Bringing Digital Transformation to Education: 5 Major Trends of 2020

30-07-2020 by Terenty Marinich

We continue to explore the so-called “disruptive force” and “the next word” in modern education - its digital transformation.  To go on with the topic, we decided to dive into the trends - most discussed and impactful technologies and approaches to education that can be claimed as a part of...

Bringing Digital Transformation to Education: Challenges and Solutions

10-07-2020 by Terenty Marinich

Digital transformation is steadily moving across the planet and conquering one industry after another. The severe impact on businesses of different domains brings new opportunities to the table. Digital transformation allows its adapts to maximize operational efficiency, increase the levels of collaboration, and reduce expenses in the long run if...

Exploring the Trend of Microlearning: a Bust, or an Educational Revolution?

30-05-2019 by Terenty Marinich

One of the biggest E-Learning trends that are listed in a whole bunch of articles dedicated to the matter is microlearning. The definition of this term is somehow vague. For the convenience, let’s think of it as of ‘a method of learning via short, bite-sized and well-planned units that the...