Mobile healthcare applications that are in favor

2014-09-18 by Marina Astapchik

No longer do we live in the era of Middle Ages with no access to medical assistance and healthcare. Neither do we aim to look like fat jelly-like women in the epoch of Renaissance. Recent years` mobile industry development has altered our vision and approach to healthcare by bell, book and candle.

Healthcare mobile apps have paved a new path towards tracking weight loss, diabetes, mood problems, sleep problems, asthma, and medication management everywhere and at any time. Now with only one touch hundreds of healthcare apps can provide us with instant solutions. Recent research and studies on the effect of usage of healthcare apps has shown that people with healthcare apps in their smartphones become more engaged in their disease problem-solving and show more progress than those who do not use such apps.

So, what are those apps that have span the mobile market and are in favor thanks to their great functionality?

1) Diet Tracker and Calorie Counter apps
With no doubt, diet tracker and calorie counter apps are placed at position number 1 among the most popular healthcare apps. They serve millions of women around the Globe helping them to become fit and healthy and manage their daily nutrition counting. By uniting women with common goals and views, such apps also render psychological help on the thorny way to a sound mind in a sound body.

2) Smoke Free Apps
As smoking is definitely a harmful habit, no surprise, that many people tend to give it up. Here come the apps which help to refuse from smoking by showing people how much money they’ve saved since quitting, how much tar and how many cigarettes they have avoided, and what regenerative steps their body has made since they stopped.

3) Exercise and Training Apps
Exercise and training apps guide users through a variety of core exercises step-by-step, including sit-ups, cross-body crunches, oblique crunches, planks, mountain climbers, and hip drops. Depending on their fitness level, users can adjust the difficulty, or chose to be part of the 10 Week Six Pack Plan.

Moreover, users can also log their workouts with time, distance, photos, notes, and locations and visualize their progress by browsing a timeline, stats, and highlights. The list of such apps is rather long and everybody chooses an app judging by his preferences, likes and dislikes. By the way, more and more fitness gyms owners turn to mobile apps developers to have an app as it proves to be beneficial for everyone.

4) First Aid Apps
Such an app as First Aid contains safety information (which users can use anytime without internet connection) interactive quizzes, safety tips that help people in severe weather situations including winter storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, and videos so that users can learn first aid tips. Such apps can also become useful for educational purpose at schools as interactive quizzes make the process of memorization easier.

5) Symptom Checker Apps
Symptom checker apps allows users to choose which symptoms they are feeling and then see which potential health issues they might have. The app then walks the user through a “consultation”  in which the app will ask the user a series of questions to identify more specifically what the symptom feels like, when it started, and if there are any other symptoms accompanying it. After the “consultation”, the user can enter in any information about medications that they are taking. When users have finished entering information, symptom checker app generates a list of potential problems the user might have ordered by the commonality of the potential problems.

6) Psychological Problem-Solving Apps, such as mood and sleep-improver apps or phobias-overcoming apps
Many hypnotists and psychologists claim that they can make the user thin, help sleep better, give the user confidence, and get rid of the user’s phobia as long as the phobia is fear of small spaces, being alone, dentists, dogs, driving, flying, heights, needles, public speaking, spiders or water.

One can talk endlessly about healthcare apps that can definitely be of great help for people. Nevertheless, statistics shows that in the nearest years mobile apps will span even a wider range of health functions and will bring tangible benefits to our every day’s life.

In addition to everything said above, we can definitely mention such useful healthcare app as Day Nurseries & Care Homes which can provide information about all day nurseries, nursery schools, care homes, hospitals and associations in the United Kingdom. It is obvious that such apps should be in every country and it is Elinext Group clients which can definitely bring projects like this into life.

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Day Nurseries & Care Homes Case Study
Dine Case Study
Britain’s Finest & Home Care Case Study

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