THK Dating App

Type: Mobile development

Website: https://trohåbogkæ

Requirements: Elinext Group has taken up a task to develop iOS application for dating service. Faith, Hope and Love is what the app’s name conveys. The main thing was to develop mobile application with intuitive user interface which would allow use all the website functions: set up profile, upload a few pictures of themselves, check and like the profiles of people, chat up potential dates, purchase and send some gifts.

Challenge: The first challenge for our developers was parallel development with server side, when the functional requirements are constantly changing. The second challenge was full redesign in the middle of the project implementation.

Solution: When designing the architecture, we have applied the patterns making each application layer (the business logic, user interface, server api) the most independent of each other, allowing the most efficient to make changes without an increase in initial development time.

Results: The final product is an application which allows use all the functions of dating service https://trohåbogkæ

  • Instant messaging
  • Sharing media files: photo, video, audio
  • Searching user profiles
  • Purchasing gifts
  • Creation user profile with media files




Region: Denmark

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1,5 month

Staff: 1 developer

Platforms: iOS