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Elinext long experience in cloud development has resulted in a plethora of SaaS applications delivered to clients operating within manufacturing, BFSI, healthcare, retail, oil & gas, telecom, education, and many other industries. Taking advantage of the SaaS flexibility and scalability, our teams develop custom, feature-packed, robust, and user-friendly applications that are relatively fast in development, significantly increase employee engagement, and contribute to better user experience.

SaaS Business Applications We Deliver
SaaS Apps
Being a SaaS development company, we offer the development of a wide range of SaaS applications that address key challenges our clients are facing. Our focus areas are:
Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Enterprise Relationships Management (ERP)
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
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SaaS CRMs we deliver allow sales representatives, managers, and administrators easily create, edit, and search for contacts and deals, effectively manage sales pipelines, and use the well-structured and feature-packed mobile version of the application. Our solutions provide the ability for customization of sales processes, contact information fields, and team member roles in accordance to individual business needs and goals, as well as offer a range of tailored integrations with third-party sales, marketing, and productivity tools.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
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Covering all tools for effective management — inventory, order, warehouse, shipping management, etc. — our SaaS SCM solutions serve clients representing different domains, including fashion & apparel, electronics & appliances, etc. With advanced forecasting and analytics tools we implement, we ensure the ability to foresee product demand, plan procurement of raw materials and production schedules accordingly. Also, we pay much attention to tools for supplier collaboration that support the flow of information between our businesses, suppliers, and clients.

Business Intelligence (BI)
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SaaS BI solutions we deliver offer tailored and advanced dashboards and report systems that allow businesses to reach larger audiences, and facilitate the work of salespeople by making crucial data available right in the customer profile. When developing SaaS business intelligence applications, we place an emphasis on UI that looks, feels, and behaves like a host application, increasing work efficiency and offering satisfying user-experience.

Enterprise Relationships Management (ERP)
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Apart from addressing such general requirements as opportunities for customization, ease of use right out of the box, the ability for integrations with various platforms and data sources, our SaaS ERP solutions come with advanced forecasting and analytics tools, and enhanced level of security. We also develop user-friendly and feature-packed SaaS ERP mobile applications that ensure the convenience of getting access to crucial business data from anywhere, and any Internet-connected device.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
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Featuring advanced intuitive indexing, search and retrieval features, tools for format management and editing, user-friendly editor templates, and a number of effective tools for design, our SaaS CMS solutions address all the major challenges marketers, designers, and editors are facing. In addition to advanced tools for content creation and publishing, our SaaS CMS solutions allow analyzing content, generating watermarks, perform auto-editing — whatever is required to allow your business delivering valuable and beautiful content.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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SaaS EAM solutions developed by our teams allow clients digitizing and optimizing maintenance operations, and reaching new levels of efficiency. With integrated analytics tools and advanced management tools that allow focusing on the most critical assets and identifying priorities and risks, we ensure our clients' ability for successful asset management. Our applications also provide user-friendly mobile experience, allowing to avoid lag time and disruptions to production and performance.

SaaS Application Trends We Meet

Our good habit of keeping an eye on the current trends make us stand out from many other SaaS development companies.
SaaS Mobile Development
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To ensure competitiveness and successfulness of SaaS applications we deliver to our clients, we make them go mobile, allowing to capture a wider audience, increase employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and make a positive impact on both sales rates and overall business success.
Chatbots in SaaS Applications
/ 02.
We take advantage of a trendy chatbot technology to deliver SaaS applications that offer automation of basic customer functions like 24/7 support aimed at anticipating customer needs and sending personalized responses quickly.
Voice Interaction in SaaS
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To ensure more interactive SaaS applications that will offer superior customer experience and the ability for our clients to stand out from their competitors, we integrate voice-enabled features into both mobile and web-based apps.
Benefits of SaaS Software Development
Partner with a Go-To CRM Development Company

Solutions created by Elinext teams are designed for businesses willing to reach new heights while undergoing the digital revolution. CRM software for real estate we develop allows to:

Allows saving money on hardware acquisition and provisioning, as well as software licensing, installation and maintenance.
Provides the ability to enjoy a pay-as-you-go model that implies paying monthly fees for the subscription.
Offers both flexibility and scalability, allowing to either expand or reduce the number of features and services.
Places the responsibility for upgrades to the system and patch management to the provider.
Ensures the convenience of accessing the application from any Internet-connected device.
Case studies
Case studies
Check out some of our completed projects that can give you a taste of how your business can benefit from SaaS applications delivered by Elinext teams
App for Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

From this case study you’ll learn how the Elinext team developed a unique app for hassle-free EV charging. We’re happy to be a part of the global switch to electric driving and invite you to learn more about how seamless this experience could be.

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Remote Network and Router Management Platform for Internet Providers

Elinext helped a Danish-US telecommunication software provider build a web application for managing routers remotely.

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Cash and Liquidity Management App for Banks and Financial Institutes

Elinext helped a British fintech build software allowing banks to manage cash and liquidity effectively.

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Contract Management Software for Bond Trading

Elinext helped a Luxembourg-based startup build a web platform for collaborative management of bond trading agreements.

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ESG Software for Employees

Elinext helped a British startup build an environmental, social and governance system to monitor and boost worker satisfaction.

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Financial Risk Management Software

Elinext helped a Silicon Valley company build a complex system for calculating business risks across multiple parameters.

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B2B Online Payment Platform for an Automotive Business

Elinext helped a major European car manufacturer build an online payment application.

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Global Payroll Management Software

Elinext built a SaaS platform that helps employers remunerate staff abroad.

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AI-Tool For Monitoring Telecom Networks Worldwide

Elinext developers and QAs have been involved in serious rework and refactoring of UI approaches, implementing integration with about 15 third-party products, adopting serious quality control processes and standards, developing and improving a great number of complicated algorithms and applications.

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Manufacturing Execution System

A large German manufacturer of industrial equipment and home appliances partnered with Elinext to improve its manufacturing execution system (MES).

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