Since its foundation in 1997, Elinext has been offering full-cycle custom software development services to mid-sized and large enterprises across multiple industries:

>   Banking and Finance
>   Insurance
>   Telecommunications
>   Healthcare

>   Education
>   Logistics
>   Media and Entertainment
>   Travel 

Application Areas

We combine technological excellence and industry knowledge to deliver customized software development in such areas as:

mobile opportunities:

–  Desktop development
–  Embedded software development



Our Key Domains 

When off-the-shelf products cannot cover your specific business needs, our business analysis and development teams will handle all the nuances and hidden risks in a single, integrated software.

>   Enterprise software: CRM, ERP, ECM, SCM, HRM, accounting, billing
>   E-commerce: online stores and marketplaces, e-payment modules, m-commerce, e-procurement
>   Business intelligence and Big Data: data warehousing and ETL, OLAP, reporting, visualization
>   E-learning: LMS, m-learning, e-learning portals
>   Internet of Things: end-user apps, software for sensors and gateways, data analytics

Industry-specific Solutions

Elinext has been growing its expertise across and within markets to ensure an unrivaled understanding of end-user needs.

–   Banking and Finance: Internet and mobile banking, payment card processing solutions, online trading platforms, pattern recognition, decision support, risk and position management, wealth and asset management
–   Insurance: insurance underwriting, insurance and claims policy management, fraud detection
–   Telecommunications: OSS, BSS and VAS
–   Healthcare: EHR/EMR, patient portals, m-health
–   Retail: loyalty program management, trade promotion management, private label management, inventory management, POS applications

Talk to our industry consultants to discover more opportunities for your future software.

Cross-enterprise Integration

To ensure smooth and secure exchange of data across departments, Elinext will integrate the solution with relevant enterprise systems without any downtime for your employees and business processes.

Our Approach to Custom Software Development

–  Delivering within budget and time through careful planning, QA and testing
–  Thinking of user experience and performance from the very start of the project
–  Being flexible and adaptive when choosing a development methodology – during the project, we can course-correct for better alignment with your goals 

– Ensuring continuous communication to address your stakeholders’ feedback and improve the functionality on the go
– Being able to easily scale up our teams, thus reducing the time-to-value for your end users

Core Stack

>   BACKEND: .NET, Java, PHP, C++, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl
>   FRONTEND: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
>   DATABASES: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SAP DB
>   CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, TYPO 3, Magento, DNN, Umbraco, OpenCms, Django

As an all-round global software development services provider, Elinext can pitch in at any project stage or create your solution from scratch. Our services include:

  • Technology consulting and business analysis
  • UX/UI design and prototyping
  • Full-cycle custom software development
  • Out-of-the-box platform customization
  • Software migration and redesign
  • Integration
  • QA and testing
  • Maintenance: continuous enhancement and bug-fixing


What are the development methodologies you use?

We can work with both vague and well-defined scopes employing either Waterfall or Agile methodologies. While the former implies that you receive a fixed set of functionality for a fixed price and by a strict deadline, the latter allows adding and changing requirements along the development process. You can read more on our Working Models page.

What are the technologies you are experienced with?

Our developers are experienced in database, backend and frontend development, which enables us to deliver projects of any complexity and size. Visit our Competencies page to have a closer look at our stack.

How experienced are you in custom software development?

We believe our customers and projects will tell you a lot more about our competencies. If these pages leave some questions unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact us, and our consultants will be there to give you more details.

Can you ensure that our customer data will remain protected in the course of implementation?

Reliability is one of the reasons why high-profile enterprise customers stay with us for years. With our safe infrastructure and strict adherence to legal agreements, we have always protected both customer and employee data.

You mentioned creating custom healthcare software. Are your solutions compliant with the industry standards?

Yes, we develop medical software fully compliant with HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM and others applicable

How can we start?

First, let’s discuss your needs. We will provide you with a free consultation on the technological options that will work best for your software as well as on the ways to make the functionality more useful and easier-to-adopt.