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Elinext is a software testing company that offers quality assurance, quality control and software testing services based on the world’s best practices, standards, and solid expertise received from the experience of working with high profile customers.

Our team of top-notch QA engineers is ready to deliver detailed reports and other test documentation corresponding the highest international standards compiled during the work at your project, as well as to automate the testing processes if needed.

Mikhail Danilchyk,
QA Manager
Quality Assurance & Testing at Elinext: Key Facts
Key Facts
The bug-free application is a core goal for any QA experts team out there. In our case, the numbers speak for themselves as they show the full picture of our involvement into software quality assurance business:
/ 01.
QA expert & testing engineers
/ 02.
tests executed
/ 03.
test cases
/ 04.
years of QA experience
Quality Assurance & Testing At Elinext: Key Facts
Leverage Our QA and Software Testing Expertise
We offer
/ 01.
Application Types We Test
/ 01.
Being an experienced company in SQA business, Elinext is focused on delivering the superior quality for every web application — whether it is a single web page or a complex multifunctional web portal.
/ 02.
Our mobile testing team will provide all the possible QA services for your application on iOS, Android and across any other mobile platform at a reasonable price.
/ 03.
Elinext provides top-class quality assurance of applications working with popular desktop platforms. Whether it is Windows, OS X, or one of the UNIX-like systems, our testers will help you with QA for any of these operating systems.
/ 02.
Manual and Automated Testing Services
/ 01.
The best practices for modern software, hence, your product, especially the ones just entering the market, is that it must be passed through the manual software testing based on previously designed test plan and test cases. Our test engineers are ready to verify that your software behaves as it is specified in its initial requirements.
/ 02.
If your project is too big, or too complicated for manual testing, we are ready to offer QA automation as one of our services. Elinext QA specialists use modern software and technologies for automated testing.
/ 03.
What Kinds of Tests Do We Run
Functional Testing
/ 01.

Elinext evaluates the compliance of your software or its components with the specified functional requirements.

We reassure you that our testers analyze requirements very carefully, and them choose the best test strategy to provide clients with fast, efficient and inexpensive services.

We have proven expertise in software functional testing on all sorts of the web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Smoke testing
Non-functional testing
/ 02.

Specialists in non-functional testing at Elinext execute all kinds of projects across different technologies, using a variety of toolsets.

Often some aspects of non-functional testing tend to be ignored as they are difficult to quantify and are not covered by the functional testing. This neglect may affect the company in a negative way.

In order to achieve the above mentioned application parameters, we can provide such non-functional testing types:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Volume testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Localization testing
/ 04.
Software Testing Services
QA Consulting
/ 01.
Quality assurance in software testing demands using constant processes and methodologies that consider all the details, i.e. increasing workload, inefficient quality management, or dull QA strategy development.
QA Outsourcing
/ 02.
If you are struggling to meet some requirements for your software and could use favorable quotes of an outsource software testing company, we are here to help you with our wide range of QA services.
QA Process in Elinext
QA Process
For you to follow our QA software testing process, we’ve decided to tell a little about our step-by-step path of executing QA services.
On the stage of initiation, we conduct thorough requirements, studying and preparing the testing strategy. We get a general understanding of the scope of work after diving into the business requirements project plan for the client.
While certain planning is happening at the initiation stage of work, here we go with more specific and hardcore activities, such as analysis of functional, technical and program specifications, preparing master test plan and test suits model.
This is the stage to prepare smoke tests, checklists for further testing, data and environment testing preparation and requirements traceability matrix.
Test incident reports, level interim test status reports and level test reports are the deliverables after the execution stage of the QA process.
The final stage of the project is the one where we finalize and send all the agreed-upon deliverables to the client.

Elinext Quality Assurance Tech Stack

Tech Stack
We are ready to share tools and technologies we use for our software testing services. That way you will be able to assess the set of tools we use in our work.
/ 01.
Test Management Tools: Testrail, Zephyr, Test Management for Jira (TM4J), Testlink, HP-ALM-Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager.
/ 02.
Bug Tracking Tools: Atlassian JIRA, HP ALM, Rally, Microsoft TFS, Bugzilla, Mantis, Redmine.
/ 03.
Automation frameworks: Selenium Webdriver, Appium, Protractor, HP UFT/QTP, TestNG, Robot, JUnit, ReportNG, Uiautomator, Allure Test Report.
/ 04.
Performance Testing Tools: JMeter, HP Performance Tester (LoadRunner).
/ 05.
Security Testing Tools: OWASP ZAP, Qualys, Burp Suite, PortSwigger, SonarQube.
/ 06.
API Testing Tools: Postman, SoapUI, Swagger, JMeter, Rest-Assured.
/ 07.
Continuous Integration Tools: TeamCity, Jenkins, GitLab CI, Bamboo.
/ 08.
Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PL/SQL, DB2.
/ 09.
Standards: ISTQB, ISO 9001:2008, TMMI, ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.
/ 10.
Application types: Web (48%), Mobile (32%), API (9%), Desktop (11%).
Why Choose Elinext?
We provide QA software testing across many industries, domains, and subdomains. If you are unable to find the industry you work in in the list below, chances are, we have some sort of experience in it regardless.
QA And Software Testing

If you haven’t found your industry in the list, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have competencies in it. Contact us to receive a free quote.

Elinext executes functional (user acceptance, system, integration) and non-functional (Load, volume, stress, compatibility) tests, and QA consulting services.

/ 01.
/ 02.
/ 03.
/ 04.
/ 05.
/ 06.
/ 07.
/ 08.
/ 09.
Many others

Testing in Continuous Integration (CI)

We aim to follow all the latest trends, and Continuous Integration in testing is the thing we are utilizing in our work. The highlighted benefits of using CI in testing by Elinext are:
Increased Feedback Speed
/ 01.
CI provides the development team with fast feedback. Even if we are talking about the suite of automated tests that take seemingly endless hours to run, those tests could be organized in the proper way to shorten these periods of time and increase the overall speed of the development.
/ 02.
Automated tests that are run as part of CI by Elinext are highly reliable. Reliability is often something teams struggle to achieve within their automated tests. As early adopters of CI, we have enough expertise to guarantee reliable test results.
/ 03.
Every test should serve a distinct purpose. Many times, teams will aim to automate an entire regression backlog or every single test in a sprint. Elinext testers are mindful about running only the tests that are necessary.

Embracing Agile Methodology in Testing

QA and Software testing

Elinext QA teams embrace Agile principles as it is all about being collaborative, flexible and adaptive to enable fast delivery of the bug-free software to the market.

Our QA engineers work in close cooperation with developers, creating a single working unit. This produces a particular mindset which enhances the overall Agile software development process, accelerates the project timeframe, and increases the quality of the code.

Case studies
Case studies
As an experienced outsource software testing company, Elinext is ready to share some of its successful QA projects:
Solution to Simplify the Installation of Industrial Telecom Software

Elinext helped develop an application that simplifies the installation of industrial telecommunication software.

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Manufacturing Execution System

A large German manufacturer of industrial equipment and home appliances partnered with Elinext to improve its manufacturing execution system (MES).

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Software for Roofing and Solar Paneling Contractors

A Canadian SaaS company partnered with Elinext to develop software for roofing and solar paneling contractors.

image banner
Software for Cardiovascular Care Providers

A French company that supplies industry-specific software for cardiovascular care providers across the globe commissioned Elinext to rebuild its web application from scratch.

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Wireless Camera Management App

A large US-based manufacturer of wireless home cameras and other equipment commissioned Elinext to build an iOS app.

image banner
Sales Analytics Platform for a Chainsaw Manufacturer Brand

A US digital agency partnered with Elinext to build a custom product for a large multinational manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld equipment.

image banner
E-Learning Cloud-Based Platform uQualio

Multi-functional educational cloud-based video e-learning web platform: a great piece of software that stands out in the field of online education.

image banner
Job Search Service for German-based Startup

Modern full-scale job portal that allows offering and searching for a full-time job and freelance opportunities.

image banner
Document Management System for Clinical Trials

Elinext developed a modular software platform that allows life sciences companies to streamline the execution and commercialization of global clinical trials and collaborate on partnerships while reducing administrative burdens.

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Mobile App Testing for Be-Bound Telecom Provider

The Be-Bound application allows users to add and use Email, Facebook and Twitter accounts; get news, weather; find local points of interest and access other favorite apps: real-time stock exchange, currency converter, translator, flight tracker, GPS navigation - all built in.

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