Post-Coronavirus Business Landscape: Fintech and Finance-Related Domains

30-04-2020 by Terenty Marinich

We keep hearing about the economical crisis, but, funny enough, the financial ecosystem doesn’t seem to be suffering that much. Fintech companies are experiencing an unexpected boom in terms of using their applications and getting big-time financial aids from governments of the UK and the USA. At the same time,...

A Comprehensive Look at Post-Coronavirus Business Landscape: Exploring Business Insider, McKinsey, Bloomberg. Part 1

15-04-2020 by Terenty Marinich

Let me guess. Your morning routine hasn’t changed much - you probably still begin your day with the phones in your hands, only the websites have changed. Coronavirus stats and news have replaced memes and funny cat videos for the majority of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. We realize you’re...

PCI DSS Compliance Requirements

21-01-2020 by Terenty Marinich

Every website or company that accepts online payments in a certain form, mгst meet and follow the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). The standards are governed and established by major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover). The goal of being compliant with...

Google amidst Yet Another Data-Related Scandal: Everything About “Project Nightingale” So Far

04-12-2019 by Terenty Marinich

“Don’t be evil” hasn’t been on unofficial Google’s motto for quite some time to date. Some of the latest events connected with healthcare data show us why. In this blog post, we’ll try to follow the whole chain of events of “Project Nightingale”, it’s revealing to the general public by...

Banks Digitalization: Digital Platforms Are Shaping Tomorrow for the Banks

30-08-2019 by Terenty Marinich

A wide range of functions covered by so-called “Digital Banking Platforms” attracts more and more attention. We’ve decided to cover the basic ideas that make digital platforms that popular, track the ways to the success of the leaders at the market. In this article, we are going to cover the...

Digital Transformation in Banking: Challenger Banks & Neobanks

16-08-2019 by Darina Borushko

Innovations irrevocably change the face of every industry, requiring businesses to adapt to new environments. Expressly in banking & finance, the modification resulted from the implementation of innovative techs has picked up dramatic speed. In recent years, it resulted in the emergence of a brand-new breed of banks focused on...

Adoption of Cloud by the Top Banks: Benefits, Hurdles, Provider Choices

19-07-2019 by Terenty Marinich

The global interest in utilizing cloud technologies among the financial institutions experiences the growth in recent years. As we live in a world that is heavily impacted by revolutionizing Big Data analytics, major domains are looking for improvement of their capacity for these immense streams of data that comes from...

How FinTech Makes Traditional Banking a Better Place for Humans

10-05-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

Online banking, mobile money transfer applications, cryptocurrency - these new ways to carry out customary banking operations and financial services made all the possible headlines in 2018. However, the question is how to find the right angle to observe what’s going on without bias. For instance, are we witnessing the...

Fintech Key Takeaways from 2018

04-04-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

Without a doubt, 2018 was a year to remember for the fintech industry. Venture capital companies invested billions of dollars into this sector, hoping that they can a solid gain market share from the variety of financial institutions with their offers of modern digital financial services. So let’s start with...

STOs and New Token Models Are Gaining Momentum in 2019

12-03-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

How would one describe the impressions of the previous year within the realms of cryptocurrency universe? Well, if an analogy is enough, I’ll go with this one: 2018 was a roller-coaster ride for the community. I mean, literally. In spring and early summer, things looked quite promising, but the sudden...

How Does InsurTech Affect Insurance Brokers?

23-01-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

Raised by (if I may put it this way) family relatives called FinTech and RegTech, InsurTech combines both ‘insurance’ and ‘technology’ to sum up the use of technology innovation designed to automate efficiency in the current insurance industry model. The same way as in other industries, the powers of technology...

The State of AI in Banking and Financial Startups

18-01-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

1 trillion American dollars - does it sound impressive? Sure it does, and that’s the amount of money that financial analysts expect from artificial intelligence to save for the banking domain by 2030. Sure enough, these predictions aren’t worth a thing if bank clients aren’t satisfied with the level of...

How to Choose a Decent Cloud Solution Provider

13-12-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Almost from the very advent of distributed computing, businesses began to look closely at the opportunities provided by cloud technologies. The benefits of the cloud are well known, so it hardly makes sense to enumerate them again as cloud solutions have already proved to be profitable and convenient. The Risks...

Changes in ASC 606 and Their Effect on Subscription-Based Businesses

05-12-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

First of all, a bit of history if you’re unfamiliar with the notion itself. Back in 2014, the Federal Accounting Standards Board (aka FASB) in partnership with the International Accounting Standards Board (or IASB) came up with new rules on regulating revenues from contracts known as ASC 606. Initially, it...

AI-Driven ATM Fights Cybercriminals

20-11-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Despite the development of various security systems for bank transfers and plastic cards, the fraud via good old ATMs still brings a lot of tangible income to various dishonest individuals or - I should have said -  cybercriminals. To address this problem, industry professionals across the globe come up with...

Insurance And Innovation: How Technology Disrupts Traditional Business

27-02-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

“The threat that inspires” – here’s how insurtech is referred to in media. Indeed, the innovation that comes to the industry has the disruptive nature. Well, it’s very early days for insurtech startups to transform the market but high customer expectations and rough competition encourage industry leaders to weigh the...

How Can AI Change The State of Cybersecurity

07-03-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

According to Wikipedia, financial crimes are “crimes against property, involving the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property (belonging to one person) to one's own personal use and benefit”. In the Internet age, financial crimes are often associated with cybercrime. Globally, this type of criminal activity is regarded as a...

Smart vs. Ricardian Contracts: What’s the Difference?

28-02-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

We continue to explore the world of the blockchain, and one of the conspicuous notions in this field is called “a smart contract”. In this article, we’re going to find out what the difference between a smart and a Ricardian contract is. However, before diving into the details, let’s answer...

Central Banking and Fintech: Points of Contact

06-02-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Last year saw new technologies and innovations taking the mainstream stage globally. Just remember what was on TV, social media or set the topic of your small talk at the office - the rise of technology served as the main headline and outcome of 2017. Its impact on society and...

Chatbots: the Future of Digital Banking

19-02-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Let’s start with myth-busting, shall we? AI-powered chatbots aren’t solely used for communication purposes. It would be fair to begin with this statement as, contrary to popular belief, bots are bigger than they may seem to the general public. In fact, more and more financial institutions are starting to consider...

Blockchain for Business: 2017 Overview

10-01-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

My colleague skyped me yesterday saying: “Just decided to watch TV for the first time in 2 months. Guess what was the first thing I’ve seen right away?” I replied: “Something about blockchain?” and received a laughing out loud smile as her consent sign. However, it wasn’t a hard guess...

What makes a good cryptocurrency wallet?

08-01-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

Today, cryptocurrency wallets are the only way to manage, sell, buy or keep track on cryptocoins. The idea of digital money is senseless without them. Whenever you buy bitcoins, ethers, or any other cryptocurrency or tokens, you’ll need to store them in a single-use or multi currency wallet app. According...

The app for token sale and ICO: what will attract investors?

21-11-2017 by Svetlana Yurkevich

New business ideas emerge every day, and ever more people compete in tenders to raise funds to finance their startups and give these a push. However, investors are led by their personal preferences and put up their capital in the business ideas which are the most perspective and the most...

Fraud Management: Detection and Prevention in Banking Industry

29-12-2017 by Dmitri Koteshov

Nowadays, the banking industry is facing an acute problem of fraud. The problem is global, and no country is fully protected. Fraudsters have become experts in hijacking online sessions: they steal client credentials and use malware to swindle funds from unaware account holders. In his book “Future Crimes” Marc Goodman...

8 Characteristics Of The Next-Generation Financial Services Websites

31-01-2018 by Svetlana Yurkevich

When it comes to the face of business, it is important to change it over the time to keep up with the pace of innovation. Digital revolution sets its own rules on the way business is transformed. Brick-and-mortar shops are empowered with online versions, face-to-face payments – with one-click purchases,...