Web Application for Processing and Versioning of Publishing Materials for German Publishing Company
Web Application for Processing and Versioning of Publishing Materials for German Publishing Company
Media and Entertainment
Engagement model:
Time and Materials
7 months
1 Full-time Backend Developer, 1 Full-time Frontend Developer, Part-time Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst and 1 QA
Technologies used
IIS 7.5 Server


The client is a software developer and service provider in the publishing sector with 30 years of practical expertise. The company specializes in creating and processing loose-leaf compilations, software development, printing services, and the processing of e-books.


The solution revolves around loose-leaf collections. The client is responsible for preparing digital and print updates for loose-leaf collections upon request from a publishing company.

Before approaching Elinext, the client was handling these tasks manually. They had a dedicated employee who would spend around two weeks preparing a single change for one collection. The need for optimization was evident.

The client reached out to Elinext to develop an IT solution to:

  • Minimize the costs of loose-leaf collection processing
  • Increase the volume and improve the quality of services provided
  • Create a software platform that can be utilized for other projects as well


Elinext created a user-friendly web application that automates the processing of files in a specific format. This application generates customizable results in digital and ready-for-print formats within 5 minutes.

Publishing companies have direct access to the application — enabling them to upload their files and receive the processed results seamlessly. The application functions as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, allowing multiple publishing companies to work within the application simultaneously.

The solution offers 5 types of converters with different inputs and outputs. The flexible application design makes it easy to develop and add new converters to the platform, allowing for easy expansion and growth of the business.



The user can easily create printing material in the application. The user uploads an archive, sets the version of the main collection, chooses the page layout, and launches the processing. As a result, the user receives ready-for-print data.


Users receive notifications regarding the successful completion of processing or any errors encountered during the process. These notifications can be opened, read, and deleted by the user.


In the archive section, users can easily sort, filter, and review files. Additionally, users can see detailed processing information and download the generated results.


The ordering feature allows users to easily track and review ongoing processes, and view such details as project information, process name, status, and processing date. Additionally, users have the option to delete pending processes or clear the entire queue to ensure the database is free from outdated records.

User Management

User management contains features specifically for the Superadmin role, such as viewing, adding, editing, and deleting users.

Group Management

The group management feature enables the assignment of access to different users for specific converters.


The user can create a support ticket in the application. The Support Administrator analyzes the tickets and provides a response to the user. Once the ticket is successfully resolved, the user is notified.


For the client side, the platform eliminates the manual processing of loose-leaf collections, resulting in significant cost savings. Processing time for a single change has decreased from 2 weeks to 5 minutes, enabling a higher volume of changes to be processed. The application supports simultaneous access for multiple publishing companies and converters.

Publishing companies benefit from the new platform by receiving much faster results (with processing time now reduced to 5 minutes). The application is accessible 24/7 and companies can process changes at any time. Since the platform offers centralized storage of change history, users can have a complete and transparent view of the work that has been done.

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