Type: Mobile development

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext Group to develop a mobile app for the iPad which can provide the user with a highly effective time and goal management instrument having intuitive operation and attractive design.

Challenge: The main challenge for developers was to synchronize the phone calendar with the default calendar of the iPad. Another task consisted in creating an individual animated application calendar and a mechanism of temporary distribution of tasks.

Solution: A team of developers made a deep analysis of how to do a temporary pool of tasks from each calendar from phone/outlook. After that, the team created an algorithm intended for synchronization of all tasks/events.

Results: The development project outcome is an application for the iPad. The application allows setting efficient life goals and achieving them. SUCCESSplaner has the following functionality:

  • In the dream album of the image gallery you hold the key events set in your life so that you can follow them.
  • In the ideas journal and the project journal you can record your ideas and projects and monitor their execution.
  • The weekly schedule will serve for planning and evaluating your weekly tasks coupled with the dates on the calendar.
  • In the annual plan you can determine the areas of health, relationships, finances, emotions, job/life values, and set the A, B and C targets for them.
  • The appointments will be managed in the calendar and can be processed and maintained in the app.
  • The monthly and yearly calendars give you a good and quick overview of the most important tasks, and the current motto of the weekly focus.
  • The compass will help you describe and monitor your beliefs, values, mission statements.
    Planning and monitoring of short-term, medium-and long-term goals. Keep a record of your results and successes.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Education

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed price

Duration: 4 months

Staff: 2 developers, 1 designer

Platforms: iOS


 Particularly I would like to stress that the team have worked according to the best principles of project management, the communication in German as well as in English are extraordinary. The development team have high technical competence and tackle the most complex issues with remarkable alacrity. I can recommend Elinext to other companies and individuals that seek a reliable and long-term partner.

Paul Schaefer
Managing Director, Team Software OHG