Elinext offers dedicated software developers and teams to work exclusively on your projects just like your in-house team, only more flexible. By using our Dedicated Development Center model, you can:

>   Quickly start development by building fully-fledged teams in just 2-3 weeks
>   Avoid in-house recruitment and employment costs
>   Close the technology skill gaps
>   Ensure timely delivery
>   Easily scale up by tapping into a pool of 500+ engineers

Quick Facts

500+ engineers
company size

70 people
the largest team

15 years
the longest project

Customers that hired our teams




PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5


Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, TYPO3, Magento, MS SharePoint, MS Dynamics CRM, OpenText, SAP, Salesforce


Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, React Native


Selenium, WebDriver, HP QTP/ UFT, TestComplete, JMeter, SoapUI, Maven, Jenkins, Atlassian, Bamboo


MS SQL Server Reporting Services/Analysis Services/Integration Services,  Oracle BI, MySQL, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy

Why hire software developers from Elinext

>  Experience across industries. For over 20 years, our engineers have been serving such industries as banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, education, logistics and travel. Today, they can use this tremendous experience to quickly get the essence of your business and discover the true value of your future software.

>  Scalability. You can always extend your offshore app development team by tapping into our vast pool of specialists and skills. One of our customers started with only several Elinext’s developers on board and then scaled the team up to 70 people. You can also easily scale down as your needs evolve over time.

>  Full control. With our team sticking to your processes and tools, you have full visibility into project performance and are able to plan and allocate resources better.

>  Continuous knowledge transfer. Working as a DDC, our developers immerse in your project, business and industry, constantly acquiring knowledge and sharing it with new dedicated developers joining the team. They will also be happy to share their long-honed technical skills with you.

>  Security and transparency. To ensure secure development and testing in compliance with your policies, we will use your servers and hardware (if necessary), multi-level IP protection, and strict NDAs, to name just a few ways.

>  Reliable IT infrastructure. Your DDC will be using our hardware and network resources and support services (such as TCP/IP scans, security patch management, status checking and incident reporting), allowing you to significantly reduce development costs.

As a one-stop offshore software development center, we offer you the following competences:

>   Prototyping, UX/UI design
>   Business analisys and project management
>   Software development
>   QA and testing
>   Maintenance and support


Step 1
You provide us with project requirements describing the competences you are looking for.
Step 2
We select appropriate candidates for internal interviews.
Step 3
Our PM and technical lead interview the candidates and evaluate their skills against your requirements.
Step 4
Your representatives interview the shortlisted candidates.


Step 1
Once you decide on the candidates, we sign a contract.
Step 2
We set up the environment and tools.
Step 3
We transfer knowledge between your team and the DDC.


Step 1
Our DDC works on your project while staying available via email, Skype and phone during the agreed working hours.
Step 2
The DDC reports on the KPIs and progress during daily stand-ups and regular meetings.
Step 3
We scale the DDC up or down when the project dictates so.

When should we choose outstaffing over in-house development?

Generally, outstaffing is a safe choice when you seek to extend your in-house team while avoiding recruitment and employment costs, misfit hires and overstaffing. You can assemble a team you really want in just a couple of weeks and finish your cooperation when you no longer need them. Moreover, outstaffing usually implies a fully-fledged infrastructure on the vendor’s side and thus enables you to save even more.

When should we choose outstaffing over outsourced product development?

If you can come up with specific requirements regarding the competences, seniority level and size of the team you are looking for, the DDC model will probably work best for your project. In this way, you can choose either hardened senior developers to take the lead or juniors and mids to follow your on-site senior engineers. Should the number of requirements keep growing, you will be able to quickly scale up the team to accommodate the demand.
Moreover, you are likely to choose DDC if you want your offshore team to fully immerse in your environment, culture and processes.
Hiring a dedicated software development team will also give you more visibility into your expenses while avoiding such hidden costs as management overheads and overstaffing.

How do you report on the dedicated team’s progress?

We typically report on the progress during daily stand-ups, calls and demos. Our dedicated developers are always available via Skype, phone and e-mail throughout the agreed working hours.

Which project management software do you work with?

We’ve worked with Atlassian JIRA, Redmine, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and Freedcamp. However, we can always adapt to your processes and use your PTS.

How fast can you ramp up the team?

It always depends on the project. For example, if you need a team of 7 people, the ramp-up will take 4-6 weeks.