Every day you struggle to deliver well-timed care to your patients, optimize clinical management and cut operational costs. When you try to do this on your own, it can become a deadlift.

For years, Elinext has been creating multi-faceted digital healthcare solutions to assist healthcare providers in balancing the workload without compromising the quality of their services.


Offering solutions for every component of the care cycle, Elinext helps all its participants to savour the benefits of this alliance between medicine and technology.

  • Improved Patient Care Outcomes
  • Optimized Care Management
  • Facilitated Information Flow and Interoperability
  • Less Waste and Medical Errors
  • Claim Fraud Prevention
  • Unnecessary Expenses Detected and Minimized
  • Increased Profitability
  • Compliance with Healthcare Standards and Regulations


Enhance the quality of your healthcare services with Elinext’s solutions built to fit your organization.

Clinical & Workforce Management Solutions

–  Healthcare ERP
–  Appointment Scheduling Systems
–  Healthcare CRM
–  HRM Systems
–  Employee Collaboration and R&D Portals
–  Clinical Documentation Management

Healthcare Analytics

–  Patient Care Analytics
–  Clinical Analytics
–  PHI aggregation and anonymization
–  Financial Analytics
–  Operational and HR Analytics
–  Regulatory Compliance Analytics
–  Public Health and Wellness Analytics

Innovative Healthcare

Care Delivery Management

–  EHR and EMR
–  E-prescriptions
–  Telemedicine
–  Patient Portals and Online Networks 
–  Medication Adherence Systems
–  Secure Messengers


–  Workflow Management
–  Mobile EHRs and EMRs
–  Clinical Decision-making
–  Patient Monitoring
–  E-learning
–  Mobile Patient Portals
–  Health and Fitness


Technology expertise: Since 1997, we have been providing custom solutions to address urgent needs of businesses worldwide. We serve customers from 10+ industries and are proud of our 200+ successful projects in web, mobile, desktop & embedded software development, QA & testing.

Personalized approach: Cooperation with us will be far from putting just another technology on your cost sheet. We address our customers’ particular business problems and goals holistically, where software is only a tool to foster the change.

Compliance with industry standards: We track changing regulations and make sure that our solutions keep up with fundamental healthcare standards, including HIPAA, IEC 62304, OWASP and FDA 21 CFR Part 820.

Assistance in user adoption: Newly introduced software can be tricky for users to comprehend at first. For each project, we can develop dedicated user training sessions, demos and manuals to smooth end users’ way into a stress-free experience.


We are ready to help you address the pressing challenges of today’s healthcare industry, so that you could sustain both your patients’ satisfaction and your business growth.

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