Augmented Reality is becoming a central approach in creating innovative, contextually rich and engaging applications. AR technology allows the user to interact with the digital data overlaid onto physical objects. This world of ambient intelligence may bring a whole new dimension of pleasurable user experiences and unparalleled emotions.

The applicable areas of augmented reality are very wide:

  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Military
  • Navigation
  • Museums
  • Real estate
  • Research
  • Retail
  • Science
  • Shopping
  • Social media
  • Tourism
  • Trade

Elinext’s professional AR solutions help businesses maximize performance and generate higher value through the adoption of advanced technologies.


With a solid background in mobile, game and web development, Elinext can offer top-notch innovative Augmented Reality solutions. They include:

  • AR Design
  • AR Development
  • 2D and 3D Modeling and Design
  • AR Integration
  • AR Quality Assurance
  • AR Consulting

What are the applicable areas of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is widely used in advertising, education, entertainment, gaming, marketing, real estate, shopping, tourism, etc.

Which mobile devices support Augmented Reality? Can I experience AR on my mobile device?

You can experience Augmented Reality on iPhones (starting from iPhone 3GS), iPads, Android devices (smartphones and tablets) with a graphics accelerator, and Windows Phone 7 devices.

What platforms do you use for the development of AR applications?

We use OpenCV and Vuforia.