BDO Financial App

Requirements: The customer has requested to develop a mobile application on Android, that will use their REST webservice and will be integrated into their system. The application should parse external XML and display news from remote server. Also it should create PDF invoices from images, taken by camera of mobile device, and send it to client’s system. The application should allow to add events from website into user’s smartphone calendar.

Challenge: The main challenge was to create stable robust application for smartphones running on Android 4.1+ platform. Our developer has created a caching system that allows use internet connection intelligently and not download the same content each time.

The second case for our developer was to create a pdf documents inside the mobile application. It should take pictures by smartphone’s camera, combine them into one pdf document. Then application has to send it via email to external webservice.

Solution: Our developer has successfully implemented all needed functionality, application has passed all tests on client’s side, and was published at store on time.

Results: There was developed fully-functional financial application that meets all initial requirements of the customer. Main sections of application:

  • News
  • Financial Calendar
  • Knowledge base
  • Courses
  • Contacts




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Financial Services

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1 month

Staff: 1 developer

Platforms: Android