The banking industry is experiencing a wave of digital disruptions that are reforming the whole sphere. Bank institutions have come to realize that outsourcing of FinTech development products is more cost-effective than developing in-house Solutions. That is why we are targeted at partnering with FinTech Software development Companies to provide effective Solutions to their end client.

Nowadays, finance institutions have increased requirements for their FinTech Software. This is why our engineers take an individualized approach to FinTech product development. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, sometimes even a decent development Company needs a helping hand. Project specifications may change and we are one of the few FinTech product development companies that is flexible and agile enough to address your needs even in the middle of the current project.


FinTech Software projects are different; it’s not enough to hire just any Software Company. Systems behind FinTech Services require:

  • Sound, stable and secure architecture
  • High performance and low-latency processing
  • Sophisticated and optimized algorithms
  • Integration with Systems of financial institutions

These characteristics have a direct connection to trust that our customers and users of FinTech Services or products require. Therefore these are specialist areas of craftsmanship here at Elinext.



–  Smart contracts implementation
–  B-commerce apps
–  Cryptocurrency wallets
–  Collaborative network for cryptotraders

Wealth management

–  Investment portfolio management platforms
–  Fundraising marketplace apps
–  P2P lending
–  AI-powered forecasting tools


–  Invoice management and processing
–  Hedge accounting
–  Payroll management
–  Reporting

Data and Analytics

–  Credability rating/ scoring tools
–  AI-powered financial chatbots
–  Data mining, processing, distribution, and archiving
–  Big data modeling and aggregation


–  Payment systems integration: Stripe, Braintree, etc.
–  (m)POS systems
–  Payment gateway and API development
–  NFC apps


–  Insurance underwriting
–  Claims management
–  CRM/CXM and loyalty
–  Fraud detection and prevention

Trading instruments

–  Trading signals and pattern recognition
–  Robo-advisors
–  Financial information exchange workflow
–  Alerting tools


Years of experience have resulted in us perfecting the way that we make FinTech Software. When working with us you can expect:

Transparent process. Agile processes and continuous integration.

Interaction. Constant customer interaction through joint standups and retrospectives.

Control and transparency. Frequent iterations, deliverables and demos maximising common understanding and progress tracking.

Quality. Your own test team, highly automated test processes, your own tools, Simulators and infrastructure (you have to see it to believe what we have automated).

Teamwork. Talented, experienced and engaged developers, testers, quantitative analysts, project managers, and architects.

Financial background. Financial industry know-how & years of experience, resulting in added value to your projects.

Always on the line. Proven processes and tools for remote cooperation (Trello, Slack, Track, Git or SVN code repositories and continuous integration and builds).

We have a certain outlook on trends in FinTech Industry. Read our technology articles here.