E-Learning Cloud-Based Platform uQualio
E-Learning Cloud-Based Platform uQualio
HR and Recruiting, Education
Engagement model:
Time & Material
18 months
7 developers
Technologies used

Back in 2017, a promising eLearning startup from Denmark needed a team of developers to deliver a function reach platform that would enable creating top-notch eLearning video courses.

eQualio is a web solution in the field of e-learning that meets all modern requirements and works on all devices.

They got their development center in Belarus in the face of Elinext. The first customer used the eLearning platform in February 2018.

The company launched the free Admin Trial in January 2019, allowing the platform to be launched globally. Now, uQualio® is an international team that is represented in different countries and languages including Germany, The United States, Denmark, Spain, and Venezuela.

uQualio®, technically prepared by Elinext specialists, is working towards a global initiative that aims to help companies, NGO’s, schools, and start-ups all around the world.

The Initial Task/Requirements

Our customers needed a multi-functional educational cloud-based video e-learning web platform to operate across various devices.


uQualio required pain-free creation of video courses for the end-user. Such materials were needed to engage learners (customers, employees, partners), so user experience had to be on the highest level. 

At the same time, the project had to be fully compliant with EU regulations on GRDP and have users’ data fully protected.

Solutions and Features

As a modern e-learning solution that has to work on all the devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Our developers implemented everything that is needed for video course creation: from functions that allow uploading videos and creating quizzes to course authoring and testing and certification. The full list is available down below:

Course Creation

  •  Course Authoring
  •  Upload video and audio from all devices
  •  Interactive Quizzes w. show the right answer option
  •  Certification / Test
  •  Multiple passing levels
  •  Achievement badges

The platform needed scheduling tools and a reporting system for organizing classes and getting data for results assessment. The following features were executed:

Communication and Invitations

  •  In system notifications, E-mail & SMS
  •  Learner's feedback
  •  Invitation scheduling in accordance with course planning


  • Multiple reports, dynamic, and real-time with filtering options
  • Data export

There are multiple user types depending on the level of subscription. This is how the user account and application data access function for uQualio.

User account access ​

  • Users must sign in with a password (minimum 6 characters)
  • A unique username (id, email, or phone number) is required
  • Changes to email or phone numbers are registered as user notifications
  • Changes to password are registered as user activities
  • User access can be blocked by uQualio​® ​ 
  • User can change the password from within the application
  • An account is locked for a period after three unsuccessful login attempts

Application data access ​

  • Data access in the application is role-based
  • An Account Manager can delegate roles to other users on level Account and lower
  • A Channel Manager can delegate roles to other users on level Channel and lower
  • User roles can be removed during the operation, so no log out is required to enforce the removal of a role
  • A user can only access data according to the role level

As for user roles, they include the following categories that could be customized and re-named:

  • uQualio Admin
  • Corporate Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Assistant

Also, the project is fully GDPR compliant. Elinext developers have not implemented login using e.g. your Apple ID, Facebook, or Google accounts as they considered their data use lacks transparency and fairness. Our customers don’t use your data for other purposes than helping the user get a better UX and don’t sell user data to anyone.

The platform is integrated with the payment system Stripe. 


The platform is on the market and successfully functions. 

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