Type: Mobile development.

Requirements: The team of Elinext Group is to develop in the shortestwhile and within a reasonable budget a funny game that could apply to universal audience, that is it must be quite simple but entertaining. The gameplay imposes own requirements, as the game itself must be a relaxing and mind soothing experience.The digital fish behavior must look realistic

Challenge: The application features complex 3D graphics. Other challenges for game developers include, but are not limited to 3D modeling and 3D objects’ interaction in virtual environment. The application has to be attractive to users, have up-to-date graphics and adhere to the standards of usability and smart UI, while producing a relaxing gaming experience. The game success depends much on the realistic simulation and beauty

Solution: Elinext Group solution for this development project is to gather an effective development team for the project and develop everything from scratch within the shortest timeline. The SmartFish app is case of Elinext Group effectiveness, agile approach and strict following along the deadlines and specifications

Results: The outcome of the development, artistic and game design efforts is a beautiful state-of-art 3D aquarium iPhone application with advanced 3D graphics, relaxing gaming experience and a unique atmosphere of the subaquatic world. The application is a smart combination of an aquarium simulation with features of tamagotchi and mobile screensaver




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Time and material

Duration: Two months

Staff: 1 developer, 1 2D artist, 2 3D artists, 1 animator, 1 PM

Platforms: iOS