Any company operates much better when internal communication is well-structured. That is why it is important to improve a human resource management system within the framework of the whole workflow organization. One of the core elements of HRM systems is the Vacation Manager. Its implementation is a necessary step on the way to a prosperous company with well-automatized processes. Such questions as vacation and sick days are solved in no time optimizing greatly the work of HR-managers and heads of departments.

Features and functions of the Vacation Manager

The Vacation Manager is an additional software application which helps to create tens of reports according to a variety of requests.


Elinext Group provides clients with the Vacation Manager of the following features:

  • Time-off Tracking Calendar where each authorized member can check whether his or her vacation/day off is intercrossed with the ones of colleagues or not (filters allow viewing time-off calendars for particular time periods, for certain departments).
  • Online Timesheet System that shows how much time each employee spends daily on a particular task. Hours can be entered both in and out and sorted according to one’s demands: daily/weekly/monthly, only on one task or totally on all of them.
  • Vacation Request System which allows employees asking for vacations and other time off days online choosing the necessary person for the approval of the request (it may be either one or several people).
  • Overtime Tracking System which serves to keep track of all extra-hours employees have worked.
  • Punctuality management that gives an opportunity to track the productivity of the personnel depending on their coming later at work and leaving from it earlier.
  • Reporting System with the help of which one can get quickly a set of comprehensive reports concerning time off and time sheet details, sick days, vacations, etc. making use of different filters and ways of the report visualization.
  • Payroll Management where all entries for each employee are shown.
  • E-mail Notification System which provides the responsible with instant delivery of employees’ requests.
  • Integration with online services such as Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Remote access due to which the Elinext Vacation Manager is available for the departments situated apart from the central office.

Benefits the Vacation Manager can bring

With the Vacation Manager integrated in the company workflow it is possible to:

  • Manage HR department time more efficiently due to the automized reporting system that helps receiving the necessary reports instantly;
  • Track employees’ attendance and productivity in any place at any time;
  • Create convenient conditions for employees who can plan their absence in accordance with the company calendar;
  • Avoid misunderstanding for missing information as everything is sorted in one online database;
  • Provide colleagues with fear rewards;
  • Create a well-structured HRM system.


Companies aimed at success should care a lot about the way the working process is organized. Following the principle that the main power of a company is the team, CEOs need to create a comprehensive inner communication system where it is impossible to do without the Vacation Manager. Covering this point, one is likely to treat colleagues according to their merits and to grow up and develop further a powerful market player.

What can Elinext offer

Vacation Manager Development. In case your HRM system lacks time and attendance software module our developers are ready to work out the Vacation Manager from scratch with brief deadlines so that you forget about the routine and time-consuming manual action forever.

Vacation Manager Customization. There are no difficulties in the customization of the existing Vacation Manager taking into consideration your HR-manager’s needs.

Vacation Manager Software Testing. If you are in doubt what kind of the Vacation Manager your company needs we can help test a few variants so that you are able to estimate the real profit of each element and make a decision what will bring the company to a more effective workflow.

Vacation Manager Implementation. When you have already decided what exactly you need, our team is ready to implement professionally the module into your software. It is a fast process which will not bring any difficulties and technical problems. Furthermore, our specialists are open for consultations.

Vacation Manager Upgrade and Maintenance. With time being even an ideal system from one’s point of view becomes out of date. As soon as you decide to enrich the module with new functions or to improve the implemented ones you can address our company which has good experience in upgrade and maintenance processes.

Why the Vacation Manager from Elinext

We work on the software market for many years using only individual approach to our clients. Our experience has grown up on hundreds of diverse projects and every new challenge is a great possibility to share the great knowledge, to create a unique and effective solution, to become a witness of serious changes happening to the companies we are working for to make them even more promising for the market and more frightening for the rivals.

What is the Vacation Manager module?

The Vacation Manager module is an element of the Human Resource Management system aimed at providing CEOs, heads of departments and HR-managers with instant reports concerning employees’ attendance. Depending on the chosen modifications in accordance with business demands this module can fulfill different functions enabling the employer to control fully the way working hours are used and objectives – reached.

Does the implementation of your Vacation Manager require professional training for the employees?

No, there is no need in trainings. The application has an easy-to-use interface and the instructions are very accurate to understand how to work with the module from the first day of its use.

What are the benefits of the VM module?

The Vacation Manager is aimed at creating work well-being and thanks to its features it meets the challenge completely. It reduces HR manager’s time spent on manual work related to employee attendance and absence, helps CEOs control fully the way working hours are distributed, etc.

How much does the Vacation Manager from Elinext Group cost?

The cost depends, at least, on the features you would like to observe in the Vacation Manager module for your company workflow. Anyway, the prices are affordable and the profit you are likely to get after we have provided you with the system will repay the expenditures soon.

Do you guarantee that the information we are going to store in the VM module won’t be lost?

Yes, we do. The module, whatever you choose, is developed in such a way that employees will not have possibilities to delete anything. What’s more, we perform backups regularly and these data are kept in safety on our servers.

Are there any limits to the quantity of employees we can add to the system?

No, we have no limits to the quantity of employees you need to add to the module.

What reports can I get in case you install me the VM module?

There is a number of useful reports you can receive thanks to the Vacation Manager module: monthly/yearly time-off summaries, allowance, balance accruals, etc.

Can the calendar in the VM from the Elinext Group be integrated with Google calendar?

Yes, it can since your personal calendar can be easily exported in the iCalendar format.

Will everyone in a company get full access to the module?

Yes, every person in a company will have a personal account with a private login. However, the opportunities of employees are restricted. Only heads of departments or whom the top-management will decide to make responsible for the module will be able to manage the information added, delete or add new members, etc.

How long does it take to implement the VM module?

We have great experience in the software development market so there will be no problems in the installing process. With the development, it can take from 6 to 12 weeks.