Building a New Healthcare Unicorn

12-06-2020 by Terenty Marinich

As an outsource software development company, we rarely run out of ideas for topics. Elinext constantly explores tech trends and keeps a close eye on the industry leaders. Our main readers and customers are mid-size and big companies with huge capitalization. So-called “unicorns” - the companies with the funding and...

A Comprehensive Look at Post-Coronavirus Business Landscape: Healthcare

14-05-2020 by Terenty Marinich

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a light on the heroism and fortitude of healthcare workers around the world.  It has also highlighted the importance of having the right technology to reduce the strain on those frontline workers and support them in their day-to-day operations, regardless of the pandemic presence or...

How A11Y Applies to Web Application Development for Senior Citizens

25-02-2020 by Darina Borushko

In 2017, the United Nations published a report which stated that by 2050, the number of people over the age of 60 will grow from 962 million to 2.1 billion. All in all, this group grows quicker than any other, and it happens all around the globe. For this reason,...

Top Technologies That Help to Combat Coronavirus

31-03-2020 by Darina Borushko

The outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19 has become the major problem the humanity faced in 2020. The disease ambushed the whole planet, caused thousands of deaths, and made people stay at home to protect their lives and lives of their families and friends.  Since the beginning of the year, country...

Biometrics. The Trends, Applications, and Scandals in 2020. Part 2

14-02-2020 by Darina Borushko

In the first part of our biometrics guide, we’ve told a little something about most frequent use cases of the technology. Part 2 is all about continuing speculation on that matter. We will also have a closer look at the most recent controversies. Use Cases Law enforcement and public security...

RPM Systems and eHealth Technologies for Diabetes Care

18-02-2020 by Marina Astapchik

According to the latest Spyglass Study  (Trends in remote patient monitoring) that was based on the telephone interviews over 100 health IT thought leaders, the majority (88%) of U.S. healthcare providers surveyed have invested or are considering new investments in RPM solutions to provide quality and cost-effective treatment for chronic...

How Virtual Care Paves the Way for Cancer Patients to Distant Specialists in Canada

24-01-2020 by Marina Astapchik

Among the key recommendations on the findings of the World Health Organization’s report 2019 is to invest in data systems for health, including disaggregated data. The report indicates the need to prompt provision of updated data and recent medical research to remote regions, since good quality data facilitate healthcare and...

Biometrics. The Complete Guide on Modern Authentication and Identification Tools and Their Applications in 2020. Part 1

17-01-2020 by Terenty Marinich

Biometrics is a thing that is hardly causing a buzz in social networks or tech world, yet it comprises $14.4 billion market (and projected to reach $59.31 billion by 2025). Grandview research made a 140-page report on the current state of the technology, its future, current industries where it’s applied...

California Laws Go Above and Beyond HIPAA: Are You Compliant?

08-01-2020 by Darina Borushko

California has a well-earned reputation for being on the cutting edge. Of style, technology, environment, legal trends… a lot of important ideas sprouted and took root in the Golden State. A new law that went into effect on January 1, 2020, could be the Next Big Thing. The California Consumer Privacy…


The Current State of Interoperability in the US and Britain

27-12-2019 by Terenty Marinich

The interoperability is placed at the heart of his vision for the NHS (UK) and it’s been of high priority for over the decade in president's administration of US. So is the long-standing nut of information sharing between systems about to be cracked? Whether checking in a new patient, delivering...

Top 10 IT Healthcare Conferences to Attend in 2020

11-02-2020 by Darina Borushko

We write a lot about digital health innovations, mainly because the healthcare industry is one of the most promising areas in terms of technological advance, and the one showing the most exciting use cases. In addition to blog posts that highlight such fascinating topics as mobile health for depression detection...

Medical VR, or how one could make medicine engaging

07-02-2020 by Victoria Yaskevich

This article is written by Elinext's Healthcare IT Consultant, Victoria Yaskevich, who carefully collected the most exciting medical VR use-cases to provide you with a clear insight into this promising MedTech trend. Enjoy your reading. For hundreds of years, medical students have been tortured cadavers to learn more about the internals...

mHealth for Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection

28-01-2020 by Darina Borushko

With over 1 million people being diagnosed with non-melanoma cancer and nearly 300,000 with melanoma of the skin in 2018, skin cancer remains one of the most common types of cancer worldwide. While the world's highest risk countries are those located close to the equator — those with the greatly...

An Inside Look at Upcoming AI in Healthcare Trends in 2020: The Most Riveting Use Cases of Today and the Nearest Future

26-11-2019 by Terenty Marinich

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the trendy buzzword across multiple industries for quite some time to the date. It is often awarded epithets like “life-” and “game-changing” - or at least having such potential. This is especially true when we speak of healthcare. There is plenty of research listing different...

Google amidst Yet Another Data-Related Scandal: Everything About “Project Nightingale” So Far

04-12-2019 by Terenty Marinich

“Don’t be evil” hasn’t been on unofficial Google’s motto for quite some time to date. Some of the latest events connected with healthcare data show us why. In this blog post, we’ll try to follow the whole chain of events of “Project Nightingale”, it’s revealing to the general public by...

Medical Practice Management Software in a Nutshell

01-11-2019 by Terenty Marinich

Every doctor with enough experience in practice knows that in most cases clerical and administrative processes actually take more of their time than actually delivering the patient care. Whether it is the fact that the system might be broken or such bureaucracy is a necessity, we have what we are...

Connected Devices for Diabetes Management and Monitoring

11-12-2019 by Darina Borushko

Over the last 100 years, the lifestyle of people has dramatically changed. In the past, people used to follow a more healthy diet: food was mostly organic, meals were much smaller and contained far fewer calories than today. Also, previously people used to be physically active the biggest part of...

Mobile Tech for Depression Detection and Management

31-01-2020 by Darina Borushko

Depression is not just a touch of the blues. For someone depressed, life seems unbearable, and not just because of a “bad mood”, but also because of disrupted sleep, malnutrition, chronic fatigue, decreased activity, behavioural changes, and many other factors influencing the quality of life. And because at its early...

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage: Key Considerations

19-11-2019 by Darina Borushko

Healthcare organizations adopt innovations at a fast speed, and cloud computing is no exception. Offering scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility — everything needed to make data storage easy and convenient, cloud solutions are very promising for the sector. At the same time, they are still facing numerous security risks, so before...

Everything You Want to Know About Chatbots in Healthcare

07-11-2019 by Darina Borushko

Because modern people want to be seen quickly and want to get to the root of their problems fast, the whole 'going to the doctor' phenomenon swiftly disappears. As proof of this statement, the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll of 1,200 randomly selected adults, and it showed that 45%...

Comparing Successful AI Chatbots and Big Data Healthcare Startups

26-07-2019 by Terenty Marinich

Healthcare innovations interest us as a software development company. Elinext looks at modern healthcare trends from a professional standpoint to remain relevant at software development and offer our customers the top-notch custom solutions.   We have recently written some blog posts about big data applications in healthcare. The truth is...

Big Data Analytics In Healthcare: the Most Common Applications

05-07-2019 by Terenty Marinich

We have started to explore big data connections with the healthcare domain. The first part of the series of blog posts was all about the benefits of big data and obstacles on the way of its wide implementation. Now it is time to have a look at what applications in...

Big Data Analytics In Healthcare: Benefits and Obstacles

07-06-2019 by Terenty Marinich

Healthcare analytics exploration is the thing that interests medics and scientists worldwide and we’ve decided to get a deeper look at it. Lately, you hear “analytics”, you know that big data is going to come up at some point. That is a no-brainer. We live in a crazy world full...

The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

18-04-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

Given the fact that nowadays there are serious issues with cybersecurity within various industries, it’s fair to say that high-tech yet susceptible equipment might be hacked at literally any moment. The survey by Ponemon Institute claims that in 2017, the average number of breached records by country reached 24.089, with...

BioMind: AI Challenges Human and Wins

06-08-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

It’s official: on June 30th, 2018, a custom-built AI service with an intriguing name BioMind beat some of the best Chinese doctors in a competition held in Beijing. The system was developed to diagnose and predict brain tumors and hematoma expansion. It seems like its developers did a really good...

How Robots Are Putting A Fresh Face On Healthcare

05-07-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

From construction and farming to banking and transportation, robots are seeping into every aspect of our lives. And healthcare is no exception. Oristep Consulting, a market research and analytics company, puts the future of healthcare robotics under the spotlight. Over 200 tech companies are already building specialized robotic devices for an...

Health IT: What Patient-Centered Care Is All About

04-07-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

The modern healthcare has seen a transition from disease-centered to patient-centered care, and this change is part of the National Quality Agenda in the United States. Also called family- or user-centered, individualized or personalized care, it means putting patients and their relatives at the heart of medical decision-making and regarding...

How Big Data is Transforming Healthcare

27-06-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

The potential of data stored in EHRs, EMRs, patient portals, genetic databases, mobile apps, and other health-related sources has been untapped for too long. But now, big data technology makes it easier for healthcare organizations to gather and analyze that valuable health data while fighting fraud, improving care, and reducing...

MHealth – Two Major Challenges And Steps To Address Them

18-06-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

With the potential to enhance patient engagement and care quality, mHealth is advancing by leaps and bounds. To wit, the global digital health market is expected to reach $200 billion by 2020 — with the mHealth market's compound annual growth rate of around 41 percent.  Still, there is a flip...

AI in Healthcare: High Hopes, Reality and Future

16-05-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

There’s a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence these days. It’s been a matter of casual conversations in Silicon Valley for the past few years, and now the technology is being discussed in higher circles as Washington sees opportunities for AI to improve efficiency and increase economic growth. As for...

Orangeworm Or How To Protect Your Healthcare Data Like A Pro

02-05-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

What do you know about worms? Or, more precisely, orange worms? Before you start thinking “Why on Earth am I reading this on a tech blog?”, let me provide you with an explanation.   Monday, April 23rd was a really bad day for the healthcare industry as the general public...

Decentralization Of Care With Telemedicine: Trends And Considerations

03-05-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

A lot of myths and prejudice surrounds the concept of telemedicine. People refer to it as the dehumanization of care, “uberization” of health or simply discounted consultation in front of a display of a computer. In fact, telemedicine is a new way of bringing patients and caregivers together in a...

VR: The Changing Face of Healthcare

23-04-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

For the time being, the overwhelming majority of new technologies are used in the entertainment industry. A vivid example of such innovations is virtual reality. When hearing about VR, most people would be thinking about movies, gaming, VR helmets and glasses which plunge users into the worlds of phantasy. However,...

Clinical Trials Digitalization: How Technology Affects The Quality Of Research

20-04-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

How is a new pharmaceutical product developed? It goes through a slow and expensive clinical trial process to check for effectiveness and safety. Those R&D organizations who used to stick to the traditional non-digital approach, have spent a lot of time and money while relying on paper diaries and obsolete...

Wireless Technology: the Future of Healthcare

09-04-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

We’re living in the Tech Age, and just like any other industry, the healthcare domain is going through a technology evolution. As the speed of innovation is sometimes higher than expected, what seemed to be futuristic ten years ago is now a reality. That is why it’s crucial to getting...

Clinical Workflow Automation: How To Integrate Multiple Processes Into A Single System?

03-04-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

With growing standards of patient care, ever more clinics across the world are driven to change the way they manage their activity. However, nation-wide requirements and regulations, such as Affordable Care Act, are not the only motivation for clinical workflow automation. The core incentive lies in consumers who demand the...

How Modern Technology Changes the Healthcare Industry

22-03-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Have you ever wondered how do lifespan and innovations in healthcare correlate? The answer is kind of obvious, but numbers speak louder than assumptions. Let’s check the statistics: in the first decade of the 20th century, the average human lifespan was about 45 years. Today, the median is 78, thanks...

Blockchain In Healthcare: Unleashing The Potential To Transform The Industry

26-01-2018 by Andrei Novolaev

Blockchain comes as one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the tech world, and if you still associate it with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you’ll be surprised by learning how various industries use the technology to streamline their processes. Healthcare industry is one of the early adopters of the blockchain. Medical...