Education is the core and essential element of any country that facilitates its economic growth and maintains intellectual development of its people. The 21st century is the time of information technology. In so doing, it’s vitally important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations.

These days, both first-formers and high school students can’t imagine their daily lives without computers, smartphones and other wireless smart devices. Due to the ongoing technological revolution, the learned use computers to chat with friends on social networks, type and send documents, search for necessary information and more.

No wonder that modern students prefer to use their portable devices instead of hard copy textbooks and consult Google or Wikipedia on the go. At the same time, in this wireless and mobile era there are plenty of benefits for mentors as well. The world requires specialists who are able to succeed in a globally competitive world. That’s why it’s of great importance for every educational institution to move with the times and implement gadgets into training process.


Dealing with educational institutions and business training centers, Elinext Group helps create innovative educational software solutions. Our specialists can provide effective software for the education industry that improves teaching, research and learning processes.

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Globalization and pervasive computerization require infusing IT solutions into teaching and learning in order to make these processes more productive. With the help of instantly accessible learning systems it’s easier to enhance student achievements and teacher professionalism. Elinext is able to connect mentors, researches, and learners at a rapid pace anytime, anywhere and on any wireless device.

Below is the list of Elinext’s key software development services for the education industry:

  • Custom Software Development
    • – E-Learning Systems
    • – ERP Systems
    • – Research Data Management Systems
    • – Digital Library Software

iPhone Apps & Android Apps Play an Increasing Role in Education

2012-06-05 by Marina Astapchik

Digital literacy is gaining on importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession. Smartphones like the iPhone and Android devices have become a hotbed of innovations. With impacts on virtually every aspect of the daily life, mobile technologies can greatly enhance learning experiences. Internet-connected mobile devices with imbedded sensors, cameras, and GPS are bringing unprecedented possibilities in education.Statistics from the mobile app marketplace reflects an expanding world of resources that fits into the palm of a hand. Thus, in March 2012 Apple announced about more than 25 billion...

App Developers Help Education Get to New Heights

2012-09-21 by Marina Astapchik

Mobile solutions impact every facet of education and are now more than a comfort. They are a necessity that not only provides flexibility to the academia, but also makes all the parties involved explore a new teaching paradigm. Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are an important and growing medium for providing educational content to schoolchildren and students, both in terms of their availability and popularity. They are aimed to meet strategic aims of knowledge dissemination as well as professional and personal growth of learners, keeping them connected to their...