HDO Clock
HDO Clock
Engagement model:
Fixed cost
3 weeks
1 developer
Technologies used
C/Object C

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext programmers to develop an application that would represent an e-watch, according to the designs provided by the client. The application had to include the following functionality: 1 minute hand (60 min) and two hour hands (12h or 24h); the ability to choose between 12h and 24h time display; the ability to select the correct time zone for the two hour hands; unique positioning of the hands was required: for example, even at 5:30, the hour hand was to always be on the current hour – there was to be no intervening positions; the ability to lock the watch to the screen.

Challenge: The main challenge for our developer was implementing the lock screen for the android (the Android SDK doesn't provide api to allow this). Developer faced the following difficulties: how to replace the standard Android lock screen with the HDO lock screen. how to replace the device's custom lock screen with the HDO lock screen.

Solution: To solve these tasks, our developers had to study lots of pages of information before actually starting to develop the code. They decided that by disabling the default lockscreen, they could substitute the HDO Clock dial display for it instead, and thereby accomplish the controls and functionality required. Results: The development project outcome is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Android, and for Android tablet's IM watch clock. The application has the following functionality:

Main screen:

clock (full screen mode).


  • hour format (12 or 24);
  • time zone for first hour hand;
  • switch to second hour hand;
  • time zone for second hour hand;
  • switch to lock screen mode;
  • information about application.

Time zone.

  • General information.
  • Widget (Android only).
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