Elinext. Learning Management System
Elinext. Learning Management System
Engagement model:
Internal Use
9 months
7 people: a BA, a UI/UX designer, a FE and 2 BE developers, a QA, and a PM
Technologies used


We are Elinext, a software development company operating across multiple countries and continents. It’s only logical that we develop software our company would use in everyday operations.

We enjoy simplifying our work with the help of software developed for some of the internal projects.

This Internal project (like many others) is a base product that can and probably and most likely will be used to speed up the development of a related custom product for our clients. That is a common practice for many (almost two dozen) Internal software solutions. Oftentimes, new customers at Elinext save a significant amount of money and effort by choosing to go with a customized version of a product that already exists and is being used within our company.

Project Description

Learning Management System (Elinext LMS) is an efficient platform that streamlines the course creation, management, and study process, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly learning experience.

As we have many employees who are interested in self-development, and we provide training on many work-related aspects, it is only fair to get our educational product for internal use.

The Learning Management System (LMS) should also serve the HR department by helping with assessing potential candidates and generating analysis based on the results of tests obtained with the help of this software.

The key functional for the MVP version of the product should include the following features:

  • The construction of online courses, including nested curriculums such as lessons and quizzes.
  • Customization of courses through the settings, tags creation for better categorization, and navigation throughout course materials.
  • Advanced results analytics via study and preview modes for facilitated learning.
  • Different user types and assignment user status systems.
  • Personalized dashboards with individual and group materials. Convenient access and monitoring of assigned course materials, progress, and relevant resources within the system for users.
  • Seamless statistic tool with valuable insights and statistical data on how users are engaging with the course content. Educators and administrators can track and analyze students' progress with the help of it.


Elinext as a company lacked a suitable tool for delivering efficient and seamless learning experiences to its employees. While we were using Udemy, Coursera, and other learning platforms, for many reasons, it would be beneficial to have our own learning platform.

With the introduction of Elinext LMS, the company aims to provide employees with a robust platform that simplifies the creation, management, and study of courses.

The goal is to enable employees to concentrate on their learning journey without unnecessary complications and outside distractions.

The business objectives of implementing a corporate learning management system include:

  • Enhancing the efficiency of corporate learning and testing both Elinext employees and prospective candidates.
  • Streamlining the course and testing creation process by providing an intuitive user interface, saving valuable time for administrators and course authors.
  • Objective assessment of an individual's skills and abilities by providing a detailed statistical tool.


We have chosen the Agile hybrid model (Kanban + Scrum) for the project. To complete the project on time was challenging as the development team had a third-party workload on other commercial projects.

The chosen strategy and methodology led to the completion of the project stages within the established time frame. The first release version was delivered within 9 months and according to the assessments.


The Elinext Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to enhance internal employee learning and education processes. It also empowers the HR department to evaluate potential candidates, enabling the generation of objective analyses from the obtained results.

In its initial release, Elinext LMS users will gain access to essential functionalities, facilitating seamless learning and efficient candidate assessments within the organization.

The product consists of nine modules, let’s briefly run through them to describe their functionality and add a couple of words about their realization

Module 1: Profile Management

With the help of this module, the users can log in and out, user authorization happens in this module, and user profile information is also available here. Pretty basic and self-explanatory functionality here for realization, with no difficulties in its creation.

Module 2: Course Management

With the help of this module, users can make CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) courses. So this module enables effortless creation, modification, viewing, and deletion of courses and their respective categories.

Users also could switch course entities to folders (published, draft, trash). That simplifies content management and improves visibility.

Among other possibilities in this module are content deletion (soft and permanent), moving elements within the course, and sorting with the help of a search builder.

Module 3: Tag Management

This module helps users create, modify, view, and delete tags. They improve user understanding, efficiency, collaboration, and system usability.

Module 4: Quiz Attempts

This module allows course creators to modify, view, and delete quiz attempts of the tested. The module also includes a grid with search filters and enables auto-deletion of inactive users.

Module 5: User Management

With the help of this module, the admin can assign the user roles as different user types have different permissions and access to functions.

Module 6: Course settings. General & Display

This major module allows you to change the course author, add student assignments, customize options, restrict access to certain account holders, and control the visibility of the course (public or exclusive to certain students)

Module 7: Quiz Management

This module allows the creation, modification, and deletion of quizzes, as well as Q&A management, and customization of a learning experience. With the help of this module, educators could assign specific points to their quizzes, which would enable tailored assignments based on question complexities. This module provides flexibility in setting quiz time limits and accommodating diverse learning paces and assessment needs.

Module 8: Lessons Management

As learning is not just about quizzes, there has got to be an instrument for lesson management. That is why this module exists. It enables effortless creation, modification, and deletion of lessons, ensuring dynamic and up-to-date course content.

Module 9: Study Mode & User Dashboard

This module has a filtered dashboard, which enables flexible learning, effortless tracking, and intuitive navigation of the learning content.

The dashboard provides a clear categorization of courses based on enrollment status, streamlining user access to relevant content. There are different study modes and features that enable the opportunity to pause and resume the course, accommodating diverse learning preferences and schedules.


The development team delivered the project on budget and time. Elinext employees from other departments became interested in the system and started to use the system as soon as it became available.

At the moment,  Elinext LMS serves as a comprehensive solution for internal employee learning and education, promoting efficient management, flexible learning experiences, and insightful analytics for improved decision-making.

Mind you, it is the first version of the system. Right now, LMS possesses the capability to gather and analyze student attempt statistics, calculating results based on input values and settings.

This functionality is integrated into the system as a distinct module. The detailed statistical tool proves effective in assessing potential candidates and generating objective analyses from the obtained results.

The product to be enhanced in the future. For the upcoming releases, the following modules will be realized:

External User Management Module: will enable precise creation and management of external user accounts.

Group Management Module: will allow the creation of custom groups from the user list.

Customising Course Settings: the platform will offer effective course accessibility management for both internal and external system users.

As you can see, the product received positive feedback and is in high demand within the company and beyond. Additionally, the development team received invaluable experience in building an internal learning management system.

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