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Worldwide, providers are forced to redefine their healthcare workforce management strategies to cut system inefficiencies, administrative costs and waste. Elinext is a software development company that helps its customers to address the uncertainty of the health economy with designing rock-solid technological solutions that can deliver just that.
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Back-Office Automation for Efficiency

Our Expertise
Through the power of automating back-office functions, you can relieve all the members of your care delivery chain of extra administrative burden.
Functions that Can Be Automated for:
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Allied health services
  • Inventory control;
  • Ward management;
  • Bed planning;
  • Overall budgeting;
  • Marketing activities;
  • Support services.
  • Admission procedures;
  • Billing & invoicing.
  • Recruitment processings;
  • Performance tracking;
  • Payroll tracking;
  • Training activities;
  • Collaboration.
  • Referral management;
  • Outpatient units coordination;
  • Integration of mergers & acquisitions.
  • Claims management;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Reporting.
Allied health services
  • Drug procurement;
  • Lab management.
What We Offer to Providers
We Offer
At Elinext, we’ve put years of software development expertise in our clinic management solutions. These solutions are custom: no ready-made, one-size-fits-all software packages. The software is built in order to fit every provider’s specific needs.
Healthcare ERP
Appointment scheduling systems
Healthcare CRM
HRM systems
Employee collaboration and R&D portals
Clinical documentation management
Healthcare ERP

Custom-built systems covering the full scope of hospital management functions and providing visibility into end-to-end operational processes.

  • Predictive procurement and inventory control;
  • Optimized revenue cycles;
  • Reduced claims denials;
  • Balanced hospital administration costs;
  • All partner relations in a single system;
  • Informed strategic planning;
  • Multi-clinic management.

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Appointment scheduling systems

Intelligent customer-facing booking systems that ensure the best possible match between patients and medical staff, and significantly relieve your front-desk administrators of the workload.

  • Quickfire appointment scheduling;
  • EHR/EMR/ERP/HRM integration;
  • Historical data tracking;
  • Patient-centric design

Healthcare CRM

Your go-to assistant that can finally put a marketing twist on your relations with patients to earn their loyalty and increase engagement.

  • Next-level patient communication;
  • Reduced no-show rates;
  • Sustainable relations with chronic patients;
  • Personalized marketing made easy;
  • Intelligent match of patients, referrals, and doctors;
  • Integration with a smart appointment booking system.

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HRM systems

Advanced management of your most treasured resource — your people, from their recruitment to ongoing development and recognition.

  • Labour cost control;
  • Performance tracking;
  • Timely identification of qualification gaps;
  • Transparent remuneration;
  • Accessible staff training programs;
  • Corporate policy management.

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Employee collaboration and R&D portals

Dedicated collaboration hubs to improve knowledge exchange and help you crowdsource the next innovation to be patented.

  • Internal chats and boards to improve communication;
  • Digital knowledge hubs;
  • Innovation crowdsourcing;
  • Centralized R&D;
  • Less effort-intensive clinical trials;
  • Public health data monitoring.

Clinical documentation management

A single-access touchpoint for every documented aspect of compliance, policies, regulations, and information exchange within a health system.

  • Reduced paperwork;
  • Advanced shared access;
  • Process unification and consistency;
  • Mitigation of human error risks;
  • Tracking of statutory requirements;
  • Streamlined adoption of new standards.


Among the benefits that are reached by fulfilling most (ar all) of the above-mentioned we list the most major ones:

Asset optimization;
Work processes standardization and consistency;
Better cost transparency and administration;
Facilitated information flow and interoperability;
Claims fraud prevention;
Improved collaboration between the units;
Reduced waste and medical errors;
Focus on care delivery, not on administrative pressure.
Case studies
Case studies
Check out our latest completed projects that can give you an overall impression of how your clinic may improve the workflow utilizing the software that is developed by Elinext.
Software for Cardiovascular Care Providers

A French company that supplies industry-specific software for cardiovascular care providers across the globe commissioned Elinext to rebuild its web application from scratch.

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Pneumonia Diagnosis Tool

A company developing a healthcare platform hired Elinext to help it build a pneumonia diagnosis tool.

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Document Management System for Clinical Trials

Elinext developed a modular software platform that allows life sciences companies to streamline the execution and commercialization of global clinical trials and collaborate on partnerships while reducing administrative burdens.

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Senior Caregiving Platform for French-based Startup

The customer is a French-based startup company striving to occupy the business niche in caregiving service on the local market, since almost no one managed to make the process of finding, hiring and paying for caregiving services within one handy app before.  

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Medical Practice and Billing Software

The project is a healthcare CRM for healthcare companies that empowers doctor practice, office automation and medical billing.

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Patient Portal for Healthcare Company

The project is the fully automated Patient Portal that provides access to patients’ medical exam history.

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Healthcare Data Anonymization Platform

The solution represents a combination of a fully functional website and a remote UNIX-server which covers users needs to manage feeds pipelines.

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Measure Management and Administration System

Measure Management & Administration (MMA) is a health analytics tool for ACO administrators to build quality measures. It is seamlessly integrated with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software to help providers manage performance-based contracts, rapidly improve quality reporting measures and enable proactive patient care.

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Day Nurseries and Care Homes

The customer wanted two iPad applications (Day Nurseries & Care Homes) which can provide information about all day nurseries, nursery schools, care homes, hospitals and associations in the United Kingdom.

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Britain’s Finest and Home Care Apps

The application provides both information about all Britain hotels, museums, art galleries, historic houses, gardens, spas, golf courses, restaurants, and pubs & information about all UK registered home care and nursing agencies, local authorities and the major care associations and suppliers.

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