Ubiquitous connectivity and globalization to a great extent shape modern economies and create new challenges for the telecommunications industry. Facing rapid technological evolution and fierce competition, telecom companies are forced to implement best-of-breed IT solutions and simultaneously maintain low operational costs.

Infrastructure investments are shifting towards equipment that can concurrently provide high performance and capacity as well as service flexibility and velocity. Further, businesses need powerful software to sufficiently support and manage all their processes. Both service providers and equipment manufacturers understand that success here depends on the right choice of contractors and partners.

Elinext Group recognizes all these challenges and delivers custom software that allows telecom companies increase performance. Our expertise in software development for infrastructure maintenance makes us a reliable supplier for a number of global companies. We help businesses gain control over their network and hardware efficiency.


Elinext Group provides high-performance infrastructure monitoring solutions for enterprises that require the highest levels of network reliability and performance. With our IT infrastructure management software at the core, telecom companies can securely respond to these challenges of tomorrow.

Market competition and use of modern technology are the two major factors that are responsible for the growth of the telecommunications industry. In order to thrive, telecom companies should consider how they can best move forward and become far more productive.

Elinext Group offers professional software development services to businesses engaged in the telecommunications industry. Our services portfolio for the telecommunications industry includes:

  • Custom Software Development
    • IT Infrastructure Management Software
    • Hardware Monitoring Software
    • Network Monitoring Software

Smart TV Apps is New Internet: Opportunities to Cash Up on Smart TV

2012-02-07 by Marina Astapchik

Following the recent advances by Google and Apple, the two ICT industry leaders at the smart TV market, more and more software development companies are offering what is often referred to as smart TV apps, a hardware enabled support of three different technologies.Instant entertainment is basically smartphone-style applications that enable users to view stream movies, videos, music, social networking sites, news, weather and financial data. For example, Google TV smart set-topboxes and smart TVs support Android mobile platform and have thousands of working applications already available on the Android Market.Not...

Apple TV and Google TV Help to Reach Millions of Households

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Technological innovations of today are having a decisive impact on distribution mechanisms in the video industry, and bring TV watching to a new level. With the help of Apple TV and Google TV consumers are taking control of their own viewing, creating personal schedules in order to dip into the digital content whenever possible.The traditional television broadcasting model is changing, and broadcasters (both free-to-air and with paid services), as well as telecommunications companies (cable and IPTV) are facing new challenges, because the Internet is gaining more and more power to...

Latest Trends in Smart TV. Could Apple Win?

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The pace of technological change is accelerating, and the ritual of updating your home TV every 5-8 years is getting obsolete. Smart TVs (or connected TVs) are all the rage these days. They bring the whole new world of instant entertainment.Smart TVs are television sets that can retrieve content from the Internet and offer built-in applications for streaming music and movies, apps for social networking, apps for news, weather, sports, games, YouTube and more. In addition to using apps, one of the most appealing factors for tech-savvy consumers is voice...

How TV App Developers Can Help Travel Agencies Access Millions of Living Rooms

2012-09-24 by Marina Astapchik

Not so long ago, the pervasive impact of the Internet and wireless devices has led to the convergence of online media and broadcast television. The right decision of how to combine broadcasting with Internet connection was found due to the appearance of the smart TV. This hybrid TV can be defined as the integration of the Internet into modern television sets that can support third-party applications. Modern TV services make it real to have access to a great variety of additional information and complement your TV with a great amount...

TV App Developers Can Help Media Companies Re-create Their Business

2012-09-24 by Marina Astapchik

Internet-based television is gaining on popularity. Though habits of many consumers are firmly entrenched, millions of them are eagerly embracing the next generation of viewing options. The increasing number of Internet-connected TVs, or smart TVs, and the growing ratio of video consumption redefine the future of television. Further, the traditional economics of broadcasting, which has long relied on a system in which cable customers pay for channels even if they don’t watch them, is changing.Today's consumers are catching up with smart TV apps, and a number of media executives think...

The fight of mobile messaging titans - Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

2014-05-23 by Marina Astapchik

When a few years ago the professional community started discussing a new trend of the "global mobilization", scarcely anyone believed that it would have become so penetrating in a relatively short time. However, according to the Global Digital Statistics dated January, 2014 there are 6,572,950,124 mobile users (as a result, the penetration rate is 93%).Indeed, thinking of the typical person of these days one can hardly imagine the latter without a mobile device. What’s more, one can hardly imagine modern people not texting or talking on their Smartphones right at...

How WhatsApp conquers mobile market?

2014-08-08 by Marina Astapchik

There is no need to explain to anybody what the app WhatsApp is. One of the most successful and profitable mobile instant-messaging platforms has been sold to the world’s largest social network Facebook for 16 billion dollars plus 3 billion dollars for its founders and not-numerous staff recently. But the success of the app came at a price.Its founder, a 37-year old Jan Koum, made his way from rags to riches. According to Forbes, nowadays he is worth 6.8 billion because he owns 45 per cent of WhatsApp. But originally...