Top 10 Real Estate Mobile Apps That Are Not Property Listings

28-09-2017 by Svetlana Yurkevich

One of the top concerns real estate agencies have today is how to bring their businesses to the digital world. While website seems to be a must-have for any respectful company, many are still undetermined about the idea for real estate mobile app and limit themselves to the application with...

5 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Transform Real Estate Business

13-09-2017 by Svetlana Yurkevich

New technologies strike like lightning.  The willingness to keep up with the new trends is no longer a prerogative of big companies, with ever more small businesses trying to bring technology to their business models. For real estate industry, this may seem like a challenge, as their workflow hasn't changed...

Why CRM Development Is Big Business in the Real Estate Industry

28-03-2015 by Marina Astapchik

Some of the best marketing you can do is to take advantage of the customer relationships you already have. Having loyal customers and solid relationships with them are an essential condition for skyrocketing sales and leads. An enterprise software forecast from Gartner shows that customer relationship management (CRM) will eclipse…


Real Estate CRM Software Benefits

24-10-2016 by Marina Astapchik

It’s hard to imagine how real estate professionals manage to do all their numerous assignments and do not lose mind. They monitor listings in various areas, hunt for new clients, link people to the property they want, create leads and brochures. Plus, there are loads of documents they need to…


Top 10 traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents

15-07-2016 by Marina Astapchik

A good real estate agent is a salesperson, an analyst, a marketer, a consultant, a businessman at the same time. To increase productivity and enhance real estate business, such a person should be equipped with the right tools. Nowadays these tools are mostly digital. They reduce costs, improve the agent’s…