Care Delivery Management Solutions

Care Delivery Management Solutions

Healthcare providers around the globe are facing significant challenges to increase care quality, health data accessibility and patient satisfaction. Technology can provide a way to solve them all. Web, mobile or desktop, multi-speciality or niche, Elinext solutions propel care delivery management to a whole new level.

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Creating an Efficient Healthcare Delivery System
Take a big step toward technology-enabled, smart healthcare with custom solutions that streamline care delivery. Efficient care delivery management provides these benefits:
Better care coordination;
Improved medication adherence;
Easy communication and collaboration;
Fewer barriers to care;
Smooth and safe health data management;
Better clinical outcomes;
Lower readmission rates;
Reduced medical errors;
Higher patient engagement.
Redefine Your Approach to Healthcare
Our Expertise
Heightened customer expectations coupled with ever-evolving policies are altering the healthcare delivery landscape. Our technology solutions help healthcare providers to succeed in this new environment.
Care Delivery
Care Delivery Management Solutions
We Offer
Elinext produces care delivery management software that helps the better connection between caregivers, payers, patients, and agencies in the field. Our solutions tend to bring measurable and meaningful business impact to our clients and provide them with new levels of productivity, communication, compliance and cost-efficiency.
Patient Portals
Personal Health Record Solutions
Medication Adherence Systems
Online Patient Networks
Secure Messengers

Multi-speciality and niche EHR systems to manage health records efficiently, ensure data privacy and security, enable smooth health data exchange, and reduce medical errors.

  • Patient records in a safe environment;
  • Secure messaging;
  • E-prescriptions enabled;
  • Advanced workflow management;
  • Appointment scheduling integration;
  • Integrated revenue cycle management.


On-site or cloud-based EMR systems to raise the overall quality of care, track medical records, and enable easy sharing of clinical data within a medical practice. Among the included functions are:

  • Billing integration;
  • Data visualization;
  • Automated and customizable business workflows;
  • Patient portal software integration;
  • Lab test integration.


E-prescription solutions to reduce practice costs, improve medication reconciliation and compliance, increase patient safety, and track controlled substances.

  • Automated patient identification;
  • Full prescription automation;
  • Compliance tracking;
  • Secure two-way communication with pharmacies;
  • Real-time access to a patient’s medication history and lists;
  • EPCS and Electronic Prior Authorization support.


Telemedicine systems to facilitate remote patient monitoring, patient engagement and access to care, as well as yield better health outcomes and reduce delivery costs.

  • Real-time video conferencing;
  • Secure chatting;
  • Provider scheduling tool;
  • EHR/EMR integration;
  • Built-in e-prescription;
  • Store-and-forward functionality.

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Patient Portals

Feature-rich websites to encourage patient engagement, support preventive care, provide health information, and ultimately promote better outcomes.

  • Integrated appointment management;
  • Built-in e-consultation;
  • User-friendly online intake forms;
  • Secure bill payment;
  • Online prescription refill requests;
  • Secure provider-patient communication.

Personal Health Record Solutions

Standalone and integrated Personal Health Record (PHR) solutions to offer patients easy access to health information, establish error-free and secure data exchange, and cut administrative costs.

  • Data interoperability;
  • Pre-appointment consent and authorization forms;
  • Medical history, including medications, conditions, and allergies available for the patient’s review;
  • Direct and secure communication with care providers;
  • EHR integration enabling lab test reporting.

Medication Adherence Systems

Solutions to enhance patient medication adherence and disease self-management, as well as enable physicians to take proactive steps to keep at-risk patients on the right track.

  • Patient adherence summaries;
  • Remote patient counselling;
  • At-risk patient alerts for providers;
  • Medication reminders for patients;
  • Integrated prescription coupons and co-pay savings programs;
  • Automated refill of synchronized medications.

Online Patient Networks

Web-based networks to provide patients with psychological and emotional support, boost their engagement and help them improve outcomes.

  • Real-time conversation boards;
  • Community forums;
  • Private chats;
  • Member-only library;
  • Educational wiki boards;
  • Interactive community blogs.

Secure Messengers

Secure messaging solutions to strengthen doctor-patient relations with smooth communication across every device.

  • Secure messaging;
  • Email encryption;
  • Attachment support;
  • Contact list management;
  • Video calling;
  • Message archives integrated with patient records.

Case studies
Case studies
These are the most vivid examples of our care delivery management solutions that were developed by Elinext team recently.
Software for Cardiovascular Care Providers

A French company that supplies industry-specific software for cardiovascular care providers across the globe commissioned Elinext to rebuild its web application from scratch.

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Pneumonia Diagnosis Tool

A company developing a healthcare platform hired Elinext to help it build a pneumonia diagnosis tool.

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Document Management System for Clinical Trials

Elinext developed a modular software platform that allows life sciences companies to streamline the execution and commercialization of global clinical trials and collaborate on partnerships while reducing administrative burdens.

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Senior Caregiving Platform for French-based Startup

The customer is a French-based startup company striving to occupy the business niche in caregiving service on the local market, since almost no one managed to make the process of finding, hiring and paying for caregiving services within one handy app before.  

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Medical Practice and Billing Software

The project is a healthcare CRM for healthcare companies that empowers doctor practice, office automation and medical billing.

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Patient Portal for Healthcare Company

The project is the fully automated Patient Portal that provides access to patients’ medical exam history.

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Healthcare Data Anonymization Platform

The solution represents a combination of a fully functional website and a remote UNIX-server which covers users needs to manage feeds pipelines.

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Measure Management and Administration System

Measure Management & Administration (MMA) is a health analytics tool for ACO administrators to build quality measures. It is seamlessly integrated with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software to help providers manage performance-based contracts, rapidly improve quality reporting measures and enable proactive patient care.

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Day Nurseries and Care Homes

The customer wanted two iPad applications (Day Nurseries & Care Homes) which can provide information about all day nurseries, nursery schools, care homes, hospitals and associations in the United Kingdom.

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Britain’s Finest and Home Care Apps

The application provides both information about all Britain hotels, museums, art galleries, historic houses, gardens, spas, golf courses, restaurants, and pubs & information about all UK registered home care and nursing agencies, local authorities and the major care associations and suppliers.

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