Custom Accounting Software

Accounting Software

No matter what the current size of your business is, the chances are you deal with cash assets and manage financial transactions on a daily basis. In many cases, it is problematic to handle these tasks properly and confidentially. The modern accounting software is the key to keep track of financial data in a safe and convenient manner.

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How Accounting Solutions Improve Financial Operations

Apart from the technological aspect, the use of custom accounting software significantly reduces company expenses, and it provides you with a powerful tool to approach volumes of financial information. The custom-made software allows you to:

/ 01.
Easily implement changes based on emerged business needs or regulatory changes
/ 02.
Сreate detailed reports to get previously unobvious insights
/ 03.
Track your company’s overall business performance
We Excel In Creating Custom Software For:
We Offer
Invoice management and processing
Hedge accounting
Payroll management
Invoice Management & Processing Software
Invoice Management

In a modern fast-paced world, time is a valuable asset for any business. Still, accounts payable departments across the globe spend countless hours dealing with issues like approval delays, overdue payments or invoice disputes. At Elinext, we adjust your business necessities to modern software with maximum efficiency and no unnecessary expenses involved.

As a rule, managing large volumes of transactions can make it difficult to ensure compliance and control risks. Custom invoice management and processing solutions manage both incoming and outcoming invoices in a fast and convenient manner.

Our invoicing modules come with a variety of features as customizable design templates, SMS and email alerts for delay payments, fraud protection protocols, and one-click payment processing from emailed invoices. Streamline your AP operations by:

Stimulating productivity through automated routing, approval, and payment processes;
Improving workflows and shortening payment cycles;
Resorting to timely financial reporting with automatic access to AP information;
Promoting regulatory compliance using pre-configured rules;
Gaining better access to updated vendor information.
Hedge Accounting Software
Hedge Accounting

The hedge accounting scene is constantly changing. Therefore, it’s crucial to meet current standards and take full advantage of your derivatives hedging strategy at the same time. An automated hedge accounting software is the key to unlock new opportunities, get rid of outdated spreadsheet-based derivative accounting programs and prevent finance teams from errors.

A custom hedge accounting software solution manages all documentation including hedge objectives, type of hedge, hedge description and length, types of risk, and prospective and retrospective assessments. It also supports all types of trades such as futures, exchange, over-the-counter, swaps, or regular trades.

Let the software maximize your hedge accounting potential by:

Defining necessary hedge objectives for your business;
Ensuring the correspondence to international requirements & standards, including effectiveness testing, documentation, and reporting;
Increasing visibility, efficiency, control in risk management and hedge accounting processes;
Eliminating error-prone spreadsheets from hedge management;
Improving security and compliance.
Payroll Management Software
Payroll Management

Payment management is a complex issue, and here’s where modern payroll management solutions step in. The integration of this type of software helps businesses to be proactive and avoid the headache of maintaining large employee records.

Software for payroll management deals with all financial aspects of the salary of an employee: deductions, allowances, gross pay, net pay, etc. In other words, they guarantee compliance with legal\tax requirements and significantly simplify the process of salary payment. Moreover, the majority of payment solutions are cloud-based so you don’t have to invest in hardware such as servers and physical software packages.

Improve the whole payroll cycle and respond to complex needs by:

Reducing expenses and manual tasks;
Concentrating on revenue making activities while automating accounting and reporting duties;
Generating a wide array of monthly or periodical reports on attendance, birthdays, sick leave, and other;
Migrating old history for a new employee;
Case studies
Case studies
Check out some of our completed projects that can give you a taste of how your business can benefit from outsourced help desk services Elinext provides.
Contract Management Software for Bond Trading

Elinext helped a Luxembourg-based startup build a web platform for collaborative management of bond trading agreements.

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Financial Risk Management Software

Elinext helped a Silicon Valley company build a complex system for calculating business risks across multiple parameters.

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High-Load Online Payment System

Elinext helped a major European car manufacturer build an online payment application.

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Invoice Management System For Digital Banking Company

A German digital banking company partnered with Elinext to build a system for invoice management.

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Application for Integration with Financial Organizations

A Swedish startup hired Elinext to help it connect its application with loan providers' information systems.

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Masternodes Investment Web Platform

Elinext was contacted by German cryptocurrency startup with a business challenge to build a platform that would allow users invest their funds into a pool of Masternodes.

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Advanced Insurance CRM system

CRM had to be able to import financial data (customers’ transactions, daily prices, CUSIPs, etc.) and use them for calculation of customers’ account balances, bank commissions, etc.

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BDO Financial App

The customer has requested to develop a mobile application on Android, that will use their REST webservice and will be integrated into their system. The application should parse external XML and display news from remote server.

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3-tier ERP and Payment Processing Solution

The project included the development of the ERP system for tracking transactions and objects related to them, client and administrative web applications + API for mobile platforms.

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Ethereum App for E-Commerce

Elinext was challenged to create a decentralized e-commerce platform with the business logic built on the basis of the Ethereum smart contract.

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