Xgrades e-Learning Platform


The customer is a German startup company providing software solutions for  schools and educational centers.


After researching the e-learning market, Xgrades discovered a gap in narrow-focused platforms tailored to the custom needs of schools in different regions. The company came to Elinext and asked for the development of the platform with video materials in various domains of school education: maths, geography, history, etc. followed up by quizzes and exercises to check success.

The team decided to start with Mathematics section only and scale up the number of modules while attracting more users. According to the best practices in e-learning, Elinext team suggested to implement detailed statistics on traffic, user achievements, and add monetization system based on paid subscription.


Elinext development team took effort in building scalable architecture of the app on top of Joomla! and created custom template with visual styles allowing for future extension by adding new modules and categories. Following that purpose, the team developed a visual exercise editor which also supported localization to adapt application interface for German- and French- speaking users. To make the learning process more entertaining, the team created a rating system displayed in a form of karate belts varied in colors, with the black belt assigned for answering the most difficult questions.

The monetization aspect of the app was based on purchasing subscription plans that provide you with the access to more tutorials and exercises. Elinext developers integrated Paypal Recurring Payments, as it was regarded as the easiest and most convenient way for users to make online payments at the moment of launching the platform. The app also used Google Ecommerce payment tracking system, so that the administrator could supervise the whole payment process.


The project was successfully delivered keeping to the time frames and budget limits. The team launched Mathematics section and enabled administrator to expand the website with new sections and categories using administrator panel. Since some educational organizations showed the interest in purchasing the application for internal needs, the customer asked Elinext developers to enhance the system by creating account named “School”, adding new metrics to measure success school wise, and changing registration process to provide curriculum-specific experience for each school.




Region: Germany

Industry: Education

Type: Web

Engagement model: Fixed Cost

Duration: 3 months

Staff: 1 PHP developer, 1 UI developer

Platforms: All platforms