Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Validating software quality and user experience up to the world-class standards

Since 1997, Elinext Group has been providing all-round Quality Assurance and software testing to a range of high-profile customers. Our team of ISTQB-certified engineers is ready to prepare test documentation in line with the international standards, deliver detailed reports, embed the Agile SDLC model and automate testing processes on demand.

Quality Assurance and Testing at Elinext: Key Facts


Software Testing

We deliver full-range software testing services such as functional testing, automated testing and consulting within approved budgets and deadlines. Carefully considering customer requirements, we develop and propose a relevant testing strategy to ensure deliverables in line with expectations.

Key Technologies and Tools

As a software testing company, we follow and adopt core innovations so that our QA and testing experts employ the most time- and cost-efficient technologies of the day.


Industry-specific Expertise

Committed to quality, we select experts for our project teams based on their technical background and domain expertise. This approach guarantees a profound comprehension of our customers’ business and industry-specific challenges above technical ones:

>   Telecommunications (24%)
>   Banking & Finance (16%)
>   Healthcare (11%)

>   Education & e-Learning (13%)
>   e-Commerce (29%)
>   Others (7%)

Lifecycle Models

The breadth of our QA and testing capabilities cover the full software development lifecycle. We start testing at the early stages to reveal potential issues with the project documentation so that our customers can make sure the architecture and development quality are impeccable.

To optimize QA and testing time, we adopt the following efficient methodologies:



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Step 1
You share with us your requirements as well as project assets, specifications or any other relevant documents.
Step 2
Our test manager and test analyst study the requirements, coordinate the scope of work and put everything together in a reasonable proposal.
Step 3
After the latter is approved, we sign a contract and an NDA.


Step 1
Upon analyzing the functional, technical and program specification, we provide you with an elaborate test plan.
Step 2
Our specialists prepare the Specifications Quality Report.

Preparation and Execution

Step 1
During the preparatory stage, we test the environment/infrastructure, perform test data and smoke testing, prepare test cases or a checklist together with the requirements traceability matrix.
Step 2
At the execution stage, we deliver new-feature testing, regression testing and defect retesting, as well as update test assets, providing regular incident and progress reports.
Step 3
We deliver test documentation, master test reporting and process your feedback and additional requirements.
Step 4
We provide The Final Test and Quality report.
Step 5
Ultimately, we update and archive all the test assets.

Release of the Project

I don’t know which types of testing we need, can you help me?

We can analyze your requirements and develop a strategy to suggest the most appropriate approach to help you resolve your issue and achieve your goals. Hit it off with a free consultation here.

How many employees specialize in quality assurance and testing at your company?

There are 47+ full-time testing experts and analysts involved in our current projects, apart from a pool of testers ready to join new projects. We can extend our test team on demand as well as hire and train new staff for particular projects whatever team size is required.

What is reasonable to automate?

Automation works well with the functionality that is stable but may be affected by code changes in other modules/components, or with recurring testing. Our experts will calculate the ROI and consult on the functionality that is better to automate.

At what stage of the development process is it better to start testing?

Our practice shows that the early involvement of testing experts increases the quality of deliverables and decreases the cost and time required for bug-fixing.

What are the benefits of manual testing?

Its benefit is that you can test almost any functionality, and in some cases the ROI is higher than it is with the automated testing.

I’d like to build a Test Center of Excellence for my company, can you help me?

Yes, our experts will be glad to analyze your requirements and help you set up the process, backed up by a team of seasoned QA and testing professionals.