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Striving to deliver timely, cost-effective and focused health care, providers have recognized the need to integrate mHealth applications into their daily practice. Elinext experts provide custom mHealth app development services that address the most acute challenges of remote care delivery.

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Our Expertise
Elinext mHealth solutions help providers deliver better care, as well as engage patients more in their personal health and wellness.
Workflow Management
Mobile EHRs and EMRs
Clinical Decision-making
Patient Monitoring
Mobile Patient Portals
Health and Fitness
Workflow Management

Swift user-friendly applications for healthcare professionals to enable daily routine control and prompt communication.

  • Use mobile devices to schedule and track appointments, meetings and calls.
  • Collaborate with patients and staff across multiple locations through voice, video and text.

Mobile EHRs and EMRs

Core systems that bring the patient's entire medical history to your fingertips and increase satisfaction by lowering wait times.

  • Access, update and share EHR and EMR data on a remote basis at any location.
  • Remotely view and evaluate medical images and scans.
  • File e-prescriptions.
  • Send messages to other mHealth applications.

Clinical Decision-making

Solutions that provide convenient and rapid access to evidence-based information, supporting clinical decision-making at the point of care.

  • Make medical calculations to determine health risk scores, BMI, BSA and drug dosage.
  • Set differential diagnosis correctly.
  • Determine lab test reference values and interpretations, causes for abnormal values, and laboratory unit conversions.
  • Conduct simple health examinations (e.g. for visual acuity, colour blindness, blood pressure, tremor frequency, glucose level and more).

Patient Monitoring

Custom solutions for remote health tracking that reduce healthcare costs and patient readmissions.

  • Remotely monitor location, health and rehabilitation of patients with chronic conditions.
  • Provide public health surveillance.
  • Assist disabled people with independent living.


Mobile solutions and specialized search applications fostering further education of medical staff.

  • Get on-the-go access to medical literature, reviews, news and drug reference guides.
  • Engage in continuous learning.
  • Take skill and knowledge assessment tests.
  • Perform complex surgical simulations.

Mobile Patient Portals

Mobile portals to help patients access health data and engagement with their own wellness. Through the portal, they can:

  • Schedule and manage appointments online.
  • View health history, physician notes and immunizations.
  • Get lab results.
  • Communicate with physicians through direct and secure messaging.
  • Pay bills for medical treatment.

Health and Fitness

Mobile solutions to raise the overall health awareness of population and improve self-care, allowing patients to:

  • Manage weight and identify anorexia and obesity risks.
  • Monitor daily exercise and nutrition.
  • Record and manage medication intake.
  • Track gender-specific health aspects.

Harvest The Benefits Of Custom mHealth Solutions To Optimize Care Delivery
Among the benefits are:
/ 01.
Daily medical routine control
/ 02.
Efficient patient-doctor communication
/ 03.
24/7 EHR and EMR access and management
/ 04.
Improved data accuracy
/ 05.
Informed clinical decision-making
/ 06.
Continuous patient monitoring
/ 07.
Accessible staff training and professional self-education
/ 08.
Increased patient health awareness and engagement
Case studies
Case studies
Check out some of our completed mHealth projects that would give you the general impression of how our custom software is presented to the clients.
Refactoring Of Web App For US Medical Lab Services

Our latest project involved refactoring a web platform for medical labs in the US. Redesigned modules for precision in toxicological and molecular tests.

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Optimizing and Speeding Up Software Development for Pharmaceutical Companies

Elinext team integrated DevOps principles into the software development company that specializes in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing about a transformation in software development, deployment, and security.

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Mobile Application for Brain Data Monitoring with BLE device

Elinext has created a multifaceted mobile app for EEG data that includes calendar and mood tracking features.

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Code Optimization for a Biopharmaceutical Company in Germany

A German company that provides software solutions for the biopharma industry in predictive biomanufacturing hired us to optimize the code in several modules and assist with the research and development phase.

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Medical Diagnosis System for European Mental Health Clinics

Development of a web solution benefiting clinics working with schizophrenia patients.

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Platform for Mental Health Counselling in Canada

Last year we developed a counselling platform for digital mental health services in Canada.

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Mobile Fitness Application For the Australian Market

Discover the inside story of our Mobile Fitness App project. Learn how we empowered users to stay fit, track progress, and connect with trainers.

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Web Application for Tracking Medical Appointments

Elinext helped a startup develop a web application for tracking personal medical records and appointment reminders.

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Software for Cardiovascular Care Providers

A French company that supplies industry-specific software for cardiovascular care providers across the globe commissioned Elinext to rebuild its web application from scratch.

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Pneumonia Diagnosis Tool

A company developing a healthcare platform hired Elinext to help it build a pneumonia diagnosis tool.

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