Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology thrives to build a better place, so each contributor to the IT global environment carries a piece of social responsibility within the enterprise. We care about both internal and external processes inside and outside of our company. As creating a better overall environment eventually creates for our local well-being, we make our important social contributions.

We regard our corporate social responsibility policy (CSR) as a way to account for both the social and environmental impacts of the way we do our business.

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Principles Behind Our Business Mindset

Due to its international origins, Elinext has created a multicultural working environment defined by the synergy of European and Asian mentalities. The story behind the company’s creation goes in accordance with the principles of welcoming, respect, and business ethics we support.

Thus, Elinext’s corporate social responsibility policy is a driving factor behind our business decisions. The empathy behind our specialists helps them to establish confidential relationships with our customers. This way, we can look at the very core of their ideas, and provide the best experience possible.

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CSR Cornerstones
Our social responsibility initiatives allow us to make a difference in the communities we live in. We firmly believe in a positive impact of principles we focus on:
Environmental responsibility
Ethical labor principles
Philanthropy & volunteering
In the fast-paced business reality of today, we have to make sure that our communication with both employees and clients is based on mutual respect. Being a responsible company, we put a strong emphasis on how we achieve our business goals and our outcome on the society we work in.
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