Information is the lifeblood of financial services and capital markets. In the age of globalization, the industry is a host of challenges and opportunities to financial institutions, their customers, and regulators. Although business people make decisions every day, the competitive landscape of financial services favors the fastest and the smartest.

Due to rapid advances in information technology and computing power, a variety of new delivery mechanisms and a new class of competitors bring a wide array of choices to customers. Furthermore, sophisticated and demanding clients are nowadays increasingly looking beyond their national borders for investment and financing options.

The evolving complexity and competition naturally lead to a requirement for implementation of top notch IT solutions. Leveraging information technology is a must for broader participation in financial markets across multiple product categories. This is a key to sustainable future for contemporary financial services providers.


Elinext Group offers a great breadth of software development services to achieve success in such a market environment. With nearly 300 professionals, we approach challenges from every angle to quickly grasp the data, workflows, compliance requirements, and math behind securities, trading and investments. Most importantly, we have experience delivering software used daily by managers, traders and risk analysts around the globe.

Elinext offers high-quality software development services for organizations engaged in banking, insurance, securities, as well as investment and wealth management. We can speak the language of finance and suggest banks, securities traders, credit card issuers, insurance companies, investment bankers and other related financial services providers our time-proven expertise.

Elinext Group’s portfolio of services for the finance industry includes:

  • Custom Software Development
    • – Transaction and Trade Processing Systems
    • – Data Flow Architecture Development
    • – Electronic Document Delivery Systems
    • – Reporting Solutions
    • – Tax Forms Automation
    • – CRM Systems


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