Remain successful in dynamic healthcare market

Today’s market in the field of healthcare is changing rapidly, and in order to satisfy all the current demands and needs of the patients and to offer a better service many healthcare organizations started to adopt new software solutions. One of them is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You may ask a question – why is this efficient? We have got the answer!

CRM system provides healthcare institutes with the possibility to obtain and preserve excellent customer relationships and serves to transform almost every client interaction into a healthcare management opportunity. Furthermore, CRM allows the health service industry to get vital customer information and use it as efficiently and properly as possible. Thus CRM system permits the healthcare sector to enhance patient health level, expand patient devotion and retaining and add some new medical services as well. 

CRM features and functions in healthcare

It is a known fact that the more and the better you know your patients, the quicker you can meet all their present needs and demands and even predict which of them they may require in the near future. CRM systems evidently support advanced, automated and efficient customer and patient processes and can bring into action pertinent patient experiences and perfected health care delivery.


At Elinext Group, we work up and customize CRM systems with the following operating procedures:

  • Patient database helps to gain and retain all the client-, patient- and employee-oriented information and keep it in common access for more essential and well-coordinated client approach.
  • Contact management service is an excellent system for storing the contacts.
  • Contact appointment planner fixates the time and place of various medical procedures for all the patients and assists to plan further examinations and tests.
  • Tariff management system allows to operate and modulate the cost of medical services.
  • Billing system helps to manage the expenses and presents the patients with the bills.
  • Enterprise content management system enables to control and use all the patients’ electronic records. 
  • Document management and archivation allows to keep all necessary documentation at one server with public and easy access to it anytime.
  • Interoperation with other programs helps to swap information with all types of systems and applications.
  • Back office project accounting system is a special feature which allows handle the documents and quickly generate patient lists, control operations and check-in process, analyze the level of patient care and marketing effectiveness. 
  • Proactive managed care programs help to schedule all the healthcare facilities and procedures for patients, subscribed to various wellness programs, medical inspection programs and chronically ill ones. 

Benefits CRM can bring to healthcare

CRM solutions in health care industry help to realize and optimize the high importance of services quality in order to provide the patients with perfect attendance. Using CRM systems in the area of healthcare it is possible to:

  • Learn more about patient behavior, their demands in order to build up strong relations with them
  • Better patient satisfaction and help them in proactive management of their health conditions
  • Regulate administration tasks in order to focus on patient needs
  • Reduce a good part of time spent on servicing the patients and to increase operational efficiency
  • React rapidly and effectively to patient inquiries
  • Synchronize care more efficiently with group access to patient information.

CRM for healthcare from Elinext Group

Elinext Group CRM systems are aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services, at the same time helping the executives deliver the corresponding level of medical care at lower costs. CRM solutions established by our company are able to provide healthcare institutions with the ability to input, analyze and distribute the data effectively and in time. Elinext Group specialists always base their activity on customized approach.

The health industry is enormous and increasingly competitive. Non-profit and for-profit care delivery institutions and health care entities are challenged while finding the ways to control their costs, dealing with managed care, improving their bottom lines and proving the worth of their programs. Elinext Group specializes in custom software development and is ready to suit your company up with a CRM system worked up according to your company’s business functions, services and supplementary claims.

Make use of our major services:

Custom CRM Development is a perfect decision in comparison to complicated networks or systems with unlimited functionality. We do have ability to comprehend and appreciate clients’ idiosyncratic ways of doing business and put into effect diverse cutting-edge technologies. Thus we are able to provide you with personalized services made up exactly to satisfy your demands in streamlining processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

CRM Customization is effective for all types of business activities, and healthcare industry is not an exception. There may occur a situation when you demand a solution that can be quickly and easily adjusted to your working process. At Elinext Group we are ready to improve and streamline CRM system in obedience to your industry ambitions using our vast experience in the field of software development. 

CRM Software Testing is a highly recommended phase. Elinext Group professionals have profound knowledge and enormous CRM testing experience and are willing to monitor, investigate, estimate and announce the quality of the product and to update it if needed. 

CRM Implementation is a way of getting CRM started. It substantially influences the worth of CRM system accepted and implemented by your company. Due to our robust project management practices and explicit communication skills, we always carry out CRM programs effectively, moderately and quickly.

CRM Upgrade and Maintenance can turn out to be indispensable at a specific phase. If you make up your mind to have way on with some advanced functions, only professional teams, like ones in Elinext Group, can help you with this task. Moreover, our company can also offer you the following support in case there may occur some impediments or problems. 

Why CRM solutions from Elinext Group

Having more than 15 years of software experimental under belt, our company has a right to consider itself a highly qualified expert in CRM software development. We can offer a quantity of advantages to healthcare organizations and companies: 

  • We combine all the functions of CRM system in order to make it corresponding with your needs and demands
  • We assure you in a high degree of our products and professionalism of our software engineers
  • Extranational position of our offices can guarantee you flexible prices
  • Our company has vast and rich experience in the development of CRM programs
  • All our employees are experts in the IT sphere

Jump at the opportunity to improve your work and relationships with patients by implementing Customer Relationship Management system. Make a few ordinary paces to let us know that you need our professional help. 

You have a project

Step 1
You send us all the requirements that you have, specifications or any other documents about the project
Step 3
We analyze the requirements, estimate the project and offer you a quote for development
Step 3
If it looks reasonable to you, we sign an NDA and a contract and start the project

We work on the project

Step 1
We assign a project manager and organize a dedicated team of software developers and designers
Step 2
The whole team is online the whole working day and available via email, Skype, phone
Step 3
Clients decide the level of involvement in the development
Step 4
Clients provide us with the preferences and recommendations regarding design and specific features of the application
Step 5
We carry out development. Several times per week we organize demonstrations for clients to provide them with the latest updates on the development
Step 6
Organize a QA team of testers, that will fix any code imperfections and bugs
Step 7
Deliver the finished solution and all sources, assist to deploy online

The project is ready

I have a small business in healthcare industry and do not have a lot of patients. Do I have a necessity to make up a special software program to manage the deals?

All businesses start from relationships. CRM systems can benefit even a small business by consolidating patient information into a single system. Nobody knows, maybe one day your healthcare business will grow and then keeping a record of all medical procedures, tests and examinations can become overwhelming for you. CRM instruments allow you to operate your patient interactions more efficiently, so that you have more time to focus on your services.

CRM systems are considered to be special programs with multilevel configuration that are difficult to maintain and set up. Is it really like this?

CRM ought not to be difficult to set up and maintain, however, sometimes it is. This may happen because some traditional CRM implementation demands software and hardware installing, which is followed by a huge period of customization for the requirements of a particular client. Some CRM solutions demand customization which can only be produced by a developer. Hosted CRM systems only require a PC with Internet connection and web browser. These CRM solutions are ready for use after first login and do not present any difficulties to their users.

Is CRM creation process too much expensive?

There are different types of CRM systems and their cost can also vary depending on the needs of the customer. As far as the services of our company are concerned, we can assure you that having a 15-year experience in IT sphere and internationally located offices we are able to provide you with flexible prices for our services.

How can I attract more patients coming to my healthcare centre or continuing to use the services I provide with the help of CRM?

With the help of CRM system you are able to have correct hospital management which, in its turn, will organize the work of your healthcare institution in the right way. No delays, no long queues, computerized reception, patient and doctor touch panels will facilitate the work of your health centre in such a way that both sides – employees and patients – can enjoy communication and treatment processes.

Why is CRM considered to be indispensible in healthcare industry?

In today’s competitive market, trying to develop a successful practice without a strong focus on CRM program is practically impossible. Development and success demand that you stay on top of every perspective, every opportunity, and every patient intercommunication, at the same time prioritizing each contact and watching the budget.

According to popular belief, CRM software is unsuitable for private practice – only for state one. Nowadays professionals in the sphere of healthcare are seeking how to grow and operate their practice, and that’s it.

Looking at the impressive healthcare whitepapers and case studies of both state and private organizations, which solve their demands, you will see that is exactly what good CRM systems do best – they help you to concentrate the efforts of many people with various interests to a single aim of satisfying the needs of patients throughout their entire lifecycle.

Have you already had a working experience with other healthcare companies and organizations?

Yes, we have. Elinext Group concentrates a major part of its strains and forces on the development of software programs for the industries we've been already concerned with. Please click here in order to get a clearer idea of our clients and their opinions about our services. Don’t forget about Case Studies.

Do you perform QA services for CRM projects?

Yes, we do. QA is an integral part of the software development operation at Elinext Group.

What advantages can a healthcare professional receive of using CRM system?

CRM software can bring a number of benefits to healthcare industry players in order to make their business more profitable and reliable. Among them there are:
More information about patient behaviors and demands
Better patient satisfaction and help in proactive management of their health conditions
Regulation of administration tasks to focus on patient needs
Reduction of a huge part of time spent on servicing the patients and increasing operational efficiency
Quick and effective reaction to patient inquiries.

What do I have to do to order the development of a custom CRM system at your company?

Please reach us via contact form on our website, email, telephone (+375-17) 237-53-65 or Skype. We will gratefully receive your project demands, design drafts, details, etc. If you just have an idea and you don’t know how to turn it into reality, we are at your disposal to provide you with a number of ways to realize it.