Marketing App for Bars and Restaurants

The promotion platform for bars and restaurants in Germany that allows visitors to get one free welcome drink a day in one of the places listed in the app.

Mobile App Testing for Be-Bound Telecom Provider

Be-Bound Technology is the ultimate solution to staying connected, no matter the network quality.

Trip Recommendation Portal for North Sea Area Tour Provider

A case study for travel industry featuring web development of the custom solution for travel recommendation platform in the North Sea area, Germany.

THK Dating App

THK is a dating mobile app that allows users to make acquaintances and communicate.

Wallpainters Web App is an interactive website where people can share their thoughts or show their drawings on a digital wall of 155 km length.

IoT Application for Controlling Drones

Elinext was contacted by the French startup that needed an application intended for controlling mini-drones produced by the company from the mobile device.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Software for Analytical Agency

Project Background Elinext was contacted by an analytical agency from Poland and was asked to create a sentiment analysis software that would analyze emotions in Polish tweets about the elections. The client wanted to download tweets by keywords (for ex: the name of a party) and evaluate the emotional reaction on a party and its … Continued

Samsung Smart TV App

KartinaTV is a mobile app for watching videos and TV programs using KartinaTV IPTV service. KartinaTV app allows to watch not only live channels, but also prerecorded videos.

IT Integrity Management System

IT integrity management system that continuously verifies infrastructure elements to match the security standards.


An application aimed to generate One Time Passwords (OTP).