EdQuants – Education Software

Type: Web development

Requirements: The сustomer wanted to create a project for internal use by school officials in order to reduce paperwork and implement workflows to collect, store and analyze teaching effectiveness.

Challenge: The main challenge for our developer was to create easy to use web solution optimized for tablets with the different resolution.

Solution: A website with the responsive design was created using bootstrap framework over MVC .Net application.

Results: Fully functional website which covers all the needs of users from teachers to district officials. User friendly statics display system, based on the ShieldUI chart library. Rich UI based on the JavaScript makes application easy to navigate and easy to use. All the data could be exported to PDF or XLS format. This website helps users replace routine paper writing by several clicks on the tablet or desktop PC. Automated system will do all the hard work and provide user friendly dashboard as a result. Internal notification systems provide all the needed communication between users




Region: USA

Industry: Education

Type: Web

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 6 months

Staff: 3 developers, 1 designer

Platforms: All devices