The rise of the Internet has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. Online platforms are becoming dominant, content consumption behaviors are changing and new competition is arising from the entirely new sectors. In the connected, and particularly mobile, consumer landscape M&E companies need greater agility to capitalize on the emerging opportunities.

With digital technologies underpinning all core processes in the media sector, IT solutions are playing a major role in creation, management and delivery of content. In fact, M&E businesses have to focus on a wide range of issues. Content quality, cross-channel distribution, access devices, marketing techniques, revenue models as well as customer data and performance metrics are among the most important concerns.

Further, the demands of digitally-savvy consumers are growing. Today they expect to be able to choose and consume the content they want, the way they want and whenever they want. Enhancing the customer experience through intelligent software is critical for retaining the competitive edge.


In the data-driven and analytics-powered era, media and entertainment companies need smarter IT solutions to stay ahead of market trends. Elinext is your right partner for developing software that drives success. We help M&E businesses deliver high-quality media experience to their customers and thereby achieve greater commercial outcomes.

At Elinext, we strongly believe that implementing advanced software solutions is the key to the great future of the media and entertainment industry. Our software development expertise brings together all the ingredients required for successful realization of your goals: know-how, experience and commitment.

TV App Developers Can Help Media Companies Re-create Their Business

2012-09-24 by Marina Astapchik

Internet-based television is gaining on popularity. Though habits of many consumers are firmly entrenched, millions of them are eagerly embracing the next generation of viewing options. The increasing number of Internet-connected TVs, or smart TVs, and the growing ratio of video consumption redefine the future of television. Further, the traditional economics of broadcasting, which has long relied on a system in which cable customers pay for channels even if they don’t watch them, is changing.Today's consumers are catching up with smart TV apps, and a number of media executives think...