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ERP for Financial Services

ERP for Finance

Elinext teams create ERP systems that offer complete financial visibility into the company’s receivables and payables with state-of-the-art access to sales forecasts and inventory levels. ERP systems developed by our teams allow companies to operate bookkeeping functions, obey the fluid regulations, facilitate communication with clients and staff, and position themselves for excessive profitableness.

Elinext Expertise in ERP Development for Banking and Finance
Our Expertise
ERP software solutions developed by Elinext teams help our clients to gain a competitive advantage and enhance their working processes. Our ERP development expertise for the financial sector includes the development of the following ERP components:
Financial accounting system
Fixed asset management system
Financial dashboards, reporting and analytics system
Payment management system
Budgeting and forecasting module
Billing management and invoicing system
Financial accounting system
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Reduces paperwork and helps streamline the financial planning process, simplify all the financial procedures and receive full financial visibility into manifold operations.

Fixed asset management system
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Allows easily and quickly control and track non-deprecating or depreciating financial company assets and provide the workers with comprehensive reports about valuation, assets, and depreciation.

Financial dashboards, reporting and analytics system
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Helps monitor and operate your business financial performance utilizing real-time dashboards with expenses, key revenues and receivables metrics, optimize cash management and easily create various financial reports in accordance with the requirements of the company.

Payment management system
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It makes it much easier for the clients to run their businesses by accepting a huge variety of payment command options. Moreover, it helps to receive more effective payment acceptance and get secure and full financial processing.

Budgeting and forecasting module
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Controls workflow management, multi-dimensional information collection, dynamic assumptions and formulas, and full financial planning statements.

Billing management and invoicing system
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Helps to automate all the financial procedures, exclude the risk of errors, provide the clients with the bills as soon as possible and speed up payment processes.

Elinext ERP Development Services for Banking and Finance
Elinext comprehends the unique demands of financial services companies and is ready to provide its clients with full-blast ERP for the financial services sector. Take advantage of our services:
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ERP Software Development
Our teams have a unique ability to understand very quickly how the client wants to see its future software system and make his or her wishes come true together with the implementation of the most modern technologies.
/ 02.
ERP Customization
Every client needs a software solution that can be adapted to the way of running a business without any difficulties. At Elinext, our professionals are ready to improve the ERP system taking into consideration all business requirements.
/ 03.
ERP Software Testing
Elinext is a company that possesses a rich testing experience and huge knowledge base used for tracking, exploring and assessing the quality of the product and reporting about all kinds of failures.
/ 04.
ERP Upgrade and Maintenance
If your company has made a decision to enlarge the number of special features and functions, then it is time to take advantage of professionalism. Remember that we are at your service and are ready to provide you with technical support whenever it is needed.
ERP Benefits in Banking and Finance
Having a 20-year working experience and a huge list of completely satisfied customers we are pretty happy to present you with a number of advantages in ERP system development for financial services companies:
Worldwide offices location;
Perfect quality of all released products;
Highly skilled and experienced IT staff;
Reasonable prices for all products’ types and configurations;
Increased attention towards every client;
Improved business performance;
Facilitated procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes;
Minimized errors and streamlined financial procedures;
Strong fiscal control.
Case studies
Case studies
Finances in the industry that our software development company prioritize the most, and the completed ERP projects across the industry are presented in the form of portfolio down below.
Customizable Website Hosting Platform for Insurance Agents

Managing Insurance Agents Made Simple! Discover how our admin portal streamlines agent management for our client's B2B insurance platform.

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Data Analytics Platform for Companies Operating on the Nigerian Financial Market

Our latest project in the fintech domain transformed financial management in Nigeria! Discover how we tackled challenges and delivered a game-changing solution.

image banner
Software for Processing and Management of Securities for a Global FinTech Company

Corporate Actions Processing solution had to provide complete, end-to-end management of the corporate actions lifecycle covering a wide range of different processing phases for an event.

image banner
Update of Uk-Based Crypto Digital Bank

Elinext team updated a UK-based crypto digital bank. Check it out!

image banner
Donation Management System for Non-Profit Organizations in the USA

In this case study, we show how to create a platform made to connect charities and their donors. Check it out!

image banner
Global Invoice Factoring Software for a British Company

Elinext helped a British startup build a factoring application connecting resellers and producers around the globe.

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Financial Management System Upgrade for a German FinTech Company

Elinext collaborates with financial services providers in Germany to revolutionize their financial management systems. Learn how we helped a client upgrade their accounting module, introducing functionalities like asset management, calculation of depreciation, flexible reporting, and more.

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Cash Management of Corporate Actions

Elinext empowered a leading bank solution provider with an upgraded system featuring advanced functionalities like Multiple Manual Adjustments, On-demand Sweeps, Statements Dashboard & more!

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Cash and Liquidity Management App for Banks and Financial Institutes

Elinext helped a British fintech build software allowing banks to manage cash and liquidity effectively.

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Contract Management Software for Bond Trading

Elinext helped a Luxembourg-based startup build a web platform for collaborative management of bond trading agreements.

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