Britain’s Finest & Home Care

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: The customer wanted two iPad applications. The first one (Britain’s Finest) must provide information about all Britain hotels, museums, art galleries, historic houses, gardens, spas, golf courses, restaurants, and pubs. The second one (Home Care) must provide information about all UK registered home care and nursing agencies, local authorities and the major care associations and suppliers.

Challenge: The most complex issue was to load a large number of images asynchronously in a short period of time and store them in cache.

Solution: To solve this problem, our developer tried to use several solutions provided by a developer from Apple and other developers from the whole world. As a result, we have a unique asynchronous image loader which incorporates the best qualities of the solutions offered by various developers.

Results: The development project outcome are two applications for the iPad. The applications are enhanced with the following functionality:

Downloading up-to-date information about a selected place from the Internet.

The main window is divided into two fields:

  • Search results with the filters
  • Main menu

Map view:

  • Displays filtered results on the map.

Search view:

  • Provides searching by location, postcode and name.

About view:

  • Displays description of the application.




Region: UK

Industry: Travel

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1 month

Staff: 1 developer

Platforms: iOS