Top 10 traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents

2014-07-15 by Marina Astapchik

A good real estate agent is a salesperson, an analyst, a marketer, a consultant, a businessman at the same time. To increase productivity and enhance real estate business, such a person should be equipped with the right tools. Nowadays these tools are mostly digital. They reduce costs, improve the agent's agility and flexibility and thus result in a better profit.

So what makes a mobile app an exceptional user acquisition?

First of all, one of the most important traits of a successful app is that it frees up the time of a real estate agent and makes his work easier. For example, nowadays you only need a camera on your device to create a floor plan. You make a snapshot — and the app measures the rooms. Further on according to dimensions it builds a floor plan. No drawing or measuring is required anymore which lets real estate agents save their time and concentrate on business.

Another important trait a mobile app should possess is streamlining the data. There are apps that contain all the needed information on your clients. Customers input their contact information and later the app will help you to stay in touch with them sending certain groups of buyers follow up emails which nurtures relationships with the clientele. Also it conducts customizable survey questions that will be of great help when it comes to determining whether your business needs changes or not.

The app must be safe as well. Faxing, scanning, printing documents for signature lacks security. Developers solved this problem. They have launched a cost-effective, safe solution — the app allows not only to sign the document electronically but also to collect other people's signatures if needed and capture their GPS location at the moment of signing.

Without any doubt, the data used by the app should be up-to-date. Real estate agents now can easily track the property for sale, pre-market homes and those houses that have been sold recently and if the info on such things is out of date, you'll never have a chance to break away.

The accuracy of the data is crucial. There are apps that give access to the currently most prominent real estate contact management and marketing systems as well as to all the MLS databases. You can look for particular information and edit it if needed. With the help of these apps you will also be able to manage tasks.

It also should be no surprise that successful apps have a social component. Social media have exploded lately and those who want to stay on top should take this fact into consideration. Using these apps in your business is a good marketing ploy. You will be able to post info about your successful open houses and listings and thus advertise yourself.

The app should be convenient. Imagine such a situation. You drive a car. You can't really talk or read somebody's messages. Here the app comes to the aid. It will read aloud your emails and messages. When you leave the car, simply turn the app off. It's a dream, isn't it? Not in the modern society. Luckily, such apps already exist.

The app should be flexible and mobile. It can happen so that you don't have the necessary handouts with you. You are sure that the game is up but it's not like that. There are apps that you can use to give presentations. Thus, the wolves are sated and the sheep intact. You show an impressive presentation and the potential buyer is satisfied with the fact that his real estate agent is on modern lines.

It goes without saying that a useful app provides powerful analytics. Have you decided to flip properties, there are tools that will analyze the property within several minutes and soon afterwards will email a report to your investors, lenders and clients. Such apps will help you identify the "investment and appreciation potential" of the property in question.

Last but not least, the successful app should have intuitive interface. It seems to be not a big deal but in reality that is one of the most important features a good app should possess. It enables users to learn how to use them quickly and to get pleasure from using it.

A professional team will be able to create an app that will have all the outlined features. So if you want to give it your best shot in becoming the top real estate agent, you should give it a try.

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