ 02.

Game development takes a worthy position in our Android mobile app development services. Our android game development teams build both entertaining and educational games for various industries: from healthcare to manufacturing.

Android App Design Services
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At Elinext, we create our mobile solutions with usability and value in mind. We achieve impeccable experience for users through well-thought-out design, attention to users’ end-to-end experience, using Google’s Material Design guidelines and passion for minimalism and simplicity.

Implementation, Maintenance & Support
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We don’t just deliver applications but ensure that the result meets our clients’ expectations. We help our clients to publish their apps to Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Apps or Amazon AppStore, as well as offer a range of maintenance services, including the creation of new features and bugs fixes.

Our Solutions

Taking advantage of advanced app development technologies, our teams create powerful solutions that include everything you would expect from a modern mobile system.
Enterprise Android App Development
/ 01.
Our developers empower enterprises with apps that work across a variety of mobile devices. This way, we ensure that your workforce will be able to increase productivity and collaboration at the workplace as well as reach out to consumers and partners on the go.
Internet of Things
/ 02.
Elinext helps IoT solution providers and enterprise adopters create mobile apps that unlock the true power of data behind connected devices. We make the array of Android devices, including phones, tablets, TV, Wear and Auto, work together for the benefit of end-users. We can also bring third-party devices into the ecosystem as long as they share data through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (from 2.0+EDR onwards).
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Industrial Apps
/ 03.
For all these years in mobile development, our teams have created numerous mHealth, mCommerce, mBanking, and other solutions targeted at the needs and goals of a certain industry. So whether it is an Android app for business, weather, information storage, entertainment, etc. — we will do our best to make it stand out.
Case studies
Case studies
Check out some of our completed projects that can give you a taste of how your business can benefit from the Android app development services we provide.
Elinext. Notification Management

With Notification Management Solution, managing group communications becomes effortless. Administrators can moderate access, manage requests, and control membership, while users enjoy the flexibility to explore, subscribe, and engage with various groups effortlessly.

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Voice Picking App for French Warehouse Management Systems

Discover how we developed an Android-based voice picking app to streamline parcel management.

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Mobile Application for Brain Data Monitoring with BLE device

Elinext has created a multifaceted mobile app for EEG data that includes calendar and mood tracking features.

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App for Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

From this case study you’ll learn how the Elinext team developed a unique app for hassle-free EV charging. We’re happy to be a part of the global switch to electric driving and invite you to learn more about how seamless this experience could be.

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Remote Network and Router Management Platform for Internet Providers

Elinext helped a Danish-US telecommunication software provider build a web application for managing routers remotely.

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Application for Sentiment Voice Analysis

Elinext teams faced a challenging task to develop an application with voice analysis that would provide a call center with the ability to organize the working process in the most efficient manner, by understanding what their customers and employees really feel and think.

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Senior Caregiving Platform for a French Startup

The customer is a French-based startup company striving to occupy the business niche in caregiving service on the local market, since almost no one managed to make the process of finding, hiring and paying for caregiving services within one handy app before.  

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Marketing App for Bars and Restaurants

The client is a startup in Germany who wanted to create a bar promotion app that connects bars and restaurants with their visitors.

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Payment Kiosk for a Global Parking Provider

Our solution works as a layer providing secure work conditions between all external applications and the payment hardware.

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Applications Suite for a Hands-free Device

The customer wanted Elinext to develop a mobile application for Android phones and the iPhone that will provide users with the possibility to communicate with hands free car kit using Bluetooth connection of their phones.

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